• Unlock rare achievements by making unique choices and completing difficult tasks, like romancing the Emperor or defeating a dragon in a specific way.
  • The hardest achievements require strategy, skill, and foresight, such as saving every Tiefling refugee or completing the game on the toughest difficulty.
  • Completing all achievements would be practically impossible in one playthrough, but the game’s infinite replayability ensures players won’t get bored trying.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an incredibly immersive game with unrivaled depth that lets players shape their destinies with choices that truly matter. As such, it would be practically impossible to complete all of the game’s achievements in one playthrough, as certain paths will lead players towards some achievements and away from others.


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However, seeing as Larian Studios’ masterpiece is a game with infinite replayability, players looking to complete Baldur’s Gate 3‘s hardest achievements will certainly not get bored along the way. The most difficult achievements take time, cunning, and plenty of skill to unlock.

Updated March 22, 2024, by Joe Grantham: Baldur’s Gate 3 has been released on all intended platforms, allowing millions of players around the world to experience the Game of the Year. While some are drawn to the turn-based RPG for its story and roleplay elements, others seek the thrill of a challenge, perhaps heading into the game with the goal of 100 percenting it. However, while many BG3 achievements will be unlocked naturally as players progress, the hardest or sometimes just the weirdest achievements, tend to require a small amount of foresight. As there are a few achievements for a handful of the game’s many endings, players might need to complete upwards of three playthroughs at least. There is even a brand new achievement for beating the game on the new hardest difficulty, Honor Mode, where death is permanent.

13 Mind Blown – Romance The Emperor

Achievement Rate: 11.4%

Baldurs Gate 3 Romance The Emperor Duke Stelmane Dream Long Rest

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a game where many characters can be romanced, with some individuals being much harder to sway than others. One of the most unlikely characters that players can romance in the game, and arguably one of the hardest, is the Emperor whom players will meet later in the game.

He will only be available to romance if players help him in a certain battle, and if players then continue to make the right choices and succeed in seducing him, they will gain the extremely rare Mind Blown achievement that very few players have unlocked.

12 Kill Two Birds With One Gnome – Use One Enemy As An Improvised Weapon Against Another

Achievement Rate: 8.7%

Baldur's Gate 3, Deep Gnome Meerna Cowering In Front Of Lava Pits

Although Kill Two Birds With One Gnome is a fairly niche achievement that the vast majority of players haven’t unlocked, it happens to be a rather fun one. First of all, players will need the Improvised Melee Weapon Action, which allows them to pick up an item or creature and attack with it. Barbarians start off with this ability and their high Strength stat also makes success more likely.

Then players will want to find one of the smaller creatures in Baldur’s Gate 3, pick them up with the Action, and simply hit another enemy. To unlock the achievement, neither of the foes has to die, but players must pass the Athelic Check. Despite the play on words in the title of the achievement, gnomes don’t have to be used, with other smaller creatures such as goblins being more numerous, especially as enemies.

11 Crash Landing – In The Wyrmway, Knock The Dragon Out Of The Sky

Achievement Rate: 6%

Baldurs Gate 3 Wyrmway

There are many ways to approach combat in Baldur’s Gate 3, but there is one particularly niche way to take down a certain dragon in the Wyrmway, which will also reward players with the Crash Landing achievement. To find this dragon, players will first have to use lighting damage on two torches in the prison inside Wyrm’s Rock; this will open up a secret passageway.


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When it gets to the dragon fight, players will want to deal as much damage as possible at first, and then when he uses Gathering Power and ascends into the air, knock him out of the sky. If players don’t have the damage to kill him at this point, they had best hide behind the crystal structures before he unleashes hell.

Achievement Rate: 4.7%

Baldur's Gate 3 Talking to Lord Enver Gortash

Lord Enver Gortash is one of the primary villains in Baldur’s Gate 3, and in the pursuit of taking him down inside Wyrm’s Rock, most players will stumble upon a few unfriendly traps. However, individuals who can figure out the safest route and defeat Gortash without activating any traps will earn the aptly named Fancy Footwork achievement.

It should be noted though, that players will need more than just fancy footwork, as Trap Disarm Toolkits will be required to disarm a few of the traps in the way.

9 Hot Date – Go On A Date With Karlach

Achievement Rate: 4.5%

bg3 karlach

Players have plenty of chances to romance a wide variety of characters in Baldur’s Gate 3 and, on a normal playthrough, they will likely have a few opportunities to go on a date or sneak a kiss without even trying. However, not everyone is as easy to impress, and some characters can be quite hard to romance.


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every romance option in Baldur’s Gate 3 offers unique stories and companion quests that can further the journey and emotional growth of the game.

Karlach, on the other hand, is hard to romance for a completely different reason. She’s literally too hot and has a broken heart. However, if players can help fix Karlach’s infernal heart with the help of Dammon, then they might just get the chance to spend a night to remember with Karlach. Players who manage all of this will earn the rare Hot Date achievement.

8 Leave No One Behind – Save Every Tiefling Refugee

Achievement Rate: 4.1%

bg3 bard alfira tiefling

Leave No One Behind is by far one of the hardest achievements in BG3 as throughout an entire playthrough every single Tiefling refugee must be saved. This is not a mission contained to just one event or even act, as Tieflings need saving throughout the entire game.

