• Epic Games Store offers a variety of free games like GrandChase, World of Warships, and Honkai Impact 3rd to entertain different playstyles.
  • Free-to-play games like Valorant and Genshin Impact offer innovative mechanics, enjoyable gameplay, and massive updates for hours of fun.
  • The store also includes classic RPGs, naval simulators, and acclaimed space MMOs worth trying for a diverse gaming experience.

Who doesn’t want free games, right? After all, spending $60 for a full game today can be quite the gamble considering how incredibly diverse most titles have become. Thankfully, game stores like Steam offer hefty discounts every so often that make much-desired titles much more accessible to the more frugal gaming audience. And with the Epic Games Store rising as a potential Steam rival, this up-and-coming platform has begun giving out free games to subscribers.


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However, players might want to remember that the Epic Games Store already has a slate of free titles for gamers to try. In fact, some of the free titles in Epic Games may amaze players well enough to stay tuned for the rest of the platform’s future offerings. Just what are these free games?

Updated on April 13, 2024 by Rhenn Taguiam: With free-to-play games like Valorant continuing to provide massive updates to users such as the new character Clove, or Genshin Impact teasing the much-awaited Arlecchino for its upcoming update, fans of F2P titles can be rest assured that games don’t necessarily have to cost too much just to be fun. Thanks to innovative mechanics and enjoyable gameplay, certain F2P titles in the Epic Games Store can provide hours of fun when played both solo and with friends. Among must-tries from the Epic Games Store that won’t cost anything include a classic RPG, a naval simulator, an older sci-fi RPG from the developers of some of the biggest gacha games today, and an acclaimed space MMO.

30 GrandChase

Metacritic User Score: 6.8

GrandChase gameplay featuring a dungeon crawl

Release Date

February 7, 2008




KOG Studios


Fantasy, Side-Scroller

Fans of fighting games may appreciate GrandChase for its side-scrolling combo-heavy gameplay, with players taking the role of members of Grand Chase that boast different skillsets based on their class. Set in the region of Bermesiah, the Grand Chase team is tasked to stop the evil queen Kaze’aze, who recently wreaked havoc by causing a massive civil war between the kingdoms of Serdin and Kanavan. While players initially begin the game as archer Lire, magician Arme, or Knight Elesis, GrandChase introduced more characters with various stories and toolkits that fans of any playstyle may enjoy.

Despite its action-heavy nature, GrandChase‘s gameplay have specially-tailored combos to accomplish different tasks to avoid button-mashing. The game’s special class progression mechanic allows players to modify their character’s moveset as they get “promoted.” Despite the game’s closure in 2015, its 2022 relaunch retained fan-favorite components such as different PVP modes and team-based dungeon-crawling segments.

29 World Of Warships

Metascore: 81

World of Warships gameplay featuring combat

Release Date

September 17, 2015


PC, iOS, Android, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S




Vehicular Combat

For a game whose major mechanic involves naval warfare, World of Warships proves to be among the most enjoyable vehicular combat games to be available in the Epic Games Store. Set on the high seas, players choose and unlock real-life warships and outfit them with various weapons and armor to contend with enemies in vast sea battles. Players can enjoy their World of Warships gameplay further when they team up with others to form divisions before joining co-op battles against AI or even random battles that can feature 12 versus 12 team fights.

The variability of game modes in World of Warships means there’s always something for everyone to enjoy. Cooperative play allows players to practice their skills and coordination against AI opponents, with ranked battles testing a player’s might against others through a traditional tier-based system. Being able to slowly unlock ships and upgrade them in different ways expands on a player’s combat option, allowing them to aid teammates from afar or get to the frontlines with more aggressive use of armaments like naval artillery, attack aircraft, and torpedoes.

28 Honkai Impact 3rd

Steam Rating: 7/10

Honkai Impact 3rd characters in a wallpaper

Honkai Impact 3rd
October 14, 2016

Serving as the progenitor of MiHoYo’s other successful titles such as fantasy-oriented Genshin Impact and spinoff Honkai Star Rail, the relative age of the “OG” Honkai Impact 3rd doesn’t affect its ability to mesmerize players with its action-heavy combat, a deep narrative, and stellar animation quality. The main story takes place in an alternate reality, where a malevolent force known as the Honkai periodically plague humanity to challenge its evolution. Set in 2015, players take on the role of Valkyries who try to combat the Honkai and its manifestations, particularly through god-like Herrschers with unimaginable powers.

Gameplay in Honkai Impact resemble Genshin Impact‘s in terms of combat, where Valkyries have unique attacks and ultimate abilities on top of evasive maneuvers and switch options. Characters are also separated across types that have different advantages, with stats modifiable through Stigmata (Artifacts) and other armaments. With the release of the massive Part 2 rework in February 2024, newcomers can enjoy a more “modernized” take on the game with better exploration, sleeker graphics and UI, and more characters.

