Baldur’s Gate 3 has endless options to choose from when it comes to customizing your character, due to the the large assortment of various items that can be acquired throughout your journey. Each of these items are capable of providing their perks, buffs, and benefits for the character that equip them.

From magical weapons that deal extra damage to wearable items that provide extra utility or Spells, there are plenty of different accessories available through purchase from merchants, looting, and quest rewards. Just one of these items is the Psychic Spark, an amulet that amplifies the damage output of the Magic Missile Spell, as well as providing the Spell to characters who do not already have access to it through their Class selection.


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How to Get Psychic Spark in Baldur’s Gate 3

Trader Blurg

Psychic Spark can greatly amplify the damage output of Magic Missile, therefore making it a much more powerful asset. For casters looking to buff this part of their kit, or non-casting characters who are looking for a powerful single spell addition, this amulet can make a brilliant addition to their loadout. Luckily for players looking to obtain this item as quickly as possible, Psychic Spark can be picked up during Act 1 of the game.

To acquire Psychic Spark, you will first need to make your way to the Underdark through one of the many different entrances. Once you have arrived in this location, you will now need to explore and find your way to the Myconid Colony, who live in an area known as Ebonlake Grotto.

Once you have arrived at the Myconid Colony, you’ll need to visit the merchant known as Blurg, speak to him, and ask to view his wares. You will now be able to purchase the Pyshic Spark amulet from his inventory for 65 Gold.

psychic spark-1

Alternatively, you can attempt to have a highly dexterous character, such as your designated Rogue, use the Hide Action to attempt to pickpocket the item from him. If your Tav is not strong in DEX, then Astarion should be more than capable of taking the task on. However, you’ll need to note that if you get caught during this, there is a chance of triggering combat with the entire Myconid Colony. For this reason, it’s important to ensure you make a new save point before attempting to pickpocket Blurg.


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Psychic Spark Perks & How to Get the Most Value, Explained

psychic spark bg3

Psychic Spark Perks

  • Psychic Missiles: Shoot an additional dart whenever you cast Magic Missile.
  • Magic Missile: Cast as a level 1 spell once per Long Rest.

While the amulet does add one use of Magic Missile at level 1 to any character, the best way to gain maximum value from the Psychic Spark is by equipping it to a character who can already utilize the Magic Missile Spell. This is because no matter which level you cast the Spell at, Psychic Spark will add a Magic Missile dart, therefore increasing total damage output. At each additional Spell Slot level above 1, an extra Magic Missile dart will be cast. This means that while Psychic Spark is equipped, the following amount of Magic Missile darts will be cast:

  • First Level: 4 darts
  • Second Level: 5 darts
  • Third Level: 6 darts
  • Fourth Level: 7 darts
  • Fifth Level: 8 darts
  • Sixth Level: 9 darts

To ensure you have the most range with your Spell Slots and access to the Magic Missile Spell, you will want to equip this item with one of the strongest Spellcasting classes. Viable options are listed below:

  • Wizard
  • Sorcerer
  • Cleric
  • Druid
  • Warlock


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