Here is how players can complete the second set of story quests in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2.

Fortnite‘s Battle Royale mode has a storyline; it started all the way back in Chapter 1, and it still continues to this very day. There are several ways for players to learn about Fortnite lore, but there’s nothing like participating in interactive quests and being part of the engaging story.


Fortnite: Chapter 5 Season 2 NPC Locations

Here is the location of all the NPCs on the Fortnite Battle Royale map.

Chapter 5 Season 2 brought back last chapter’s Snapshot Quests, and players can now complete the second set of lore quests. This guide will show players how to complete Aphrodite’s Snapshot questline in Fortnite as well as the rewards they’ll receive for doing so.

Aphrodite’s Snapshot Questline

olympian edict found at the lovely lodge

Here is how players can complete all of the quests in the Aphrodite Snapshot story.


How to complete

Stage 1 – Use a Scrying Pool to speak with Aphrodite

Visit one of the Scrying Pool locations in Fortnite to contact Aphrodite and continue on with the questline.

Stage 2 – Decipher the first Olympian Edict

Go to the Lovely Lodge landmark in the southern area of the map to investigate the Edict, which can be found down the stairs between the two houses at the lodge.

Stage 3 – Collect Flowberries at Fencing Fields (6)

Fencing Fields is known for its Flowberry plantations. While gamers can collect the berries there regularly, they shouldn’t have any trouble finding fallen Flowberries by the plantations.

fencing fields flowberry plantation with floor drop berry

Stage 4 – Travel distance with max health and shields (100)

There are several heals in Fortnite to help players get their health and shields to the max. Once they’ve done this, they must travel a total distance of 100 meters.

Stage 5 – Decipher the second Olympian Edict

The next stone Edict can be found at Reckless Railways, inside Grand Station, near the northwestern exit.

Stage 6 – Escape the Storm in a vehicle

To easily escape the storm in a vehicle, players should hang out near the Storm barrier and find themselves a vehicle. Then, they must drive into the storm and leave right away. This allows them to complete the quest without running into much trouble and without losing a lot of health.

Stage 7 – Get air time and land in water

Players will have to land in a body of water after being the air for a second or so. They can do this by using Shockwave Grenades, Launch Pads, Icarus’s Wings, and other methods they may see fit.

Stage 8 – Deciper the third Olympian Edict

The third Edict can be found at Restored Reels, by Peely’s tent.

Stage 9 – Visit potential house locations for Peely (3)

Here are the potential houses gamers must visit for Peely:

  • Reclaimed Villa (southwest of Pleasant Piazza)
  • Seaside Villa (southeast of Snooty Steppes)
  • Lil’ Villa (east of Fencing Fields)

Stage 10 – Collect a Banana of the Gods for Peely

There is no way to guarantee players will find a Banana of the Gods in Fortnite. Players must search chest and produce boxes to try to find it, but it is ultimately up to chance.

Stage 11 – Deliver a vehicle to Peely’s tent

Next, players will have to find a vehicle and drive it to Peely’s tent, which is located on a small hill between Restored Reels and Fencing Fields.

finding peely npc near restored reels

Stage 12 – Damage an opponent within 10 seconds of exiting a hiding place

Completing this quest is mostly up to luck, but there are ways to make it easier to complete, and this is how: Since Reckless Railways is one of the locations with the highest number of hiding places (dumpsters), players drop there as soon as they leave the Battle Bus. Multiple players will visit this POI, as it has tons of loot. To easily complete this quest, players should locate a dumpster and loot nearby; when they spot an enemy player, they should hide and come out once they’re sure they’ll be able to hit them. Here is a video demonstrating how to execute this:

Stage 13 – Eliminate players from a combined distance (150)

Players won’t have to eliminate a player from 150 meters away to complete this quest; they must continue to eliminate players from a certain distance until they get a sum of 150 meters.

Stage 14 – Receive gifts from Artemis then speak with her

Artemis hangs around the front gate of Lavish Lair. To complete the quest, simply talk to her.

talking to artemis to receive olympian edict as a gift

Stage 15 – Decipher the final Olympian Edict

After talking to Artemis, she will drop the last Olympian Edict, allowing gamers to quickly complete this questline.

Aphrodite’s Snapshot Rewards

quest complete receiving aphrodite insignia spray reward

Story quests are a great way to level up the Battle Pass, as each stage will grant gamers 10,000 XP. This means, that fans rack up a total of 150,000 XP for completing all stages of the Aphrodite’s Snapshot Quests, nearly two full levels.

Unlike the Oracle’s Snapshot Quests, players will receive a cosmetic item for completing these quests; once gamers complete all 15 stages of Aphrodite’s Snapshot Quests in Fortnite, they’ll get the Aphrodite Insignia spray for their efforts.


July 25, 2017

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