• An Apex Legends player has discovered a major trick for Ballistic, offering a huge advantage in fights when using the Legend.
  • The trick allows players to instantly reload their gun by using their perk upgrade with Ballistic, also letting players increase their magazine size while reloading by using the Sling-shot perk.
  • Apex Legends continues to introduce new Legends to the game, bringing characters like Alter and Conduit with a variety of powerful, game-changing abilities.

An Apex Legends player has discovered an extremely useful in-game trick for Ballistic, allowing fans of the Legend to instantly reload their weapons in the middle of a gunfight. The popular battle royale from Respawn Entertainment and EA features a wide roster of Legends for players to choose from, boasting 26 different characters across its multiple classes. New seasons often add a Legend to the game as well, with Alter becoming Apex Legends‘ newest playable character last month. However, not all the game’s Legends are created equal.

With more than 25 characters to choose from, some of Apex Legends‘ characters have naturally emerged as stronger members of the game’s roster. Some of the game’s earliest characters continue to stand out at the top of the pack, with classic Legends like Wraith and Pathfinder continuing to dominate at the highest level. Others, however, have not been as omnipresent within the game, with some characters like Ballistic and Mirage falling behind as new characters are added. Now, one player has found a helpful tech that could change the game for fans of Ballistic.



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As reported by Dexerto, a video shared by Reddit user nSpeedWagon shows off an explosive new tech option for Ballistic. Referred to by the user as “DoubleMag,” the Ballistic trick requires players to hold onto a perk upgrade while in the midst of combat. While using the sling weapon, the player then uses their perk upgrade to get an instantaneous free reload in the middle of combat for extra ammo in a gunfight. The video also suggests that players can use Ballistic’s “Sling-shot” upgrade to double the size of their magazine, both gaining a free reload and a higher ammo cap at the same time.

Apex Legends Player Discovers Useful Ballistic Trick

The useful Ballistic exploit could look to help Ballistic keep up with the rapidly evolving Apex Legends landscape as new characters continue to be released. Alter’s debut with Season 21 offers players the unique ability to pass through walls and barriers, serving as a powerful partner to other disruption-focused legends like Crypto. The release of Conduit last year also brought a powerful new support to the game, with the ability to restore her allies’ shields and provide major damage to enemies’ shields.

Apex Legends has seen plenty of reasons to celebrate throughout 2024 for the game’s fifth anniversary. A report from EA in May revealed that Apex Legends has earned more than $3 billion USD for the publisher since its 2019 launch, continuing to boast more than 300,000 daily players. Season 20 in February also introduced the “Legend Upgrade” system, allowing players to improve their shields over the course of a match and offering character-exclusive upgrades. Apex Legends will look to carry on the success the game has seen throughout its first half-decade.


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