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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is exactly as incredible as players expected, and the enemies are not pulling any punches. If the player isn’t the recommended level for the DLC, they might want to turn back and do some farming until they’re ready for the DLC.

The game introduces many new items, weapons, and armor sets that are unique in one way or another. One of the new weapons is the Poisoned Hand , a unique type of weapon, aptly named “Fist” that wasn’t in the base game. Here’s how players can get their “hands” on this poisonous menace.


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Poisoned Hand Overview: Stat Requirements, Effects, & Skill

A glove stitched together from the flayed skin of the victims of a butcherous bloodbath. Afflicts target with deadly poison. Raises attack power when poisoning occurs in the vicinity. Forged of an unyielding, black impulse toward revenge fostered in those who have had everything burned or stolen from them, these are the weapons of the utterly downtrodden..

In Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree , Poisoned Hand is a new weapon of the Fist weapon type. It can deal 76 Physical damage without any upgrades, and scales with Strength (E) and Arcane (C). It weights only 1.0, making it great for a light build, and has the added attribute of causing poison build up (36). It can stack with other poison/rot effects, making it extremely effective when properly used.

The Poisoned Hand can be upgraded using Somber Smithing Stones to +10, and cannot benefit from spell-based or consumable weapon buffs. At +10, the weapon scales with Arcane as an A.

Poisoned Hand Stat Requirements











Poisoned Hand Damage & Scaling

Scaling (Base)

Scaling (+10/+25)









Poisoned Hand Weapon Skill: Poison Spear-Hand Strike

The Poisoned Hand’s Ash of War is Poison Spear-Hand Strike, which cannot be changed. The player pulls back their hand, and launches it into the enemy in front of them. The attack deals a large amount of poison damage.

This weapon skill costs 13 FP to cast, and cannot be chained into a follow-up attack. Since it only costs a dozen or so FP, it can be spammed as long as the player can find the opening. It’s fairly fast as well, not needing a lot of charge-up time, making it great for slowly stacking damage onto a boss.

Makes the hand into the shape of a spear before unleashing a plunging stab that penetrates the body of the enemy. Afflicts foes with a large dose of deadly poison.

Where To Find Poisoned Hand Location

How to get the poisoned hand in elden ring - shadow of the erdtree

To get the Poisoned Hand in Shadow of the Erdtree, you must first obtain the Well Depths key to open the gate inside the well in Belurat. Follow the path to enter a swamp-like area that inflicts poison on the player when they’re inside the murky water. From there, go north of the swamp to reach the end, where players will see a half submerged chapel-like building.


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A hunched corpse is sitting to the right of the building, and the Poisoned Hand can be looted from that body. Be wary when going across the swamp, it is infested with a lot of Man-Flies that can swarm the player if they’re not careful. A Horned warrior is also located in the vicinity who will drop a Horned Warrior’s Sword when killed.

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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

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