• Expedition 33 is an upcoming RPG with turn-based combat and real-time commands for a unique gaming experience in a Belle Epoque-inspired world.
  • The game features a dynamic combat system with reactive commands, adding depth to its familiar turn-based setup.
  • With stunning visuals and a compelling story concept, Expedition 33 might make waves in the RPG space upon its 2025 release.

Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 has already gained traction since its trailer was revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase, leaving many excited about the project. Slated for release in 2025, the title is the passionate work of Sandfall Interactive and described as a turn-based RPG that mixes Belle Epoque influences into its fantasy setting. Set around the members of Expedition 33 who are tasked with the nigh impossible mission of defeating the Paintress and ending the dooming countdown that lingers over their lives, the game is set to channel classic RPG inspirations into its story, combat, gear, and more. Where it takes things a step further, however, is in its real-time commands.

Clair Obscur: Expedition 33‘s combat is a familiar look into the classic turn-based setup, with a tidy battle HUD that shows turn order, party icons, and commands — items, skills, attack, and aim — that denote a fairly straightforward battle experience. There’s more to it than meets the eye, however, hinted at with character charges, synergies, and the use of reactive commands for both offensive and defensive abilities. The trailer shows its party members deftly moving in to attack, with hits based on QTEs that rely on players hitting prompts to a rhythm, similar to other combo-driven titles like the Devil May Cry series. A glimpse at ranged attacks shows Expedition 33‘s protagonist Gustave shooting at his enemy from afar, aimed by the player themselves.



Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 – Reveal Trailer

Go on a journey to end the paintress once and for all in Clair Obscur: Expedition 33

Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 Blends its Turn-Based Combat with Action-Oriented Commands

Attack and Defend With Proper Timing in Expedition 33

Coupled with Expedition 33‘s offensive skills are defensive commands that add to its elements of real-time combat, which seem to not only rely on players analyzing enemy attack animations, but also on deciding which reaction is best for the situation. Based on the game’s battle HUD, there are options to either parry, dodge, or jump, which all seem dependent on the player’s timing to execute. Interestingly, there’s a command for “gradient,” which looks to be a more powerful version of a counter that includes a wind up attack, as demonstrated by the character Maelle who strikes with her rapier. Certain commands like jumping look to include some follow-up hits, which could be a great way to deal damage during an enemy’s turn.

Expedition 33 is set to have six party members total, with three combatants on the team at a time. Though its fixed placement setup doesn’t seem to allow its characters to move from their line-up, the ways in which reactive commands are incorporated look like they’ll add a ton to the dynamic nature of its combat. The game is said to encourage freedom in different playstyles via gear, stats, skills, and character synergies, which also suggests an emphasis on elemental attacks and magic, similar to other RPGs like the upcoming Metaphor: ReFantazio. Gustave, for example, who is described as an engineer of Lumiere, is able to deal Lightning damage with his attacks, while the mage Lune can be seen dealing blows of fire with leaping kicks.

Expedition 33’s World Looks To Be the Perfect Backdrop for its Battles

Expedition 33 looks finely detailed with its attack animations and weapon designs, accentuated by its gorgeous art direction. The characters shown off in the game’s trailer — Gustave, Maelle, Lune, and Scie –, are imbued with so much personality based on their combat entrances alone; a Dark Souls-esque enemy wielding orange and purple blades looms in the background as the four come into focus, Sciel twirling her double-ended scythe while Lune hovers in with magic. Though there’s only so much to glean from its reveal trailer, Expedition 33‘s lands and characters look as beautiful as they are melancholic, which already gives a sense of the struggles its world will convey.

The same can be said for Expedition 33‘s music, composed by Lorien Testard, with its trailer’s music including a striking vocal performance from Victor Borba, who many might recognize from DMC5 Vergil’s theme, Bury the Light. The game’s voice acting will have similar stardom, with fans already recognizing FF16‘s Ben Starr as Gustave, who looks to be the game’s leading character. As Expedition 33 continues its development and more information is revealed, fans will be intrigued to get a better glimpse into its story and the harsh hold of the Paintress. With a compelling premise and a brilliant mesh of battle systems to boot, the 2025 title is well-poised to gain traction in the RPG space.

Clair Obscur Expedition 33

Clair Obscur: Expedition 33

Sandfall Interactive’s Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 is an RPG that blends real-time and turn-based elements. Inspired by Belle Époque France, the story follows Expedition 33 as they try to stop the Paintress, an entity that paints a number that causes everyone who is that age to die.

Sandfall Interactive

Kepler Interactive

Action , Turn-Based RPG


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