• Co-op-focused games like Overcooked offer a unique and exciting experience, emphasizing multitasking and teamwork.
  • Similar titles focus on coordination and juggling tasks under pressure, providing fun alternatives for social gaming.
  • Overcooked has inspired a subgenre of task-juggling teamwork games, with various themes and gameplay mechanics.

Local co-op-focused games are something of a “lost art”, often overshadowed by the rise of competitive online games as well as single-player epics. But Ghost Town Games and Team17 proved such a style can still be interesting and exciting. They’ve done this in the form of their surprise indie hitOvercooked and its beefed-up sequel. The games bring a fun arcade sensibility with their simple mechanics and frantic gameplay on the one hand.



Best Co-Op Games On Steam (May 2024)

From online multiplayer titles to local masterpieces, Steam has plenty of fantastic co-op games that cover a wide spectrum of genres.

At the same time, they truly do their own thing, emphasizing multitasking and collaborating with others. This has spawned similar efforts — though there are also comparable titles that predate it. These are some of the most fun and interesting games Overcooked fans should love. For the most part, these titles stress coordination and juggling different tasks on the fly, usually (but not always) through multiplayer.

Updated June 23, 2024 by Stephen LaGioia: Once upon a time, Overcooked stood largely alone with its unique brand of party gameplay and frantic co-op multitasking. Few managed to strike that delicate balance of casual social gaming and hardcore precision like Team17’s social game.

Fast-forward several years, and the game has helped cook up a whole subgenre of task-juggling teamwork games. They’ve become an enjoyable alternative to the usual minigame fest, racing romp, or fighting brawls often played with friends and siblings. With the weather heating up, providing great conditions for social gatherings, it seemed time to add more ingredients to this list of fun multitasking games.

27 Baby Storm

Steam Score: N/A

Baby Storm game chaotic scene in nursery with ballpit

  • Platform: PC
  • Released: May 12, 2023
  • Developer: Baby Corp
  • Genre: Action, Simulation

Perhaps one of the only tasks more stressful than cooking several meals is tending to several babies and toddlers. Players assume the role of a kindergarten teacher with her hands full, as she must scramble about her classroom in a futile attempt to maintain order. Objectives mostly revolve around subduing the rowdy kiddies and keeping them under control.

These include chores like giving toys, changing diapers, feeding, cleaning, and breaking up squabbles. While this may sound more anxiety-inducing than fun, the aptly named studio Baby Corp manages to make this cute sim amusing and exciting. This is especially the case when unlocking more complex settings and dealing with babies laced with powers.

Baby Storm can be played solo, though it’s advised to team up with a few more adults.

26 Factorio

Steam Score: 97%

A look at some of the parts in Factorio



August 14, 2020

Wube Software

Simulation , Real-Time Strategy

Standing some distance from Overcooked in many avenues, Factorio is a rather involved resource management and building game, instead of the casual partier that is Team17’s romp. Still, the game shares some overlap when it comes to its demand for shifting between distinct tasks and keeping things running smoothly.

In this case, players must build automated factories scattered about a large 2D world, which in turn churn out usable items. All the while, builders will need to stave off hostile creatures that inhabit these areas. Factorio utilizes a Sim City-esque crafting system that holds a fairly steep learning curve, to be sure. Yet, it proves immensely rewarding once the rules and mechanics are locked down, and players gaze about the various moving pieces and chugging assembly lines.

25 FTL: Faster Than Light

Steam Score: 95%

FTL Faster Than Light Engi Cruiser

FTL: Faster Than Light

September 14, 2012

Subset Games

Strategy , Roguelike

Since its release over a decade ago, this unique roguelike sim for PC has quietly built a great legacy and dedicated following. This is thanks to its deep, rewarding sci-fi gameplay and unpredictable elements that keep players coming back. The game can partly be described as “Oregon Trail in space”, as players will embark on a long, trecherous space odyssey rife with randomly-generated elements that keep astronauts on their toes.

Though there is plenty of depth to be had beyond simply venturing from A to B and trying to survive — as players must navigate their ship, manage resources, and stave off hostile foes. The game also shifts from micromanaging and simulation to combat, with battles that demand players use proper tactics to take down an enemy ship — aided by items and powerups.