27 EVE Online

Metascore: 88

A space fight in EVE Online

Despite its 2003 release, EVE Online maintains its reputation as one of the most immersive sci-fi MMOs of all time due to its persistent open world completely dominated by player activities. Set in the far future, players take on the role of humanity’s descendants as they struggle to make ends meet in the far galaxy of New Eden after the early spacefaring humans stranded themselves there due to an accident. Throughout every new character’s EVE Online gameplay, players venture into the “unknown” after a brief tutorial as they’re free to do as they wish with the game’s player-driven economy.

At its core, players can enjoy casual questing and exploration or even become a part of various player-managed guilds. Professions such as mining and bounty hunting are prominent in the galaxy, while politicking across factions have resulted in massive wars among players that have been briefly covered in real world news. After the launch of its free-to-play mode, those curious about EVE Online can finally try the game out for themselves and attempt to make a name in New Eden.

26 Valorant

Metascore: 80

Valorant Agents in a fight

June 2, 2020


At first glance, Valorant seems like the typical cross between a hero shooter and Counter-Strike bomb mechanics. And while this comparison isn’t technically wrong, the Riot Games entry switches things up with more flexible takes on physics, emphasizing the value of verticality, audiovisual effects, and character gimmicks to spice things up as an FPS title. In turn, matches in Valorant often involve teams of five constantly adapting to each other’s move – firefights become a matter of proper aim, and the right setups with specific abilities can spell the difference between an easy, challenging, or even predictable round.


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Serving as a fine line between intense hero matchups of Overwatch and the technical bomb defusal/activation among unique spec-ops operatives of Rainbow Six Siege, the high-octane FPS mechanics of Valorant becomes more enjoyable as players train using the game’s various Agents. Scattered across different roles, players should coordinate detecting enemies (Initiator), engaging in fast-paced fights (Duelists), protecting areas (Sentinels), and manipulating the battlefield (Controllers) to secure victory. With matches taking place across different maps with unique mechanics, every team composition demands adaptability and flexibility – making fights unique.

25 The Sims 4

Metascore: 70

Sims 4

The Sims 4
September 2, 2014


With The Sims 5 yet to be released, fans of Maxis’s acclaimed life simulation game can finally get into the franchise as its latest entry is available for free in the Epic Games Store. The Sims 4 takes the widely-known appeal of The Sims and ups the ante with improved tools. Thanks to an upgraded custom game engine, The Sims 4 lets players have more control over their houses and their Sim creation, paving the way not just for gameplay-adequate Sims but also room for more creative mods.

Unlike other The Sims games, the free title boasts a more vibrant visual design that elevates improved (but equally hilariously goofy) Sims AI. Building tools also made it much easier for players to create more realistic houses without the need for tinkering with game settings compared to prior titles.

24 Farlight 84

Steam: 85%

Farlight 84

Farlight 84
April 23, 2023


Battle Royale

Set in 2084 after a cataclysmic event, Farlight 84 lets players take on the role of Capsulers as they go to various parts of Isle Cities to fight for supremacy. As with other battle royales, each Capsuler boasts unique skill sets as they gather weapons and ammo while duking it out against fellow players.

However, where Farlight 84 separates itself from the rest of the pack are new gameplay mechanics that up the ante in maximizing mayhem in the game’s open environments. In this battle royale, players have access to Jetpacks, Transforming Vehicles, and even options to Revive. When combined with unique weapons and Capsuler skills, Farlight 84 matches become avenues of sheer mayhem that can provide a decent battle royale alternative.

23 Fall Guys

Metascore: 81

Fall Guys-1

Fall Guys
August 4, 2020
Battle Royale , Platformer , Action

Players who want a change of pace in cooperative games may appreciate Fall Guys, where gamers become jellybean-like figures who have to race their way to success past one obstacle to the next. Inspired by game shows such as Takeshi’s Castle, Wipeout, and even good ol’ tag, Fall Guys matches feature a progression of mini-games that slowly eliminate players until only one remains.

What makes Fall Guys fun is the potential element of both team and solo play, with friends being able to join lobbies as teams that have to cooperate with each other to survive or as rivals that can have fun eliminating each other. The game’s rather vibrant visuals and catchy OST can make Fall Guys a worthwhile game to play on breaks.

