There are many myths surrounding Chenyu Vale in Genshin Impact, likely because it comes with tales of several Adepti who had close relationships. Like many other myths, the stories become mixed up or exaggerated, which means players have to follow through the main quest of Chenyu Vale to get more context of what truly happened in the area.

Although Chenyu Vale was released in Genshin Impact 4.4, its existence was teased far before then. In version 2.6, players can get the initial glimpse of Chenyu Vale’s lore through the Echoes of an Offering artifact. Echoes of an Offering artifact pieces consist of items made of jade, and Chenyu Vale itself revolves around plenty of jade-related stories; even its name, “Chenyu” means Jade-Sinking. Therefore, it’s no surprise that some hidden tasks in the area revolve around these ornamental rocks. For example, players can unlock an achievement and a Luxurious Chest by knowing where to get and how to use Jade Fragments in Genshin Impact.


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How To Use Jade Fragments In Genshin Impact

how to use jade fragments in genshin impact

To use Jade Fragments in Genshin Impact, players must first get Jade Fragment (Left) and Jade Fragment (Right), then place the items on the Ancient Jade Pendant inside the Chizhang Wall ruins.

After restoring the Ancient Jade Pendant, use players’ Adeptal energy to activate it, which will transport them to a cave with a mural. Clean the mural off the moss, and you’ll get the A Ruined Tale achievement along with a Luxurious Chest in Genshin Impact.

Jade Fragment (Left) Location

jade fragments left location in genshin impact

Jade Fragment (Left) is obtained when players walk with Fujin in the An Ancient Sacrifice of Sacred Brocade quest.

Jade Fragment (Right) Location

jade fragments right location in genshin impact

After unlocking the Rainjade’s Benediction offering system in Genshin Impact, head back to the Teleport Waypoint in the area, then go northwest to pick up Jade Fragment (Right).

Chizang Wall Ruins In Genshin Impact

mural veil and ruined tale achievement in genshin impact

Although getting and using Jade Fragment in Genshin Impact is a rather simple task, unlocking the Chizang Wall ruins is another story. Players must complete two Ancient Ruins puzzle, then come back to unlock the gate to the ruins. Once inside, players must be ready for a battle with a Ruin Grader before they can claim two Common Chests and one Luxurious Chest. Other than all the available rewards, players can also get one Spirit Carp, which is needed to maximize the level of Rainjade’s Benediction.

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