24 Don’t Starve Together

Steam Score: 95%

Don't Starve Together - Jelly Salad

Don’t Starve Together

December 15, 2014

Like Overcooked, this charming survival sim leans heavily on co-op play and multitasking under pressure; though with far different themes and methods. Don’t Starve Together stays true to its name, requiring players to work together in the dark, hostile 2D wilderness to survive. To do so, resourceful farming, crafting, item gathering — as well as ample fighting — are crucial during this long campaign.


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Stemming as an expansion of the single player Don’t Starve, this deep-yet-accessible formula fits the frantic co-op play like a glove, as players tackle different tasks at once and cover more ground, cobbling together a home base and staving off different creatures more effectively.

23 Potion Party

Steam Score: 89%

Potion Party gameplay of colorful shop scene with potions and fruits

  • Platform: PC, PS4, Switch
  • Released: April 8, 2021
  • Developer: RPGames
  • Genre: Management, Simulation

Overcooked fans will definitely sense some familiarity when it comes to this funny, frantic couch co-op, which swaps cooking with alchemy. In this colorful pixel-art romp, players must scramble in tandem with up to three others to create potions and manage their growing alchemy shop.

Along the way, they’ll cultivate fruits to be combined for potions, rack up money, and utilize special skills. Added to this is the ability to spruce up the store with decorations, unlock new unique characters, and upgrade tools to concoct more complex, valuable potions. Despite its flat aesthetic, the game adds a new dimension to this co-op cooking/crafting formula by featuring baddies and intruders that can sabotage the alchemists.

22 Plate Up!

Steam Score: 95%

A lot of customers in a restaurant either sitting or walking around in PlateUp

  • Platform: PC, Switch
  • Released: Aug 4, 2022
  • Developer: It’s Happening
  • Genre: Management, Roguelite

Plate Up! by developer It’s Happening seems to offer most of the same flavors of Overcooked on the surface; and on one level it does. Though the game spices things up with punishing roguelite progression as well as sim and management bits.

The need to build upon and decorate restaurants, as well as utilize abilities while serving food, demands teamwork, speed, and communication. The procedurally-generated locales ensure players will never get too comfortable during this chaotic scramble to satiate customers.

With so much to do — from cooking to designing to placing appliances — players will want to team up with multiple friends and allocate tasks wisely. While some may be turned off by its complexity, this is a great choice for Overcooked master chefs looking to dial up the challenge.

21 Lumberhill

Steam Score: 79%

Topdown view of a Lumberhill level with 2 players

  • Platform: PC, Switch
  • Released: June 13, 2021
  • Developer: 2BIGo, ARP Games
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Simulation

In Lumberhill, players will need to work together to take on hostile forces — including those of nature. With a slew of obstacles and elaborate maps, gamers will quickly find that there’s far more to this romp than nature walks and chopping down trees.

They’ll control determined lumberjacks set on chopping as much wood as possible amidst animal attacks, slim pathways, and hazards that include lightning and even falling meteors. Players will need to access tough-to-reach lumber mills by hopping across rivers, dealing with harsh weather, and evading angry dinosaurs. And this must all be achieved while racing against the clock.

This title can accommodate a single player more than the likes of Overcooked, though this is not recommended given its difficulty.

20 Trash Patrol

Steam Score: 69%

Trash Patrol game overhead view of house bathroom and library

  • Platform: PC
  • Released:May 17, 2022
  • Developer: MediaCube Games
  • Genre: Action, Party, Simulation

MediaCube Game’s amusing indie runs with a similar Overcooked vibe of top-down views and item shuffling — and adds quite a bit of raccoon mischief. Trash Patrol has players running wild as the pesky critters as they scurry and rummage through houses, grabbing what they can.

The kickers are that they must evade the homeowner and wash their newly-obtained goodies — because what self-respecting raccoons want dirty items? Up to three other teammates can be utilized to bait the homeowners and reach hard-to-get goods. While lacking the polish and depth of Team17’s hit, Trash Patrol is even more unapologetically wild and festive.

Steam Score: 79%

Tools Up Co Op Building

  • Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Switch
  • Released: December 3, 2019
  • Developer: The Knights of Unity
  • Genre: Action, Simulation, Party

Tools Up! from The Knights of Unity is to home renovation what Overcooked is to cooking and baking. Outside the vastly different themes, the core gameplay rings quite similar to Team17’s party game.

