MaXXXine is the third movie in the “X” trilogy. It takes place in 1975, six years after the brutal murders happened in the first movie. Maxine is seemingly fine and is thriving in Hollywood where she is still doing adult films and auditioning for bigger parts in more traditional horror films.


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When she lands the part in a real movie called The Puritan 2, Maxine’s past comes knocking. Can she film this movie knowing that someone is trying to kill her while trying to ruin her career? Throughout the brutal killings are some fun dialogue exchanges and these lines and moments rank up there in MaXXXine. There will be spoilers.

8 “Mia Goth In MaXXXine.”

The Best Title Credits In The Trilogy

Maxine walking in MaXXXine

This is not a direct quote a character says but more like a statement of the movie. After nailing her audition for The Puritan 2, Maxine walks off stage and tells the other girls to go home because she knows she got the part. Jumping into her car, the title card displays “Mia Goth in MaXXXine.”

MaXXXine is her license plate, so it’s a clever way to display the title of the movie while making Mia Goth the star of the production. It’s almost like a declaration of war, showing that Mia Goth, as Maxine, means business and no horror trope will knock her down.

7 “So Said Every Dead Girl In Hollywood.”


Tabby and Maxine in MaXXXine

Even though Maxine feels like she has made it in Hollywood, she still needs to turn a few tricks to make ends meet. That’s why she dances for quarter shows at an adult theater. After her shift, Maxine walks her friend Tabby to a taxi.

Tabby offers her a ride, but Maxine is confident she can survive on her own which is when Tabby replies with this line. Little does Tabby know, she’s actually the one in danger. It’s a nice bit of foreshadowing but it is sad that Tabby, played by the famous singer Halsey, has to die so soon.

6 “Shame, I Hate Seeing This Happen To Pretty Girls.”


Detective Williams in MaXXXine

The first set of bodies show up together with one being Tabby and the other being an adult film star that Maxine also knows. They turn up in a park, naked, with satanic branding on their bodies. As Detective Williams and Detective Torres appear on the scene, the nameless coroner remarks how sad it is when pretty girls end up like this.


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The line delivery is creepy as if to say it wouldn’t be as sad if they weren’t pretty. This line was delivered by Toby Huss, a renowned character actor perhaps best known for his voice work in cartoons like King of the Hill as Dale.


Detective John in MaXXXine

Maxine’s past finally comes knocking via the private investigator, John. He gives her a tape of one of her finer “acting” roles from The Farmer’s Daughter video thus putting her at the crime scene from 1979. During their first meetup at lunch, John lays it on thick that his employer wants revenge.

Maxine seemingly does not care and leaves, ignoring John’s threat of putting her tape out there for the press to see. It’s a good bluff and a good introduction to the character played by Kevin Bacon who is playing up this detective role 110%.

4 “Stay Out Of My Way!”


Detective John bloodied in MaXXXine

John does not stop at lunch to threaten Maxine, as he follows her around town later in his car. After noticing it’s him, Maxine gets out of her car and punches John to a bloody pulp without much resistance.

It’s a great scene to showcase Maxine as a badass femme fatale who is not to be trifled with. It’s also a good scene to show that John is all bark and no bite and yet this does not deter John in any way from following her later. Why didn’t he fight back if he was so tough?

3 “This Guy Thinks He’s The Wolf, No, I’m The Wolf.”


Teddy in MaXXXine

It was a great idea to get Giancarlo Esposito in the movie to play Teddy, Maxine’s lawyer/business manager. After confessing her crimes from the 1979 farm massacre, Teddy is not phased at all. It’s almost like he welcomes the challenge to take on John like he hasn’t been able to flex his lawyer skills in a while.


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This is best demonstrated later when he helps Maxine kill John in his car via a car compactor at a junkyard. Teddy is proven to be just as ruthless as Giancarlo’s character on Breaking Bad, Gus Fring.

2 “Now We’ve All Got Blood On Our Hands.”


Elizabeth in MaXXXine

After beating up John in his car, Maxine has to rush to the set of The Puritan 2. Here viewers can see a scene play out with the old star, Molly, biting into an apple that is gushing blood. Unsatisfied by the gore effects, the director, Elizabeth goes over to help Molly out. In this chaos, Maxine also goes over to introduce herself, getting her hands bloody as she shakes hands with Molly.

To this, Elizabeth makes the joke about everyone having their hands bloodied, which is fitting seeing as how Maxine has metaphorically bloodied her hands by killing and maiming others in the past. Viewers may recognize Elizabeth as Elizabeth Debicki who has earned some nerd credentials via her role as Ayesha in the second and third Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

1 “Now, Say It With Me.”


Maxine on the red carpet in MaXXXine

The intro to the movie shows Maxine as a young girl doing an act in black and white before her father. Unsatisfied by her performance, her dad, Ernest, reminds Maxine that she shouldn’t accept a life she hasn’t earned. This is supposed to be a mantra she was taught on repeat. It’s called back to when Maxine has a shotgun pointed at her dad’s face in the movie’s climax.

She asks him to recite the line, which they do together before she blasts his head into oblivion. Shotguns are one of the most powerful weapons consistently in video games and this act in MaXXXine shows that they are equally as strong in films.



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