Black Opal is a Super Rare Gem in Coral Island. While it is not used in any essential recipes, you still need this gemstone to complete a main quest — and to help Scott find all the missing artifacts for the Museum. The only challenge is that, unlike other minerals, Black Opals are not easy to find. There seems to be heavy RNG involved in their spawns, and many beginner players don’t even know where to look for one. In this guide, you will learn everything about this precious stone and figure out the best methods for farming Black Opals.


Coral Island: How to Get Red Beryl

Red Beryl may not be required for any recipes in Coral Island, but you need some to complete Offerings and advance the story; here’s how to get one.

How to Get Black Opal

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The most optimal way to find Black Opal is by collecting and opening Earth Geodes. These geodes have a 3.23% chance of dropping the rare gem that you are looking for. Alternative methods for discovering Black Opal include breaking Mystery Geodes (1.16% drop rate), Yellow Gem Nodes, and cavern crates.

Since all Black Opal-containing items can be mined in the caverns, The Earth Mine is the best location to search for this gemstone.

Here is every item in Coral Island that might drop Black Opals:

  • Earth Geodes
  • Mystery Geode
  • Yellow Gem Node
  • Crates/Containers

You must take your geodes to the Sanchez Brothers at the blacksmith shop. They will break them open at a fair price, enabling you to loot what’s inside.

How to Farm Black Opal

If you want to farm Black Opal, place one in a Slime of Replication. Each device will double your gemstone in one day and twenty hours. By crafting multiple devices, you can mass-produce Black Opal on your farm.

To unlock the Slime of Replication recipe, reach Combat Level 10. After that, you will be able to craft as many replicators as you wish as long as you have sufficient ingredients. The crafting recipe requires:

  • 30 Glass
  • 20 Slime Goop
  • 5 Gold Bar
  • Osmium Kelp Essence

How to Use Black Opal

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Save a Black Opal for the Rare Altar in the Lake Temple Offerings. Donate your second gemstone to the museum. Sell any extra opals for 351 Coins (or 404 if you have the right skills). Also, note that Black Opals are universally liked. So, gift it to your favorite villagers if you need more friendship points.

While all Starlet Town citizens appreciate Black Opals,
Archie and Chieftain love them
. Gifting these gemstones to them, therefore, grants additional points.

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