• Pay attention to themes to figure out character affinity in Gold Saucer.
  • Posters hint at potential future content in
    Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.
  • Cloud’s umbrella weapon could be a nod to Zack in
    Crisis Core.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is jam-packed with nods to the series overall and to the Final Fantasy 7 games. The team at Square Enix that worked on this second part in the Remake Trilogy seemingly had a lot of fun stuffing in little Easter Eggs for fans to enjoy. It’s almost impossible to see them all on the first playthrough unless players study the game frame by frame.


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With the amount of YouTube Channels out there, someone may attempt this in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. For now, here are some great Easter Eggs that are not as hard to see, but are still hidden from the untrained eye.

Spoilers Ahead

6 Gold Saucer Date Music

Pay Attention To Themes

Tifa and Cloud looking at a painting of Jessie in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth-1

One of the biggest gameplay changes to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the party system, which keeps track of what characters like or dislike Cloud. There was an invisible affection system in the original game that determined who Cloud would go on a date with in Gold Saucer. It makes it easier to figure out who that person will be in this remake, as there is indeed a date night at Gold Saucer.

If players pay attention to their date, they will hear that character’s theme song woven into the theme song of Gold Saucer. For example, running around with Tifa will play her music. The boxed soundtrack, whenever Square Enix releases it, is going to be massive thanks to songs like the Gold Saucer theme having so many variations.

5 Posters Advertising Weapons

Are These Teases For Part Three?

Posters in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth-1

There are a lot of posters in the game advertising food or even possible setups for future games. For example, two posters appear in most places in the game. One reads, “Marvel at the Ruby Red Sunset” and the other reads, “Dive into the Emerald Sea.”


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These are a reference to Final Fantasy 7’s Ruby Weapon, who appears in the Corel Desert outside of Gold Saucer, and Emerald Weapon, who lurks below Junon once players unlock a submarine. These were both in the original PS1 game. Weapons do appear in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth but they look more fish-like and are a force of good for the party. Are these posters just fun references, or will these two be in the final game as optional bosses again?

4 Cloud’s Umbrella Weapon

More Like Zack Than Ever

Cloud with an umbrella in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Costa del Sol has a bigger role in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth than the original. It’s bigger, as are most cities in the remake, and the number of mini-games in it almost rivals Gold Saucer’s. There is also a boss battle featuring a new robot manufactured by Hojo, who appeared in the original game but did nothing on the beach before.

Cloud doesn’t want to waste time going back to his room to get his sword, so he instead grabs an umbrella for the boss. This umbrella weapon could be a reference to the series of beach missions in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7. The star of that game, Zack, uses an umbrella like a sword too, which is just one more thing Cloud copied from Zack after the accident.

3 Two References To Icicle Inn

From Drinks To Snowboarding

Ad for snowboarding in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth-1

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth ends right before the party would have naturally moved on to the snowy icecaps of the Icicle Inn area in the original game. The town was a short stop on the way to the Northern Crater, which is where Cloud and the others knew Sephiroth was waiting. This area will undoubtedly be in the final game, and there are two teases to it within Gold Saucer.

The first is a Clear Icicle vending machine which presumably dispenses ice-cold water from Icicle Inn based on the design. The other reference is more obvious, as there is an open space in the VR room of Gold Saucer where it seems like something is missing. Above the empty space is a big wall-sized poster of a Cait Sith-sized Moogle riding a snowboard alongside two Chocobos. Snowboarding was a famous mini-game in the original game, which was also playable at Gold Saucer later on.

Cait Sith Knows About Dresspheres

Yuffie dancing at Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth-1

There are three major costume sequences in the game. The first is in Junon, wherein most of the characters put on Shinra soldier costumes while Barret becomes a sailor. The other happens right after, as players can unlock beach-themed outfits for Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith.


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The last instance happens right when the crew enters Gold Saucer as a show is playing. Cait Sith shoots something that looks like a piece of Materia at Yuffie and then there is an anime magical girl-inspired segment showing her transforming into new clothes. Cait Sith seems to have Dresspheres which were from Final Fantasy 10-2. These were how Yuna, Rikku, and Paine could change Jobs in the game, which were all fabulously lavish.

1 A Missing Enemy Gets Justice

The History Of Test 0

Fighting Test 0 in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth-1

In the unofficial guide of the original game, there is a section in the Corel Prison that talks about Test 0. This enemy is waiting at the bottom of a pit and has an almost impossible rate of spawning. If Test 0 does appear, there will be four of them, and they look like the Guard Hound enemies.

These Test 0 enemies will be significantly harder than normal Guard Hounds though, but they will treat players to amazing rewards if defeated. This was only possible for Japanese players who had a first-run print of the game, as they later got removed. Why became a subject of debate. Test 0 became a legend in the Final Fantasy 7 community and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth does this Corel myth justice by having it be a mini-boss in a side quest within Corel Prison. It’s part of a tournament players can participate in to get more Chocobo food for Ester’s storage.


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February 29, 2024


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