• Genshin Impact version 4.5 will feature a new event weapon and Spiral Abyss lineup, including a Fontaine-based world boss called Icewind Suite.
  • The Spiral Abyss is the only endgame content in the game, and players often find themselves exploring Teyvat to find challenging enemies and world bosses.
  • The leaks also reveal a new character, Chiori, who will be a Geo Vision user and have a five-star rarity. Her weapon has yet to be confirmed.

Recent Genshin Impact leaks have revealed an event weapon and the Spiral Abyss lineup for version 4.5. Genshin Impact will add tons of content in version 4.4, which will be released later this month. Besides limited characters and their signature weapons, it will introduce the long-awaited Lantern Rite festival, an annual event with bountiful rewards. While the developers mainly focus on 4.4 at the moment, they don’t hesitate to tease about content that will be available in 4.5 or beyond.

It’s safe to say that Genshin Impact‘s Spiral Abyss is the only endgame content for players to test their team compositions. Although there are events and story quests involving challenges, the gacha-based RPG doesn’t feature other combat mode than the Spiral Abyss. As a result, players usually find themselves wandering through regions of Teyvat to find world bosses and Local Legends enemies, which may offer them a real challenge.


Genshin Impact Leak Teases Chiori’s Full Ability Kit

With Chiori’s drip marketing fast approaching, reliable sources in the Genshin Impact community have revealed early details of her full ability kit.

The latest Genshin Impact leaks from FouL have revealed a brand-new weapon and the Spiral Abyss lineup for version 4.5, suggesting players will encounter Fontaine-based world boss Icewind Suite. According to the beta leak, the first phase of the twelfth floor will set players against Wind Operative, Frost Operative, Large Overgrown Breacher Primus, and Jadeplume Terrorshrome, while the second will feature Pyro Whooperflower, Black Serpent Knight: Rockbreaker, Perpetual Mechanical Array, plus different types of Specters and Shadowy Husks.

Genshin Impact 4.5 Spiral Abyss Lineup

  • Wind Operative, Frost Operative
  • Dendro Specter, Pyro Specter, Electro Specter
  • Large Overgrown Breacher Primus
  • Jadeplume Terrorshrome
  • Pyro Whooperflower
  • Shadowy Husk: Standard Bearer, Shadowy Husk: Line Breaker, Shadowy Husk: Defender
  • Black Serpent Knight: Rocbreaker
  • Perpetual Mechanical Array
  • Arithmetic Enhancer Mek
  • Icewind Suite

As usual, the final phase of the Spiral Abyss will pit players against the hardest enemy, which will be Genshin Impact’s Icewind Suite world boss in version 4.5. For those unaware, this formidable enemy is found next to Fontaine’s Lucin Fountain and has two distinctive forms called Coppelia and Coppelius.

Also, the second leak reveals an event-exclusive Polearm that will allegedly have a four-star rarity. The weapon’s passive restores a fixed amount of energy when the equipping character performs healing skills.

Genshin Impact‘s Spiral Abyss is where players must take on challenging encounters to earn Primogems. Like multi-level combat dungeons, it consists of many floors filled with formidable enemies. The game consistently tweaks the enemy lineup for the Spiral Abyss to make completing all floors harder or easier.

Genshin Impact update 4.5 is set to introduce a new character, Chiori, who has a Geo vision and a five-star rarity. The official artwork for Chiori hinted at her being a Sword user; however, it should be noted that the character’s weapon has yet to be confirmed. According to leaks, she will arrive in the first chapter of 4.5, which is set for release in March.

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