• Fans combined Far Cry 5 and Fallout: New Vegas by creating New Vegas’ Quarry Junction in Far Cry 5’s Arcade mode.
  • Arcade mode allows players to design custom maps with enemies and objectives, leading to creative versions of iconic Fallout locations.
  • The recreated Quarry Junction lacks Deathclaws but retains the ominous atmosphere, with players sharing stories of escaping the original area.

A fan of Far Cry 5 and Fallout: New Vegas has combined the two by reconstructing New Vegas’ Quarry Junction. The notorious New Vegas locale was created via the level editor in Far Cry 5‘s Arcade mode.

Arcade mode is separate from the rest of the game’s story, and allows players to create their own self-contained maps with custom objectives, as well as play maps or attempt challenges made by other players. Creators can design everything on a map, including its boundaries, landmarks, elevation, and can even include enemies with programmable AI that players have to deal with. The width and breadth of what creators can use means that there are many other Far Cry 5 versions of Fallout locations.


Fallout: New Vegas’ City Would Shine in a Proper Remake

With Fallout 5 easily years away, fans would love a proper Fallout: New Vegas remake that could really do its setting justice.

Map creator Mojo Swoptops has taken advantage of Far Cry 5 Arcade’s capabilities to recreate Quarry Junction, an early-game location in Fallout: New Vegas. The map features the main transfer tower from the abandoned mine, fenced in by the great limestone cliffs and outcroppings that helps explain why the original Quarry Junction is so infamous. The only thing missing is the litany of signs warning of Deathclaws in the area like in the original.

Luckily this version seems to be mercifully lacking Deathclaws, the high-level predators from the Fallout universe that made their home in the original Quarry Junction in Fallout: New Vegas. The quarry is infamous for being full of them, and being along the fastest route to New Vegas from where the player starts out in Goodsprings. By design, often times new players are enticed to head straight through the junction and usually end up brutalized by the high-level Deathclaws therein, forcing them to make a more circuitous route with a much lower chance of meeting a gruesome, scaly end. It’s a pretty memorable experience shared by many an impatient and unfortunate Courier.

Players United by Deathclaw Destruction

Mojo Swoptops has shared a YouTube video allowing for a closer look at the build, and it does have the highly foreboding vibes of entering the Quarry for the first time. Fans of the custom map have also been sharing their appreciation of it, sharing stories of how their revenge missions were brought to a premature end by their need to get through Fallout: New Vegas quickly, as well as dozens and dozens of furious Deathclaws. While the lack of the iconic beasts may ruin the illusion, Mojo Swoptops has come up with a unique solution: Simply fill the map with the flesh-eating pigs of Far Cry 5.

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