In Baldur’s Gate 3, the player needs to find some way to get rid of the parasite they’ve been infected with, before it gets worse. One of the options to explore cures for this is to find the Crèche Y’llek. There, the Githyanki have a machine known as the Zaith’isk which could help the player with their quest for a cure.


Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Shadowheart Build

Shdowheart is a great healer and addition to the player’s party in BG3.

For that, the player will be heading into the Mountain Pass and should make sure to finish other quests first before taking on this one.

How To Get The Quest

One of the missions to find a cure for the parasite will be “Find the Githyanki Creche.” To even get this quest, most importantly, the player must have Lae’zel in their roster.

When that is done and the player can finally access the Emerald Grove, they should start looking for a man named Zorru. Speaking with him will unlock this quest. And with that, the player can start heading towards the Rosymorn Monastery.

Where To Find The Rosymorn Monastery

To find the Rosymorn Monastery, the player must first leave the Emerald Grove and head towards the Blighted Village. When there, continue north until there’s a broken bridge, and jump to the other side. The player now reached the Risen Road. From the broken bridge, head west until the Waukeen’s Rest waypoint is located. From there, continue directly. The player will stumble onto a bridge and look below as they see some Githyankis. Lae’zel will leave the party and go speak with them, the player should follow her.

The player should be careful during the interaction as they don’t want this to turn into a fight, especially since the player has the artifact they want. Once this is over, the player will continue ahead until they find a transition point that leads to the Mountain Pass, go through.

Once the player is in the Mountain Pass region, they should go onwards, a few signposts will guide the player along the way until they find a cable car wheel. This will need some strength to activate so the player should pick a physically strong character. Once that is activated, the player should get in with all their companions and head down.

After the player arrives down, they should head west from the cable car wheel. They will find a signpost. Head west from that too. The player should spot the Ancient Sigil Circle Waypoint. Continue ahead from it and the player reaches the Rosymorn Monastery location.

How To Enter The Rosymorn Monastery

When the player gets closer to the entrance, they will spot raiders outside the monastery. When they leave, the player can explore the outside freely. They will quickly notice the Rosymorn Monastery door is locked. Getting in is no problem, however, as there is a broken window nearby. But, the player should be careful as there will be a hoard of drunk Kobold Scouts. The fight should be no issue for most players, and there is a lot of flammable material to finish this fight quickly.

Going Through the Rosymorn Monastery

After defeating those Kobold, continue ahead and jump over to the next cliff. When at the summit, jump down onto the monastery. There’s a barricade the player can break down to continue ahead. The player will hear some crying from the door on the right. Ignore it, as it’s a trap, and instead head west. If the player goes in, they will be attacked by a hoard of Gremishkas. These creatures are not easy to defeat as they’re unstable against magic and will multiply or get stronger, even if the player just uses healing magic. They’re not worth the fight.


Baldur’s Gate 3: Every Companion’s Age

The player’s companions are diverse in their age groups in BG3.

The player should take a slight detour to the left after going west from the barricade as there’s an interesting room. There, the player can acquire a sword off the glowing table. This will be a perfect weapon for the likes of Lae’zel.

The player should head back now and jump to the next area. The player will find vines around the area of the enchanted door, and go up.

The player will be encountered by some eagles. If possible, avoid fighting by using animal handling as they are quite strong and could even call for reinforcements if given the chance. The player should turn around from where they just climbed up and jump down onto a new area, go straight and the player will find a chest.

This chest will contain the Holy Lance Helm. When this is acquired, go back down from where the player came up with the vines.

When the player is down, go down the stairs not far from the enchanted door. There will be a talking statue, continue down after it. There’s another barricade, so break it down. From that room, the player will find stairs that lead to the basement, and they will be able to enter the Crèche, finally.

Inside the Crèche Y’llek

When the player first accesses the Crèche, they will be met with some raiders who will speak with them. The player should definitely avoid any fights as they will have to take on the entire Crèche.

After that, the player can continue ahead to the Heavy Oak Door. Once inside, the player only needs to head left, into the room with a painting. Go left from the painting into the infirmary and continue ahead until inside the Doctor’s office.

The player will find Ghustil Stornugoss and should speak to her and ask her to use the Zaith’isk on one of the player’s characters. However, things go wrong quite quickly and the player should try and save whoever is sitting on that machine, as they could die.

Once the character is free and the Zaith’isk is destroyed, the player must deceive Ghustil Stornugoss into believing the parasite is dead or the player might have to fight the entire Crèche.

This is where the quest ends. The player couldn’t find a cure for the parasite and will have to look into different options. The player can find the Waypoint not far from where they started when they entered the Crèche and leave this dangerous place.

What Else Can The Player Do in The Crèche?

baldur's gate 3 githyanki egg

Before the player leaves the crèche, here’s what else they can find here.

On the right of the waypoint, there’s another room where the player will find a trader with great items such as the dexterity gloves.

On the left of the waypoint, the player will access the Captain’s Quarters where they can possibly do more, however, only after they level up more, as what’s ahead can be very challenging.

If the player came in here wanting to steal an egg as well, they can head back to the area with the portrait, and go right instead of left. There, they will find the area where Githyanki keep their eggs, however, be careful as the area is full of Githyanki who will keep an eye on the player, as well as a multitude of traps the player will need to pass perception checks to avoid. The player should also definitely avoid touching the green water as it’s actually acid and will harm the player upon contact.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is now available to play on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.


Baldur’s Gate 3
How Long To Beat
30 Hours



Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Lae’zel Build

Lae’zel is a powerful companion that players would do well to use at her full potential.


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