Some people may want to find out whether the dog lives or dies before deciding whether or not to watch Amazon’s Fallout television series.

Dogs have always played an important role in the Fallout franchise, with a perceptive pup named Dogmeat having featured in every mainline installment to date. With that in mind, the introduction of CX404 at the beginning of the show’s second episode should have come as too much of a surprise to series fans, particularly those who’d been paying attention to the show’s promotional material ahead of its April 10 launch.


The Best Video Game Dogs

Dogs are animals with a ton of symbolic meaning. They stand for loyalty and friendship, which often makes them valued video game sidekicks.

Anyone who did see CX404 in the Fallout teaser trailer or in either of the two promotional images in which she featured may have instantly feared the worst, given how often TV and movie producers kill off canine companions to evoke an emotional response in viewers. If you’re one of those people and want to know if the dog dies in the Fallout television series before deciding whether or not to watch it, you’ve come to the right place.

Warning: This guide contains minor spoilers for Amazon’s Fallout television series.

Does the Dog Die in the Fallout TV Show?


The dog doesn’t die in Amazon’s Fallout series, at least not in the first season, anyway. CX404 does get stabbed by the Ghoul near the end of the show’s second episode, but her attacker later revives her using a Stimpak so that he can use her to track down her former master. As the pair travel through the wasteland together, the Ghoul soon begins to refer to CX404 as Dogmeat, thus bringing the canine more in line with the ones featured in the popular video game series.

Can Dogmeat Die in Fallout 4?

sole survivor with dogmeat fallout 4

Like every companion in Fallout 4, Dogmeat is classed as an essential NPC, meaning that it is impossible for him to die in the vanilla version of the game. Upon taking too much damage, he will temporarily enter a downed state, but he’ll return to his usual self after a little while. With this in mind, animal lovers who enjoy the Amazon series enough to want to check out Fallout 4 can do so without having to worry about watching a beloved companion die.

Fallout 4
does feature hostile dogs, but players can avoid having to fight them by installing
Conways’ NMDD mod
, which stands for No More Dead Dogs. With this mod installed, hostile dogs will completely ignore players and their companions, allowing players to pass by without having to worry about being attacked.



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