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The latest iteration of the popular dance and rhythm game, Just Dance, is now available at a major discount. This special version, sold on Amazon only, features The Mythological Pack. Xbox Series X/S gamers can get the game for 36% plus an additional 20% off when clipping a coupon, which is then added at the checkout.

Amazon is currently listing the Just Dance 2024 Edition for Xbox Series X/S at a solid discount. Not only is this Amazon-exclusive package, featuring The Mythicological Pack, 36% off but there’s an additional coupon that reduces the price even further. After the coupon is included at the checkout, the price drops to under $20. This makes it an excellent opportunity for Xbox gamers to grab one of the more popular party rhythm games.

Just Dance 2024 Edition is the latest iteration in Ubisoft’s super-popular music and rhythm game. The game challenges players to mimic dance moves as they perform popular songs and their dance routines. The game series started in 2009 and has become one of the leading names in the party game genre, now sporting dozens of titles released, each with new and unique songs to dance to. The version in question is an Amazon-exclusive bundle, which comes with Ubisoft’s The Mythicological Pack.

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What Makes Just Dance 2024 Edition a Top-Tier Party Game

Just Dance 2024 Edition marks the latest addition to Ubisoft’s celebrated series, bringing together a mix of new hits and ageless classics. With a selection of 40 tracks including popular songs by Miley Cyrus, Bad Bunny, BLACKPINK, and Whitney Houston, among others, this edition promises a dance experience with variety. The game also introduces a new “Song Sharing” feature within the Just Dance hub, allowing players to exchange songs across different editions, bringing additional music into the mixture.

The tracking, which uses the smartphone’s camera app, brings a new level of convenience to Just Dance. This allows engaging gameplay to be brought anywhere, allowing friends to compete and collaborate more easily. The game also brings new tracklists, universes, and characters, which add to the customizability of the gaming experience. Players can easily choose their favorite era or genre to personalize the songlist and create themed activities.

Just Dance 2024 Edition features music and dance moves for everyone, from Latin music to rock and hip-hop to K-pop. It also brings additional content via seasonal events, which focus on a specific theme. These events allow players to enjoy new content at no charge for a limited time. Additionally, Ubisoft has added rewards and challenges to keep it interesting. The Mythological Pack, included in this version, comes with exclusive avatars, emotes, and victory celebrations. Now, for a limited time, this Amazon-exclusive version of Just Dance 2024 Edition for Xbox Series X/S is selling for $19.99 after a 20% coupon.

Key Features

  • A new tracklist with 40 songs spanning multiple genres and eras
  • An online platform with seasonal events
  • The ability to connect and play with friends across different editions

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