Summer is here and the heat is on to scoop up the best deals of the year during Amazon Prime Day! The most lucrative deals will be live in just under a week on July 16th and 17th, but Amazon is already offering deal pricing on thousands of items. Gamers aren’t left out in the cold during this sale either, with lots of accessories discounted throughout the month!

Prime Day deals are only available to Prime members, but non-members shouldn’t fret – there’s a
30-day free trial available
to any newcomers.

Game Rant has gathered the most lucrative bargains that will be tough to pass on, especially if you’ve had your eye on a certain upgrade. From video games to mouse and keyboard combos to non-gaming electronics, nearly every gaming category has been graced with summer savings. Although there have already been a large number of discounted controllers and consoles made available, the sales are still ramping up. Game Rant will continuously update you with new curated picks from Amazon’s best Prime Day deals this July. Let’s jump right in and take a look at some of the discounts currently available on fan-favorite consoles and controllers.


The Best Prime Day 2023 Gaming Deals

Prime day is coming back this October, and the gaming deals are spectacular.

Best Overall Console and Controller Deals on Prime Day


Razer Edge

$250 $400 Save $150

The Razer Edge is custom-built to be the ultimate Android gaming handheld. Currently, you can grab on for $150 off through Prime Day sales!


6.8-inch AMOLED display with FHD+


Snapdragon G3x Gen 1

260 X 85 X11 mm

One of the best wireless controller deals in a long time, BigBig Won’s Rainbow 2 Pro is cheaper than most options from much more recognizable brands, especially when you consider the fact that it comes with its own charging dock. One of the most customizable controllers on the market, Game Rant’s review of the Rainbow 2 Pro praised its incredible versatility and extremely low latency, which launched this no-name controller into the realm of competitive gaming, giving even high-end controllers a run for their money.

The best wired controller of 2023, the GameSir G7 SE, is available for a small discount right now, though it’s likely to see a lower price later this month or perhaps at the end of the year. Despite the small savings, this top-tier controller offers some of the best specs in the business, as Game Rant’s review of the G7 SE reported last year. Sporting Hall effect joysticks and triggers, plus ultra-low latency connectivity and compatibility with both Xbox and PC, the G7 SE is a must-have for any gamer in need of a reliable, competitive wired controller.

At the same time, Razer’s tablet-based gaming system, the Edge, can be had for just $250. Razer and Asus are well-known for offering strong connectivity and comfortable designs, with the ROG Ally and Razer Edge being perfect for gamers on the go and fans of cloud gaming.

Best Prime Day Console Deals

Amazon’s Prime Day deals have a lot to offer, but finding a good deal on a gaming console is seriously tricky. Luckily, 2024 has been filled with rumors and even official announcements of new consoles from Xbox, Switch, Asus, and more. Given these developments, it only makes sense for players to expect more discounts on consoles during this year’s Prime Day sale.

Although Logitech’s G Cloud has seen a permanent discount to $300 recently, they haven’t yet joined the ranks of other handheld consoles with a discount. The ROG Ally from Asus is currently at one of its most affordable prices, discounted all the way down to $400. Similarly, the Nintendo Switch is once again available at a reduced price, if you choose the gray version. Of course, there are plenty of cases and covers to spruce up the Switch with, so it may be worthwhile to get the discount on the subdued design.

Gamers who only want to play at home while also being able to catch up on some of the best AAA titles of recent memory are in luck as well. The Spiderman PS5 bundle is once again discounted, albeit not by much at the time of writing. However, saving any amount of money on one of the best consoles on the market is nothing to turn your nose up at. The PS5 rarely goes on sale at all, and while the Xbox Series X may get a discount on actual Prime Day due to the recent reveal of a new console, Playstation fans may not get a better chance to save as the days go on.

Best Prime Day Wireless Controller Deals

  • 8Bitdo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller

    8Bitdo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller with Charging Dock

    $60 $70 Save $10

  • PDP Gaming Afterglow Wireless Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

    PDP Gaming Afterglow Wireless Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

    $39 $50 Save $11

  • Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Gaming Controller

    Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Gaming Controller

    $151 $180 Save $29

Controllers are often on sale throughout the year, so it’s no surprise that there are way more available deals than with consoles. Even with the persistent discounts, Prime Day promises even steeper price cuts, already offering some of the year’s best controllers at their lowest price ever.

Those who take competitive gaming to the next level can save right now too, with the Xbox Elite Series 2 being slightly discounted for console players. This high-end controller comes with everything a competitive player could want, from fine-tuned back paddles to an ultra-comfortable grip to one of the lowest latency connections in the industry. More laid-back players, such as those on the Nintendo Switch, can grab a wireless controller for less than $50 if they go with PDP’s attractive RGB controller, which offers customizable LEDs within a clear, reflective case. Those in the middle who prefer to game on PC are in luck too, with 8BitDo delivering cross-platform prowess with their Ultimate Bluetooth controller. This ergonomic gamepad is compact and capable, but won’t break the bank along the way.

Best Prime Day Wired Controller Deals

  • best game controller console deals

    Razer Wolverine V2 Wired Gaming Controller for Xbox

    $70 $100 Save $30

  • The Logitech G29 Racing Wheel with accompanying pedals shown.

    Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel

    $215 $300 Save $85

  • PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch - Pikachu Electric Type

    PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch

    $21 $28 Save $7

Fans of wired controllers have just as much to choose from this year. For example, Razer’s high-grade gamepad, the Wolverine V2, is currently available for just over $75, giving players a significant discount over the expensive wired controller. Not only does the Wolverine V2 offer impeccable specs and specialized on-board controls, it also features accent lighting to spruce up your gaming space.

For gamers who love to build fully immersive gaming spaces, such as racing fans, there are savings to be had as well. The Logitech G29 racing wheel is considered one of the best in the business thanks to its ease of use, durability, and responsiveness. During Amazon’s Prime Day deals, this racing wheel set is being offered with a discount of nearly $100, at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, fans looking to add a cute, stylish touch to their gaming setup can save much more than their competitive counterparts, with multiple PowerA Enhanced wired controllers being discounted by as much as 25%. Each controller features a unique design that depicts cool, cute, and retro art with iconic characters and motifs. Plus, these reliable controllers are perfect for mega fans of a certain series and younger gamers, especially because of their budget-friendly pricing even when they aren’t on sale.


Q: Do consoles go on sale on Prime day?

Yes, consoles and even handheld game systems go on sale on Prime Day. Players can save on the God of War Ragnarök PS5 bundle, the Logitech G Cloud, and more!

Q: What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an exclusive sale for Amazon Prime members with thousands of items marked down to their lowest price of the year. Even non-Prime members can enjoy Prime Day sales by signing up for Amazon’s 30-day free trial.

Q: Will Amazon have PlayStation 5 on Prime Day?

Yes, Amazon should have the Playstation 5 available on Prime Day 2023. Unlike last year, supplies have finally caught up with demand and Amazon is even offering a discount on the God of War Ragnarök PS5 bundle for a limited time.

Q: What is the best controller?

The best controller is fairly subjective, but the Xbox core wireless controller is GameRant’s choice for the best controller of 2023, given how highly rated it is by both Xbox and PC players. Alternatively, PowerA controllers are one of the best options for Switch gamers and players who prefer wired controllers or controllers with RGB lighting.


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