22 Naraka: Bladepoint

Metascore: 71

Naraka Bladepoint

August 11, 2021

24 Entertainment , Thunder Fire Universe X Studio

Battle Royale , Action-Adventure

Inspired by gameplay from Devil May Cry, fans who want to take their enemies out on a literal spin will appreciate the visceral, high-octane action of Naraka: Bladepoint. Set on Morus Island, players use heroes with unique Skills and Ultimates as they duke it out solo or in teams of three, this time scavenging for bladed weapons instead of the usual arsenal of guns in classic battle royales.

Where Naraka: Bladepoint shines as a free title is its approach to combat that combines third-person RPG elements with light fighting game mechanics. Rhythm and timing are key here, with Naraka: Bladepoint encouraging players to study different kinds of attacks (Standard, Special, Charged, Combo) and maneuvers (Counters, Air Juggles) to eliminate opponents as fast as possible. Instead of high-octane shootouts, the elegant martial arts of Naraka: Bladepoint can give players a new perspective on the potential of battle royales.

21 Honkai: Star Rail

Metascore: 80

Honkai Star Rail characters

Fans of MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact who want to dabble with more traditional RPG elements may appreciate Honkai: Star Rail. This spinoff to MiHoYo’s Honkai Impact franchise takes place in its own timeline, where the train known as the Astral Express travels to different worlds to stop the threat caused by the mysterious Stellaron.


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Players take the role of the Trailblazer who, much like Lumine or Aether in Genshin Impact, are tasked to save the world after mastering different Paths and meeting different characters. Unlike Genshin Impact, however, gameplay in Star Rail is a turn-based RPG where teams of four duke it out against various opponents. As with other traditional RPGs, players take advantage of an opponent’s elemental weakness, rely on debuffs and buffs to manipulate the flow of combat and improve characters to develop their skills. Like its gacha predecessor, Star Rail also has a gacha system that frequently releases new characters and has other units on rotation for players to roll for using tickets they can obtain in-game or via the cash shop.

20 Fortnite

Metascore: 78

Fortnite chapter 3 season 4

Players who want one of the most unique approaches to the battle royale concept should consider giving Fortnite a shot. Unlike other more intense battle royale games, this more light-hearted take on the brutal battle royale genre gives players quite a ton of things to do throughout a match.

What perhaps makes Fortnite a game worth playing isn’t just the fact that it has quite a lot of collaborations with various media. Rather, Fortnite actually offers three (3) completely separate and equally engaging gameplay modes. The traditional battle royale format is Fortnite Battle Royale, where players can not only shoot to dominate but even build obstacles to gain the upper hand. There’s Fortnite: Save the World where the game needs four-man teams to fend off an army of zombie-like husks. Lastly, Fortnite Creative is a sandbox mode where players can do almost anything they like, ranging from casual exploration to the creation of mini-games.

19 Genshin Impact

Metascore: 81

Genshin Impact-5

Genshin Impact
September 28, 2020

While the initial perception of a gacha game is a low-effort cash grab hidden through a collectible game format, such isn’t the case with Genshin Impact. Boasting incredibly beautiful graphics and a gripping story, one wouldn’t expect that beneath this rather immense open-world title is the opportunity for players to collect equally-appealing characters.

What perhaps makes Genshin Impact worth playing is its approach to gameplay and personalization. The ability to acquire the title’s in-game currency (Primogens) to pull characters and weapons (Wish) as a free player gives gamers a lot of incentives to grind through the game’s story mode and sets of daily missions. Players who want to take a break from intense multiplayer matches can open Genshin Impact and get engulfed with the riveting story of the Traveler and their fate in the mysterious land of Teyvat.

18 Trackmania

Metascore: 74


Release Date

July 1, 2020


PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Luna


Ubisoft Nadeo



Fans of racing games may have heard of the classic Trackmania series, where games focus not just on racing per se, but rather on giving players the ability to create their own custom tracks. This is the emphasis of the Trackmania reboot in 2020, where players have the means to create wildly ridiculous tracks with the sole purpose of having cars try to finish them as quickly as possible.

Compared to other racing games, Trackmania gives players quite a decent change of pace. This is especially great for creative gamers who want to push the limits of physics in racing games with crazy tracks in Trackmania. Fans who want to equally wow and annoy their friends with seemingly impossible tracks may want to build them in Trackmania.

17 Demon’s Tilt

Steam: 94%

Demons Tilt

Release Date

December 2019


PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac OS, Nintendo Switch





Despite the rather grim and bloody aesthetic of Demon’s Tilt, it boasts one of the best mechanics of a free-to-play game in the Epic Games store: hack-and-slash pinball. At its core, Demon’s Tilt takes the pinball concept and applies action-like mechanics. While players can do classic pinball moves such as nudging, the game now gives players extra mechanics such as the need to avoid obstacles or even the option to attack enemies.