Players will have to make multiple decisions that result in saved lives, they will have to convince others of certain actions, and they will also have to protect Tieflings in combat.

7 Critical Hit – Complete The Game In Tactician Mode

Achievement Rate: 3.6%

Baldurs Gate 3 Diffiulty Guides Difficulties Explained Tactician

Baldur’s Gate 3 has four difficulty settings and any players who succeed in completing the game on the second hardest difficulty, Tactician Mode, will earn themselves the Critical Hit achievement. Naturally, this is an achievement that takes both time and skill, and players who are used to beating games on the hardest difficulty might be quite shocked at just how hard Tactician Mode is, even if Honor Mode now takes things even further.

On Tactician Mode, enemies don’t just gain boosts to their HP and chances of successful attacks, but they fight smarter and more brutally. Moreover, there are more enemies in combat, and more environmental hazards lurking around every corner.

6 Jack-Of-All-Trades – Multiclass Into Every Class In One Playthrough

Achievement Rate: 2.2%


The Jack-of-all-Trades achievement might not sound too hard at first, but players must understand that they are not allowed to ask Withers to change their class. This means that throughout an entire playthrough, they must only put one level of each class into their build from the start.


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Seeing as the first level of each class is typically fairly weak, this results in a highly suboptimal build, and to get this achievement, level 12 must be reached, which means players will be facing all that Act 3 has to throw at them.

5 She Cannot Be Caged – Rescue Sazza From The Emerald Grove, Goblin Camp, And Moonrise Towers

Achievement Rate: 2.2%

Baldur's Gate 3 Should You Save Sazza The Goblin Collage

Sazza is a goblin who players will first come across in the Emerald Grove where she is being held captive and threatened with cold-blooded murder in retribution for the crimes of her companions. Many players know that they have the option to save Sazza from execution and break her out, but not many know that her story can carry on from there.

If players are also able to rescue Sazza from the goblin camp and Moonrise Towers, completely saving her life, they will be rewarded with the She Cannot Be Caged achievement.

4 Sins Of The Father – Take Control Of The Netherbrain For Bhaal & Break The World

Achievement Rate: 2.2%

Bhaal in BG3

To even contemplate completing the Sins of the Father achievement, players must first start out as the Dark Urge, as this specific ending relates to a certain revelation about the origins of this troubled character. Throughout the game, players must give into the dark urges of their character, and when they come face to face with Bhaal, must choose to serve him.

Then, at the end of the game, after defeating the Netherbrain, the player must choose to take control of it in the name of Bhaal. This is just one of many endings for BG3 and another reason why it ranks among the most replayable RPG games.

3 Punch Drunk – Defeat 20 Opponents While A Party Member Is Drunk

Achievement Rate: 1.9%

Baldur's Gate 3 party prepared for combat.

Getting drunk in Baldur’s Gate 3 is not that hard, but defeating enemies while intoxicated can be quite the challenge. If players can defeat 20 opponents while a party member is drunk in a single playthrough, then they will unlock the Punch Drunk achievement, which very few players have acquired so far.


Baldur’s Gate 3: 4 Underrated Races To Use

Some races may get less attention from players in Baldur’s Gate 3 than others, but they offer a lot to players who choose them.

The easiest way to do this is to select a character with good AOE, take a swig of any of the alcohol that can be found in the game, and pray for some good dice rolls. Naturally, targeting low-health enemies is ideal for this, as drunken effects can quickly wear off if it takes multiple turns to finish off opponents.

2 Busker – Earn 100 Gold From Playing Music In A Single Playthrough

Achievement Rate: 1.6%

Baldur's Gate 3 Bard Playing Music

While some hard achievements for BG3 require skill or the player to make a series of specific choices, or even luck, others are simply a grind. The latter is true for the Busker achievement, which requires players to earn at least a hundred gold from their musical performances, and importantly, this must be achieved in a single playthrough. As players can only expect to earn perhaps one or two gold from each successful performance, and they must actively pick up each piece, it’s easy to see why so few have completed Busker.

Furthermore, to perform music in the first place, characters must have Musical Instrument Proficiency, which is only unlocked in a few ways. The most common source of this skill is being a Bard, but players can also unlock the Performer Feat, or even succeed in helping Alfira finish her song, although this will involve passing two Performance checks.

1 Foehammer – Complete The Game In Honor Mode

Achievement Rate: 1.1%

Honour mode menu option Baldur's gate 3

Honor Mode is the new hardest difficulty in Baldur’s Gate 3, and the few players who manage to beat it will earn themselves the Foehammer achievement and a Golden die for skill checks. In terms of the challenge it presents, Honor Mode not only incorporates the combat difficulty of Tactician Mode, but it also adds legendary skills for each boss, which ruin the plans of even the most prepared players.

Furthermore, players can never go back on their decisions or mistakes as this mode does not allow them to reload their saves. Perhaps most difficult of all is the fact that players only get one chance at life. If they die, that’s it. Game over!



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