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Fallout 76 is a game with lots of different consumables that players can utilize as a part of their build. From Chems that boost the player’s intelligence to foods that grant temporary XP buffs, there is a huge variety of in-game consumables that players can use.


Fallout 76: How To Get Rare Bats (And Are They Valuable?)

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While eating and drinking aren’t as vital as they used to be, keeping a character well-fed and hydrated in Fallout 76 does offer some great buffs that can really benefit players. Canned Coffee is one of those drinks that helps keep players hydrated. However, this fairly basic resource can also give players a boost that can really help them in sticky combat situations.

What Does Canned Coffee Do In Fallout 76?

Canned Coffee in Fallout 76

Canned Coffee restores 12 AP per second for 25 seconds. This is a huge speed boost to the rate at which a player’s AP regenerates. If the player drinks more than one at a time, then the AP boost is increased. While the effects will still only work for 25 seconds, if the player drinks 2 Canned Coffee at the same time, then the AP regeneration rate goes from 12 per second to 24.

This is excellent for those who rely on V.A.T.S. as a part of their build. If the player takes two or three Canned Coffee at the same time, then they won’t need to worry about their AP draining while using V.A.T.S. This is ideal for tough enemies like the Scorchbeast Queen and Earle Williams.

This is also good for running and using a jetpack. The rate at which AP goes down when running is reduced to a negligible amount if the player is using Canned Coffee. The same is true for using the jetpack. However, there is a limit to how high a player can go with a jetpack.

How To Get Canned Coffee In Fallout 76

Coffee Machine in Fallout 76

Unfortunately, Canned Coffee cannot be crafted by the player. There are three ways that players can get their hands on Canned Coffee:

  • Purchase it from other players or robot vendors
  • Find it around Appalachia
  • Purchase a coffee machine from the Atomic Shop

It’s not uncommon to see players selling Canned Coffee at their CAMP vendors. It’s always worth checking out player CAMPs that are selling lots of food items. Despite being a beverage, Canned Coffee comes under the food category. It’s also possible to find Canned Coffee being sold by various robot vendors.


Fallout 76: 9 Best Locations For CAMP Builds To Earn Caps

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The second way of getting Canned Coffee involves the player searching and looting around Appalachia. There are a few notable spawn locations that players should check out when farming Canned Coffee:

  • Cobbleton Farm
  • Mosstown
  • Sunday Brothers’ Cabin

If the player equips the perk Can Do, then they will have an increased chance of finding extra canned goods while searching food containers.

The easiest way to get large quantities of Canned Coffee is to own a coffee machine. Coffee machines can often be purchased from the Atomic Shop for a few hundred Atoms. When built, they passively produce Canned Coffee over time. Just be sure to lock the coffee machine to prevent others from taking your supply of coffee.

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November 14, 2018


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