The game takes place across three (3) screens where the ball can be thrown around the entire game. All of these screens have power-ups players can use to increase their scores, as well as bosses that may pop up in order to further challenge the players in their journey.

16 Path Of Exile

Metascore: 86

Path of Exile

Path of Exile
October 23, 2013

Action RPG

One of the most surprising free-to-play games to ever come out of modern gaming would be Path of Exile, perhaps a love letter to the ARPG genre popularized by the Diablo franchise. In Path of Exile, players take control of an Exile, an incredibly powerful being that is now forced to fight for their survival in the ruined continent of Wraeclast after being exiled from the nation of Oriath.


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In this dark fantasy world, players can take the role of either the Marauder, Duelist, Ranger, Scion, Shadow, Templar, or Witch and carve their path in this action RPG. With an intense and replayable PVE and PVP mechanic, Path of Exile is easily one of the more entertaining titles to come out of the platform.

15 Warframe

Metascore: 64

Warframe - Best Free Games Epic Games Store

March 25, 2013

Third-Person Shooter

Who doesn’t want to fight aliens and extradimensional creatures as a gun-toting, katana-wielding, high-speed ninja? In Warframe, players get exactly that. This free action RPG tasks players to become the Tenno, highly-trained warriors who wear Warframes. The Warframes are specialized suits of armor with various abilities. In the game’s lengthy, single-player narrative, the player’s Tenno becomes the last hope in a Solar System corrupted by humanity’s descendants.

However, the real fun begins with the title’s multiplayer components. Thanks to the game’s mechanics, players can zig-zag and zoom around the battlefield using precise jumps, rolls, wall dashes, and other maneuvers while fighting opponents. Moreover, the game’s wide offering of unique and devastating Warframe abilities adds a fast-paced, high-octane twist to conventional action RPGs.

14 Neverwinter

Metascore: 74

Neverwinter - Best Free Games Epic Games Store

Players and TTRPG fans who want a more real-time take to Dungeons & Dragons will love Neverwinter from the Epic Games Store. This free MMO takes place in D&D‘s hit region of Neverwinter, where players take on the role of adventurers who will try to save the world from an ever-growing threat.

Unlike other MMOs, Neverwinter boasts a real-time combat system that allows players to actively aim, attack, and dodge attacks from opponents. In turn, Neverwinter gives players the opportunity to live out their tabletop dreams as though they are their actual characters. Moreover, the game comes with an engrossing narrative and a gripping story that will easily immerse players into their characters.

13 Rogue Company

Metascore: 75

Rogue Company - Best Free Games Epic Games Store

Rogue Company
October 1, 2020

First Watch Games

Third-Person Shooter

Mercenaries shouldn’t just get paid; they need to look good, too! In Rogue Company, players take the team shooter experience and add a more stylish twist. As such, this free Epic Games Store game seems like the typical third-person shooter on the outside. However, the game’s rather wild take on the whole “mercenaries for hire” concept adds a unique flavor that separates it from conventional cooperative titles of the same genre.

In the game, players take on the role of members of the Rogue Company. They serve as mercenaries who take on various jobs to grow in fame, prestige, and power. And thanks to the game’s rather straightforward mechanics, players can easily take on missions, dominate the match, and grab aesthetic gear to build their ultimate rogue.

12 Rocket League

Metascore: 85

Rocket League - Best Free Games Epic Games Store

Fans of sports titles and racing games can turn to Rocket League to enjoy the best parts of the two genres. As players might expect, Rocket League involves two teams tossing a soccer ball around a massive field – using cars. In turn, entire matches become a site of hilariously fast-paced fun as cars chase each other and activate their speed boosts. They do all of these while still trying to score goals, as though playing soccer on wheels.

Thanks to this free Epic Games Store title, players have a handy and insane game to enjoy whenever they find themselves in the mood for both soccer and a bit of racing. To make matters more awesome, Rocket League even lets players customize and improve their vehicles.

11 Spellbreak

Metascore: 79

Spellbreak - Best Free Games Epic Games Store

September 3, 2020


Battle Royale

Conventional battle royales take a backseat as Spellbreak infuses the traditional “last man standing” formula with spells and magic. Essentially, players get thrust into battle as Vowbreakers, mages who tap into forbidden elemental magic to change the world around them. In turn, players need to eliminate other Vowbreakers to prove their domination on the battlefield.


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As with other battle royale games, players need to continuously move around the map – all the while avoiding elimination, staying clear of the closing environment, and eliminating enemies. They can even equip various items to improve speed and add armor, while scattered Gauntlets can give players access to two different elemental spells at a time. Thanks to this magic and mana component, players can dish out various elemental attacks and even combine them to create devastating effects. In turn, players can create walls of fire, slide in lines of ice, or suck others into a tornado.


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