• Far Cry 7 could revamp its core mechanics while staying true to the franchise’s identity.
  • Taking inspiration from Tears of the Kingdom, vehicle customization could revolutionize travel in Far Cry 7.
  • A deep vehicle crafting system in Far Cry 7 could offer players more customization options and add gameplay depth.

More attention is starting to turn towards the prospect of Far Cry 7, with fans having waited close to three years since the last mainline release for the franchise. The core mechanics for recent entries to the series have been quite similar, and a potential seventh game is in the perfect place to open this up while still staying true to the IP’s identity.

Making the most of limited resources and high-octane ways of travel is a core part of Far Cry, and strangely enough, Far Cry 7 could look toward 2023’s The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for a way to perfectly blend these two gameplay elements. One of the best features of Tears of the Kingdom was the ability for players to build vehicles from scratch with complete customization, and this could fit perfectly into Far Cry 7 if Ubisoft plans to lean into the survivalist elements of the franchise’s earliest releases.


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Tears of the Kingdom’s Vehicle Crafting Could Be Revolutionary for Far Cry 7

breath of the wild vehicle

While the Far Cry franchise still does well to feature lawless places with a huge variety of things like travel options and dangerous wildlife, more recent games do not hold a candle to how unstable and ramshackle equipment used to be in the original titles. It would be great to see a potential Far Cry 7 return to the series’ roots in this way, and this could go beyond older franchise elements like weapons degrading over time, as seen in 2008’s Far Cry 2.

Vehicles have become a more modern staple of Far Cry, with the franchise approaching travel through a variety of aircraft, boats, and land vehicles over the years. The vehicles of Far Cry have always had a wacky element to them, with players being able to use things like wing suits and even animals like elephants to explore the unpredictable landscapes that the IP features.

Despite how crazy some of the methods of travel in Far Cry have been over the years, the series has offered little customization options for them, and this is something that Far Cry 7 would be smart to capitalize on. Away from the more traditional vehicle customization options that many games feature, Far Cry 7 could give players complete creative freedom with this mechanic, more in-line with how Tears of the Kingdom approached its vehicle crafting.

Vehicle Crafting Could Be the Perfect Blend of Old and New in Far Cry 7

Tears of the Kingdom allowed players to manipulate objects and resources to build essentially infinite combinations of different vehicles, allowing fans to tailor them to any given situation. This could be applied to land vehicles, boats, and aircraft, and the same kind of system could be amazing to see in Far Cry 7.

In Far Cry 7, players could collect materials and vehicle parts to then combine in a comprehensive building system, prioritizing things like speed, size, and durability depending on a vehicle’s purpose. In true Far Cry fashion, the game could also allow players to fit a variety of weaponry on their vehicles, from machine guns to rockets, to rampage through outposts and eliminate unwanted attention.

Using all the resources available to the player was a core factor of Far Cry‘s earlier identity, and a Mad Max-style vehicle crafting system could be a perfect callback to this. With how successful Tears of the Kingdom‘s vehicle customization options were, Far Cry 7 should definitely look toward the 2023 title for inspiration in its own ambitious travel designs.

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