Talismans in Elden Ring are like the glue that holds together a character’s build. While the base game already has a plethora of talisman varieties, the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion further expands this collection with 39 new talismans. Some of these talismans are hidden away in various dungeons, and finding them requires thorough exploration.

Similarly, the Clarifying Horn Charm +2 talisman is locked away in the sewers of the Lamenter’s Gaol, and acquiring it involves finding the corresponding gate key. Here’s how you can reach the Lamenter’s Gaol and collect the coveted talisman.



Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree – How To Get To Scadutree Avatar Boss Location

Reaching Scadutree Avatar requires Elden Ring players to lower the water level in the Chruch District. This guide explains how this can be done.

How To Reach Lamenter’s Goal

Elden Ring - Shadow Of The Erdtree - Path To Lamenter's Goal

The Lamenter’s Goal is located at the northwestern end of Charo’s Hidden Grave. You can reach this location by first progressing through the Dragon’s Pit, and defeating the Ancient Dragon Man.

Then, you must head south through the Jagged Peak to discover the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion. Traveling west from the altar will lead you to Charo’s Hidden Grave. Riding further northwest, you’ll reach the Lamenter’s Goal.

Where To Find Clarifying Horn Charm +2 Talisman In Shadow Of The Erdtree

Elden Ring - Clarifying Horn Charm +2 Talisman - Location - 1

Start your journey from the Lamenter’s Goal Site of Grace, and follow the tunnel southeast. The tunnel ends at a locked gate, which requires a key to unlock.

Elden Ring - Clarifying Horn Charm +2 Talisman - Location - 2

To find the key, look for an opening in the tunnel to the east, and follow the linear path. You’ll find two prison cells to your south, skip the first cell, and enter the second. At the southern end of the cell is a locked chest with the Gaol Upper-Level Key.

With the key acquired, return the locked gate and unlock it to access a ladder. Use the ladder to reach a large ice cave.

Elden Ring - Clarifying Horn Charm +2 Talisman - Location - 3

Take an immediate left upon entering the ice cave, and drop into the hole, gaining access to the sewers. Now, navigate the sewers while heading in the general northwestern direction.

Elden Ring - Clarifying Horn Charm +2 Talisman - Location - 4

Once you reach the tunnel’s end, turn east, and head all the way to the end to pick up the Clarifying Horn Charmed +2 talisman.



Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree – How to Get the Spelldrake Talisman +3

Head below Castle Ensis to find Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree’s new Spelldrake Talisman +3.

Clarifying Horn Charm +2 Talisman Overview

Elden Ring - Clarifying Horn Charm +2 Talisman - Stats

Ceremonial Accouterment work by hornsent.

Vastly raises focus. (Focus governs resistance to sleep and madness.)

Horns are sublime artifacts to hornsent, and their presence confirms the beliefs that they are a chosen people.

Only the repeated sprouting of fresh horns can create a tangled horn, which is viewed as an irrefutable symbol of primacy.

The Clarifying Horn Charm +2 is a defense-oriented talisman that greatly increases your resistance to sleep and madness status effects. While there are only a few enemies in the game that apply the sleep status effect, you’ll have no shortage of enemies that inflict the madness status.

In the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, there are a variety of enemies that use madness as their primary status builder, including the Madding Hand invader in the Abyssal Woods, and the Midra Lord of Frenzied Flame boss in Midra’s Manse. So, if you’d like to improve your survival chances against these enemies, equipping the Clarifying Horn Charm +2 talisman can be a viable approach.

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