Amazon’s Prime Day is one of the best sales of the year, with thousands of products being marked down by as much as 50%. This humongous sale includes basically everything on the site at one point or another during the weeks leading up to the actual Prime Days of July 16th-17th. Of course, most gamers are only interested in things such as large TVs, consoles and controllers, and games. Naturally, Game Rant is ready to round up the best deals around, and that definitely includes some of the best tabletop games on the market, considering the number of fan-favorite titles and expansions being made available at a significant discount.

Board games are becoming more approachable and accessible, especially as modern game designers continue to offer a wide variety of play styles. Whether you’re a newbie looking for a low-commitment title or a veteran ready to dive into the next great TTRPG, discounted tabletop games are hard to ignore as a player. Amazon’s Prime Day sale makes it easy to plan or upgrade awesome summer game nights with friends at home or on vacation.

Dozens of award-winning games are discounted, with many more on the way. The official Prime Day sale is July 16-17th, but early deals abound, perfect for players to take advantage of. If there’s something else you’re looking for, or a better price you’re hoping to hold out for, come back to Game Rant’s top picks of the best board game deals during Prime Day to see updated, curated discounts that you might not want to miss.


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The Best Board Game Deals on Prime Day

best board game deals

HeroQuest Board Game

$80 $135 Save $55

The Avalon Hill HeroQuest board game is a fantasy dungeon crawler. Players work as a team to fight monsters and complete quests. Four characters are available to players: Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, and Wizard. Jump into the action for less than ever before with a discount of as much as 47% during Prime Day!

Type of Game

Age Recommendation

Avalon Hill

Number of Players

The box for the board game Ark Nova.

Ark Nova

$57 $75 Save $18

Ark Nova puts players in the role of conservationists and activists, sworn to save wildlife and the environment. Each turn, players choose different types of actions to improve their sanctuary. By carefully planning and waiting, unused move types become more powerful. This strategic zoological game is currently 25% off list price for a limited time only!

So far, there are already plenty of classic favorites marked down by as much as 40%, such as the HeroQuest base game. Avalon Hill just announced a ton of new content for HeroQuest, so picking it up during Amazon Prime board game sales isn’t a bad idea, especially if you’re looking for a new TTRPG. There are tons of expansions already available, with new ones being released all the time, such as the recent Jungles of Delthrak pack.

Ark Nova, a busy strategic game about running a zoo, is perfect for fans of Terraforming Mars and Catan who want more of the same, but a bit more challenging. The game calls for lots of planning and can take over an hour to complete, which is perfect for long game nights! Meanwhile, those who are looking for an easier endeavor can count on the massive Ticket to Ride spin off, Rails and Sails. This incredible expansion is available for $33 less than normal during Amazon’s Prime Day sale. Regardless of how challenging of a game you’re looking for, either of these titles would be an excellent addition to veteran players’ shelves, particularly if they enjoy a bit of competition in their games.

For absolute beginners, or those who simply want something a little more relaxed than a strategy game, Codenames is another great choice. This card game is quick, simple, and fun, especially when you play with the people you know best! It’s only $20, so it’s tough to pass up adding this title to your game night!

As Prime Day gets closer, these deals are likely to extend to other popular titles and some games may see even lower prices on July 16th and 17th. Regardless, Game Rant will continue to round up these deals, so you can jump straight to the best discounts and start playing a new summer board game stat!

Best Long Board Game Deals on Prime Day

Choosing a long board game is something that’s ideal for veteran players, but it can quickly get expensive. During Amazon’s lead up to Prime Day, there are tons of sales available to help you get the board games you’ve been pining for all year. Given their high price, the discounts available on these hours-long tabletop games equal out to a lot of cash saved.

For instance, the GloomHaven successor, Frosthaven, is marked down to $197, which is a savings of $53! This sprawling game can take over a year to complete and is suitable for even large groups of gamers, especially when you take into account the replayability. Although it might be tough for newbies to get into it, veterans are likely chomping at the bit to save on this award-winning game.

On the other end of the popularity spectrum lies a seriously under-rated game that ties together strategic play and mysterious sci-fi elements. Sleeping Gods is a beautifully immersive “open world” style board game that any TTRPG fans will want to dive into. For a limited time, players can finally get the game for less than $100.

Those who prefer horror to sci-fi can take advantage of this Prime Day to pick up a classic spooky board game, Mansions of Madness. Especially ideal for gamers entertaining ideas of Summerween, although they might already own it, this game is often considered one of the best horror tabletop games of all time. However, if you haven’t yet added Mansions of Madness to your collection, the 2nd edition, which is the newest, Prime Day is the time to save 20% off list price!

Best Beginner Board Game Deals on Prime Day

Especially during Prime Day, beginner board games are simply more affordable than more complicated ones, which makes complete sense when you consider the number of parts and cards that come with advanced games.

That may be one reason why Catan is so popular as an entry to board games. This affordable game comes with tons of colorful tiles, meeples, and, if you get the expansions, even more wooden figures. Plus, the game is fairly simple, despite being quite competitive once you know what you’re doing. The replayability is impressive, even though there aren’t a ton of expansions available. With the right group though, Catan is a game that can be played for years without getting stale. The game going on sale isn’t too uncommon, but a 30% discount is usually about as good as it gets, making the Prime Day price very attractive to gamers who still need to add this title to their collection.

Cascadia and Space Base are more card-based games, though they offer vastly different playstyles that will appeal to different audiences. Space Base is meant for quick rounds, either during a party or before another, more complicated game. It’s easy to play a few rounds all at once, and it can get pretty competitive once everyone gets into it.

On the other hand, Cascadia is an in-depth strategy game that uses beautiful art and real facts to tie together nature and gaming in an engaging format; it’s perfect for families who want to challenge their younger players. Both of these games are fairly affordable, especially with the discounts available from Amazon during the lead up to Prime Day!

Regardless of the difficulty, Amazon’s Prime Day sale, dozens of award-winning games are set to be discounted. The official Prime Day sale is July 16-17th, but there are already plenty of deals to take advantage of. If there’s something else you’re looking for, or a better price you’re hoping to hold out for, come back to Game Rant’s top picks of the best board game deals during Prime Day to see updated, curated discounts that you might not want to miss.


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