• Codsworth reflects the kitchen no matter where he is in the house, a common gaming technique for performance.
  • Fallout 4 is filled with hidden details that make repeat playthroughs enticing and provide new experiences.
  • Codsworth remains an iconic companion in Fallout 4, with the Automatron DLC offering customization options for him.

An eagle-eyed Fallout 4 player has noticed an interesting detail about Codsworth in the introduction of the game. This particular Fallout 4 detail is certain to have gone under the radar for most gamers during their playthroughs.

As a Bethesda game, Fallout 4 is crammed with details, and it’s difficult for players to pick up on them all. One player recently noticed a terrifying bloatfly detail in Fallout 4, which makes one of the game’s weakest enemies a much scarier prospect. It’s these kinds of details that make repeat playthroughs of Fallout 4 so enticing – it always feels as though a new experience can be had, no matter how much playtime a player has in the game.


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A visually interesting glitch occurring in Fallout 4 results in a bright blue suit of glowing power armor, amusing the player community.

This particular detail about Codsworth in Fallout 4 was pointed out by Redditor Christofriend. They realized that during the introduction of the game, Codsworth will always display a reflection of the kitchen, no matter where he is located in the house as he goes about his chores. This is actually a common game development technique, where reflections are faked in order to save on performance. While this is less common nowadays when reflections can be rendered in real-time, back in 2015 this was a great way to make the game look great while having minimal impact on performance. It looks strange in this instance because Codsworth is in another room to the reflection, but if most players don’t notice it, then the technique is working as intended.

Interesting Codsworth Detail in Fallout 4

Codsworth remains one of the best companions in Fallout 4. His importance in the game’s opening gives players an instant connection to the character, and he’s still just as interesting to adventure alongside in the wasteland as he was back in 2015. The game’s Automatron DLC gave players a ton of customization options for Codsworth, making him an even more memorable companion, too. He’s absolutely one of the most iconic characters from Fallout 4, and it’s interesting to see the level of attention that went into creating Codsworth with this particular detail.

Every single Fallout game is seeing increased popularity at the moment, with the franchise seeing a real resurgence in the public eye. The Fallout TV series has got fans excited again, but unfortunately, it seems there won’t be a new game in the series for a while yet. With Bethesda currently occupied with The Elder Scrolls 6, it will take a big departure from its usual schedule for a new Fallout to launch any time soon. Let’s see what route the studio takes.


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