• Season 4 of Diablo 4 brings major changes to itemization, focusing on quality over quantity.
  • Players can expect more powerful loot drops, Gem system simplification, and new item rarities.
  • Season 4 starts on May 14, with changes including easier endgame content access and more player control.

Diablo 4 revealed the preview of Season 4 on a new Campfire Chat, confirming big changes to the game’s itemization and various other adjustments. With the live-service model, Diablo 4 follows a seasonal system similar to what players saw in Diablo 3. Each season has brought a new theme, characters, content, and features to keep Diablo 4‘s gameplay fresh.

Diablo 4 is currently in the Season of the Construct, the third season that kicked off on January 23. While the second season introduced vampiric powers and the villain Lord Zir, the third season brought the threat of the demon Malphas. Among the changes and features that Diablo 4 added with the start of Season 3, one of the highlights was the introduction of the Seneschal Companion. With this robot, Diablo 4 players have a powerful ally with different skills and attributes to help on their journey.


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Diablo 4 broadcasted a new Campfire Chat, revealing that Season 4 starts on May 14, extending the Season of Construct. One of the main revelations is the major changes coming to itemization, focusing on item quality rather than quantity. As a result, a few pieces of loot will drop, but the overall loot will be of better quality. Unused Affixes will be removed from the game, Sacred items will only appear in World Tier 3, while players will see Ancestral items only in World Tier 4. The Affixes limit for equipment will be lowered, while dropped Unique and Legendary items can be traded.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Starts Later But Brings Big Changes

Another big change coming in Season 4 will be the simplification of Diablo 4‘s Gem system, and the possibility of selling them for more gold. Uniques, one of the item rarities most coveted by Diablo 4 players, will drop earlier in the game, appearing in World Tiers 1 and 2. Uber Uniques, on the other hand, will drop from enemies level 55+ in World Tier 3. The next Diablo 4 season will see changes to the Codex of Power, Tempering, and Greater Affixes, the introduction of the new Masterworking item upgrade system, and updates for all classes.

For players eager to try out the Season 4 changes, they will be available on the PTR, Diablo 4‘s test server, from April 4 to 9. With this new round of adjustments, the devs plan to make endgame content easier to reach, simplify the game’s systems, and give players more control over their items. In this way, Blizzard maintains an engaging experience for both hardcore Diablo 4 players and more casual members of the Diablo community.

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