Rogues in RPGs need to be able to sneak around, which means they prefer lighter armor that doesn’t clink as metal or chain would do. The thieving class of Baldur’s Gate 3 is limited to regular clothing and light armor, but there are still plenty of choices in the game that are great for Rogues and specifically ideal for Astarion.

Unless you respec Astarion or give him certain Feats that enable him otherwise, there are several choices for his best armor. There are several chest pieces in BG3 that base their AC on Dexterity or have some kind of connection to the vampire aesthetic in general, and most of them are easy to acquire. Aesthetics aside, some of these armors have effects that pair well with Astarion since he is a Rogue.


Baldur’s Gate 3: The Case to Play as Astarion

Baldur’s Gate 3’s Astarion is a very popular character, and there is a good case to play the game as him to witness the story through his eyes.

6 Spidersilk Armor

Looted From Minthara In The Goblin Camp


  • Stats: 12 AC + Dexterity modifier, +1 to Stealth checks, Advantage on Constitution rolls

This Rare piece of light armor is available early in the game, depending on whether or not and when you decide to recruit Minthara. If you take her side, and she becomes one of your Companions, or you kill her to protect the Grove, then Astarion can get it in Act 1.

There are a few pieces of Drow armor in the game, and they have similar stats for Stealth checks and designs that mix layers of leather and cloth. It’s nice enough that Astarion can wear it into Act 2 when a few vendors appear that sell better gear.

5 Cloth Of Authority

The Collar Of A Vampire Lord

gortash bg3 cropped

  • Stats: 10 AC + 1 + Dexterity modifier, grants the abilities of Dauntless and Authority

The Chosen of the Dead Three all have good fashion sense, and considering how perfect the Cloth of Authority is for Astarion, it’s too bad it’s not available earlier. This chest piece drops from Enver Gortash, so it’s not possible to equip it until Act 3.


Baldur’s Gate 3: Every Role Astarion Actor Neil Newbon Has Had in the Industry

Neil Newbon has portrayed many prominent characters over the years, with Baldur’s Gate 3’s Astarion being the latest hit role in his career.

This is simple clothing, so it won’t give Astarion a lot of protection by itself, but the extra abilities fit a vampire perfectly. Dauntless means that Astarion is now immune to emotional conditions like Frightened, and Authority gives him an Advantage on Intimidation and Insight checks.

4 Mutilated Carapace

Powerful Armor Despite Being So Revealing

Baldur's Gate 3 Orin

  • Stats: 10 AC +1 + Dexterity modifier, grants the abilities of Formless Slaughter and Faceless Masquerade

The design of the Mutilated Carapace makes it hard to resist, even if you’re playing a character that can wear more than light armor, but a Rogue should take it. This daring bit of wearing almost nothing gives some handy abilities and buffs to characters that use disguise or shapeshifting, two skills that are part of the Rogue playbook and that Orin was an expert in before her crushing defeat.

Put it on Astarion, and he gets Formless Slaughter, a +1 to attack and damage rolls while disguised. Faceless Masquerade is another passive ability that gives him an Advantage on Deception and Persuasion checks.

3 Obsidian Laced Robe

Not Just For Spellcasters

Baldur's Gate 3 Quartermaster Talli in a conversation with a player

  • Stats: Resistance to Fire damage, and the Flaming Revenge ability

Quartermaster Talli is the Quartermaster of the Harpers, and you can find her standing near the Last Light Inn Waypoint with this Rare piece of clothing in her inventory. You can also use a Persuasion roll to talk her into giving up a free pack of supplies the first time you speak with her.


Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Astarion Build

Astarion is a fan-favorite character from BG3 and here’s his best build.

It’s a fine robe for a fire-based caster build, but the benefits it grants are mostly defensive, so Astarion can use them, too. Resistance to fire damage is great for anyone, and Flaming Revenge does 1d4 fire damage to an enemy when Astarion wins a saving roll against their spell. No matter what build Astarion has, taking less damage is always a good thing.

2 The Graceful Cloth

Perfect For Any Character With A High Dexterity

astarion graceful cloth armor bg3

  • Stats: 10 AC + Dexterity modifier, the abilities of Cat’s Grace and Nimble As A Cat

At first glance, this is the type of thing that a Monk would equip, but the +2 to Dexterity thanks to Cat’s Grace are also useful for a Rogue. The +1 to Dexterity saving throws, and an increased jumping distance are also handy, but the best thing about this armor is the Sleight of Hand advantage.

If Astarion is consistently a part of your adventuring party, he’s probably the one picking locks and disarming traps, and this armor makes him even better at it. The Graceful Cloth gives him Advantage on Sleight of Hand checks, so unless he rolls a critical fail, wearing this armor makes it impossible to fail.

1 Elegant Studded Leather

So Valuable, It’s Locked In A Massive Vault

Baldur's Gate 3 Elegant Studded Leather (Light Armor)

  • Stats: 14 AC + Dexterity modifier, grants the abilities to cast Shield and the Ambusher bonus.

The Elegant Studded Leather is a Very Rare piece of light armor that you get for completing the quest Return Rakath’s Gold, which involves catching the elusive Zhentarim trader Roah Moonglow and stealing it back. Shield is a simple level 1 spell that’s useful for almost every character, and the Ambusher ability gives Astarion a +2 bonus to Initiative rolls.

It’s not just the stats that make this ideal for Astarion, but also how snappy and formal it looks. This is one of the more interesting pieces of armor to experiment with when it comes to different types of dye, too, so let our sassy vampire have some fun with this one.



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