• Blizzard Entertainment has revealed patch notes for Diablo 4’s upcoming 1.3.1 update, addressing bugs and making tweaks to affixes and abilities.
  • Season of the Construct has faced criticism, particularly regarding Vaults and the Son of Malphas boss, but the upcoming update may not address these concerns entirely.
  • The Seneschal robot companion in Season 3 has powerful abilities that can be improved with the right build, but some players suggest it should be buffed.

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed the patch notes for Diablo 4‘s upcoming 1.3.1 update. The patch will deliver fixes for a number of bugs, as well as implement tweaks to some affixes and abilities.

Diablo 4‘s third season, also known as Season of the Construct, brought a lot of fresh content for players to enjoy, including a new questline, new time-limited event, and new customizable companion. However, this season also introduced several bugs to Blizzard’s popular hack-and-slash RPG. While a recent patch has already addressed a few issues, another update that will further optimize Diablo 4 is set to release very soon.


Diablo 4 Details Lunar Awakening Event

The Diablo 4 developers reveal the details about a new time-limited event called Lunar Awakening, which will commemorate the Chinese Lunar New Year.

In a blog post, Blizzard revealed the complete changelog for Diablo 4‘s 1.3.1 patch that is scheduled to drop on February 1. The update will implement a large number of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. It will also make changes to several affixes and the new Seneschal robot companion introduced in Diablo 4‘s Season of the Construct. Despite update 1.3.1 aiming to address many of the game’s issues, a few fans have complained that it will basically do nothing to actually make Season 3 better.

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Season of the Construct has faced a lot of criticism since it went live on January 23. Many Diablo 4 players are unhappy with Season of the Construct’s Vaults, particularly the sites’ traps that were found to be too frustrating and difficult to handle. In addition, Season 3’s new boss, Son of Malphas, came off as being excessively strong. While a previous hotfix nerfed Son of Malphas, the state of the game’s traps will largely remain the same even after update 1.3.1 is released. As Season of the Construct has just started, Blizzard Entertainment still has a lot of time to listen to fans and make improvements.

Some players have suggested that the Seneschal should at least be buffed to improve Season of the Construct, but others have pointed out that the robot ally in its current state can already become an overpowered asset with the right build. Many powerful and useful combinations are available for Diablo 4‘s Seneschal companion. Aside from dealing damage, these combinations can provide buffs to allies or afflict enemies with negative status effects.

Diablo 4 is expected to receive a lot more content in 2024, including additional seasons and its first major expansion. The DLC, Vessel of Hatred, will feature a new Diablo 4 class, as well as a new storyline that will pick up where the base game left off.

Diablo 4 Update 1.3.1 Patch Notes

Game Update

The amount of health a monster with the Vampiric affix can heal for has been reduced.

  • World Tier I: 10% → 5%
  • World Tier II: 20% → 10%
  • World Tier III: 35% → 15%
  • World Tier IV: 50% → 25%

Developer’s Note: In a future patch, we’ll make an additional improvement to the Vampiric affix. Projectile attacks from monsters—like a Khazra’s thrown spear—will gain a visual effect when they are imbued with the Vampiric affix. This will make it easier to identify which projectiles can heal the monster.

  • The Suppressor affix has been adjusted.
    • The Suppressor Field no longer is always on. It now has a 6 second duration and 50–75% uptime.
    • The field can be cancelled if the monster with the affix is Stunned, Frozen, Knocked Down, or Dazed.
  • We’ve adjusted the layout and monster spawns for several Dungeons. Smaller adjustments have also been made.
  • Nightmare Dungeon Sigils will now display the levels that monster will be for the Sigil’s Tier.

Season of the Construct

  • The following updates have been applied to the Seneschal’s abilities.
    • Gyrate: Damage increased by 30%.
    • Pummel: Damage increased by 30%.
    • Bushwhack: Damage increased by 20%.
    • Impale: Damage increased by 30%.
    • Focus Fire: Damage increased by 20%.
    • Lightning Bolt: Damage increased by 20%.
    • Firefly: Damage increased by 10%.
    • Tempest: Damage increased by 10%.
    • Reconstruct: Healing increased from 22% to 32% of Maximum Life at level 1. At level 10, the healing is increased from 40% to 50% of Maximum Life.
    • Frigid Support: Damage increased from 50% to 60% of the Supported Skill’s Damage.
    • Bleeding Support: Damage increased from 50% to 60% of the Supported Skill’s Damage.
    • Electrocution Support: Damage increased from 50% to 60% of the Supported Skill’s Damage.
    • Poison Support: Damage increased from 50% to 60% of the Supported Skill’s Damage.
    • Dusk Support: Damage increased from 50% to 60% of the Supported Skill’s Damage.
    • Burning Support: Damage increased from 50% to 60% of the Supported Skill’s Damage.

Bug Fixes

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