The Fog Rift Catacombs is a dungeon in Elden Ring‘s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC that players can access by traveling north from the Castle Front Site of Grace in the Gravesite Plains. While it is not mandatory that players complete this dungeon, there are some nice items to be found within it. For those fans who want to make sure that they claim all those items, or find themselves lost within the dungeon, this walkthrough of Elden Ring‘s Fog Rift Catacombs is here to help.

While this walkthrough will help players locate all the unique items within the Fog Rift Catacaombs, it will not highlight the positions of every basic

Elden Ring
crafting material
that can be found there.



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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree – Fog Rift Catacombs Walkthrough

After descending into the Fog Rift Catacombs, and activating the Site of Grace, players should go forward and to the left to approach a room with a trapped ceiling. To get through this room, fans should wait for the ceiling to fall, run into the small alcove that is marked with torches on the left, wait for the ceiling to fall again, and then run to the exit on the other side.

Players must now pass through a short corridor, descend a flight of stairs, and visit the room to the right to collect the Ancient Dragon Knight’s Cookbook [1] from a corpse on the ground. Fans should then exit the room and continue forward, stopping at the bottom of a staircase that terminates abruptly.

Standing at the end of this staircase will cause a trapped ceiling to fall, and players should get on top of it. When the ceiling reaches the height of its ascent, fans should enter a corridor that is now accessible and follow the path to a room that is home to several Messmar soldiers.

Once those enemies have been dispatched, players should collect the Great Ghost Glovewort from the small room in which the strongest was standing. Fans should then exit that room and go left immediately, stopping at the edge of the ledge. Standing in that position will cause a trapped ceiling to fall, and players should jump on top of it and use it to reach a corridor that leads to a coffin that holds the Black Knight Commander Andreas Spirit Ash.

With this Elden Ring Spirit Ash collected, players should jump through the nearby window to return to the area where they fought the Messmar soldiers. Fans should then go forward, jump off the right side of the bridge that they encounter, descend the nearby stairs, and pass through the door on the left. Fans should now be back at the end of the abruptly ending staircase, and they should fall into the room that is below, run to the far side, and use the stairs to reach a small lift.

When the lift comes to a stop, players should follow the path forward and to the left to reach a long room with a trapped ceiling. There are three alcoves on the left side of this room that fans can use to avoid the spikes, and the second is home to a hole into which they should fall. This action will give fans access to an area consisting of a series of rooms, and there is a corpse in the final one that awards an Elden Ring Incantation, Electrocharge.

After collecting that spell, players should return to the preceding room and climb the ladder on the left to access an elevated platform. Fans should fall off the left side of the platform and go left to get back to the long room with the trapped ceiling.

Players must now focus on reaching the far side of the long room, using the alcoves on the left to avoid getting damaged by the ceiling. After dispatching the Shadow of the Erdtree enemies in the area, fans should stand on the candle-covered banister, wait for the ceiling to fall, and jump into the opening in the trap. Players should then ride upward, exit when the ceiling comes to a stop, and open the nearby chest to receive Ash of War: Blinkbolt.

Fans should now make the ceiling fall, by approaching it, and then run across the top of the trap to reach an opening on the right. There is an obelisk in this area, and fans should interact with it to obtain the Stone-Sheathed Sword .

With this Shadow of the Erdtree weapon obtained, players should descend the nearby ladder and fall through the opening in the next room to return to the long room. From this position, fans will see that there is an opening across from them, and they should run to it, pass through yet another room with a trapped ceiling, and use a small lift to reach the path that leads to the Fog Rift Catacomb’s boss.

elden ring fog rifts catacomb walkthrough

Regarding this boss, it is the Death Knight, and he awards the Death Knight’s Twin Axes and Crimson Amber Medallion +3 when defeated. While players who take the time to learn this boss’s attack patterns should be able to beat him solo, it is possible to bring a Spirit Ash into the fight. If a fan is still unable to defeat the enemy with a summon, they may want to collect some more Scadutree in Shadow of the Erdtree and try again.

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