Though the experience is a bit rough around the edges, scrambling with a friend to move furniture and tear down wallpaper is more enjoyable than one might expect. It’s an amusing alternative for Overcooked fans looking to branch out and try something different.

18 Cake Mania

Score: N/A

Cake Mania gameplay

  • Platforms: PC, DS, Wii, PS2, and PSP
  • Released: September 15, 2006
  • Developer: Sandlot Games
  • Genre: Strategy, Simulation

As one might expect, there are ample parallels between Overcooked and this multitasking pressure cooker, with a key difference being that the player must scramble to serve dishes solo here. Of course, another distinction (aside from the 2D aesthetic) is that cakes alone are the focus. But while its gameplay just revolves around crafting one treat, that doesn’t mean Cake Mania is any less thrilling or tough.


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The series began as a Flash-based time management game in 2006. This eventually became a popular mobile game, and even saw releases on Wii and PS2. Still, it’s hard to beat the charm of the original, which (despite being fairly crude) shines for its gripping, accessible gameplay.

17 Witchtastic

Steam Score: 90%

Witchtastic game gathering ingredients for potion brewing in pot in dark rustic town

  • Platforms: PC, Switch
  • Released: October 26, 2021
  • Developer: Red Fur Games
  • Genre: Action, Party, Simulation

Described as Overocoked with a witchy overlay, Witchtastic has up to four sorcerers scrambling through Gothic, rustic, and autumn-themed locales to whip up potions. Similarly, players will work simultaneously to brew their concoctions by grabbing different ingredients cued by dozens of recipes on screen.

Rather than pizza dough and burgers, players will be working with garlic, mushrooms, and nightshade. A few other unique elements are sprinkled in to align more with Witchtastic‘s themes. These include creatures that stun and collectible wood to keep the cauldron burning. In another departure, the game offers an entertaining solo mode to amp up the multitasking.

16 39 Days To Mars

Steam Score: 84%

39 Days to Mars Co Op Multiplayer Ship

  • Platforms: PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S
  • Released: April 25, 2018
  • Developer: It’s Anecdotal
  • Genre: Puzzle (Physics), Adventure

This hand-drawn puzzler is a huge departure from the colorful Overcooked – and most other games for that matter. Still, the emphasis on communication and multitasking certainly has some overlap. 39 Days to Mars has players tinkering with several weird, inventive puzzles to progress and repair their inspiring steampunk ship.

The campaign is slim, but the “outside the box” thinking and juggling of several tasks set the stage for extended trial and error sessions. Objectives span from controlling a space bicycle to simply fixing some tea. While it can technically be played alone, 39 Days to Mars truly thrives when collaborating, much like Overcooked.

Players can technically tackle this one solo by juggling more tasks, though relying on the AI adds a huge layer of challenge that can be tough to overcome.

15 A Way Out

Steam Score: 85%

AWayOut Breakout of cell climbing back to back

A Way Out

March 23, 2018

Local Co-Op , Online Co-Op

In terms of motifs and gameplay mechanics, A Way Out looks about as distant from the whimsical Overcooked as can be. Yet those who delve into this co-op thriller will recognize many parallels. Hazelight Studios’ game similarly includes intense two-player trials that demand synergy and communication.

While these elements are fun and innovative, they’re strengthened by a character-driven plot featuring two downtrodden leads, and a gritty, cinematic style. The result is a rare friendly co-op that primarily appeals to adult gamers.

14 Unrailed!

Steam Score: 93%

Overview of landscape with train Unrailed


Indoor Astronaut

Daedalic Entertainment

Fittingly, Unrailed revolves around up to four players working with haste to construct train tracks through blocky worlds in real-time. While this can be tricky enough given all the chaos and ambiguous visuals, studio Indoor Astronaut also keeps gamers off-balance with procedurally generated landscapes.


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On top of this, players must share a limited selection of tools to work. As the game chugs along, players can get a better grasp on the situation by getting aid from other inhabitants and upgrading the train, to avoid the disastrous prospect of derailment.

13 Space Food Truck

Steam Score: 71%

Multitasking Space Food Truck kitchen interface with space backdrop

  • Platform: PC
  • Released: March 25, 2016
  • Developer: One Man Left Studios
  • Genre: Party, Strategy

Thought rapid-fire meal prep was intense? How about trying to perform these actions in a small food truck in space? Blending sci-fi themes with aspects of cooking, card games, and even a bit of Oregon Trail-esque survival, Space Food Truck makes a unique, delightful co-op game.

Players are put in procedurally-generated galaxies as they seek alien ingredients to prepare and serve to planets from their “Galaxy Gourmet” ship. In the meantime, they must work through various random elements and deal with the looming dangers of outer space. Assuming players are willing to deal with the tough grind, Space Food Truck serves as an enjoyable and fresh title.

12 Good Job!

Metascore: 78

simple visual of employees working and talking in office lobby in Good Job

  • Platform: Switch
  • Released: March 26, 2020
  • Developer: Paladin Studios
  • Genre: Puzzle, Action

Managing a megacorporation has never been so enjoyable! Overcooked fans may recognize Good Job‘s similar fusion of puzzle, party, and co-op gameplay with this romp from 2020.

The game tasks players with overseeing and completing increasingly complex office jobs. These range from setting up projectors to transporting objects with slingshots. The game keeps the virtual CEO on their toes, with over 30 floors of unique trials to work through and obstacles (figurative and literal) to navigate.

11 Storage Inc.

Score: N/A

Storage Inc game top-down view of office storage crowded with boxes

  • Platforms: Xbox 360/XBLA
  • Released: August 2009
  • Developer: Stolpskott Studios
  • Genre: Action, Simulation

In true Overcooked spirit, Storage Inc. takes a seemingly mundane task and makes it hectic and fun, this time centering around warehouse work. Players will need to buckle down as they shuffle, pack, and deliver packages around using a forklift. The premise might seem simple on the surface. However, there’s a fair bit of micromanaging, navigation, and coordination that can be overwhelming at first.

The 2017 sequel adds fluidity and action to the experience, bringing streamlined multiplayer and more complex jobs into the fold. But despite being an early-comer of the recent indie boom, this XBLA original from 2009 still shines.

10 Among Us

Steam Score: 92%


Among Us

June 5, 2018


Party Game

This clever Innersloth indie brings whimsical party game charm — while tempering things with uneasy doubts as to who players can trust. Among Us blends a slew of unique minigames with detective work and social gameplay. The popularity of this 2018 release really took off after increasingly becoming a go-to social game for Twitch Streamers and YouTubers.


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Players must team up and tackle various bite-sized games across their spaceship. Events include minigames ranging from attaching colored wires to gingerly swiping cards. At the same time, the crew must deal with the looming danger of murderous Impostors and sniff them out.

On the other side of the showdown — Impostors must craftily blend in and deflect attention while taking out enough of the ship’s crew to either outnumber them or sabotage the ship.

9 Snipperclips: Cut It Out Together!

Metascore: 80

Snipperclips Cut it Out Together Basketball

Snipperclips: Cut It Out Together

March 3, 2017

SFB Games


This uniquely charming game is akin to a co-op puzzler fused with a virtual elementary school art project. SFB Games will have players working together to solve several puzzles and complete tasks; often through goofy, yuk-invoking ways.

This colorful game inspires communication, creativity, and improvisation. Players will be given little information as they must improvise their way through visual tasks and tinker with physics-based moves. As the name implies, a good chunk of the mechanics and goals revolve around snipping the controllable shapes, which is triggered by overlapping them.

8 Joggernauts

Steam Score: 90%

Joggernauts Multiplayer monster tongue platform


Space Mace

Graffiti Games

2D , Platformer , Indie Games , Party Game , Puzzle

An obscure sidescrolling indie might seem like a far cry from a cooking-based party romp. But at its core, this colorful game from Space Mace and Graffiti Games is Overcooked-esque in its co-op focus, multitasking, and quick decision-making. Whether playing cohesively with others or shifting tasks alone, the game brings a uniquely tricky journey.

The name of the game is to sort out color-coded avatars while chugging forward, which corresponds to platforms and other elements. Bringing the right color forward allows players to progress through color coordination. Meanwhile, mismatching the colors often leads to a swift death or pitfall. Joggernauts is truly a fun, inventive spin on the puzzler/platformer that has players think and act differently.


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