Genshin Impact is teasing the element for one of its next upcoming characters, the Sumeru four-star unit Sethos appearing in Cyno’s new Story Quest.


  • The trailer for Genshin Impact’s Version 4.6 update is teasing the element for upcoming character Sethos, expected to debut in Version 4.7.
  • An in-development model for Sethos combined with his appearance in the new trailer suggests Sethos will debut as an Electro character.
  • Version 4.6 was confirmed to feature both a new Story Quest for Cyno and a new Weekly Boss, as well as the return of popular mini-games like Windtrace.

A snippet from Genshin Impact‘s most recent teaser trailer for Version 4.6 is teasing new character Sethos’ element, suggesting he will be added to the game as an Electro character. The recent debut of the HoYoverse RPG’s Version 4.6 Special Program brought plenty of news about what fans can expect from the game’s next update. Arlecchino will join Genshin Impact as its newest playable five-star character, with the Fatui Harbinger also receiving her own in-game boss. Now, the next Story Quest is teasing another upcoming addition to the game’s roster.

Alongside Genshin Impact‘s newest Weekly Boss, Version 4.6 is also set to feature another major piece of content for players to tackle. Popular Sumeru five-star character Cyno will be receiving his second Story Quest during the update, teasing a major project involving Cyno and former Sumeru sage Cyrus. Teasers in the Version 4.6 Special Program also revealed Sethos as one of Genshin Impact‘s newest characters, expected to play a major role in the Cyno-focused story. Now, fans are discovering a major teaser about Sethos’ playability within the trailer.


Rumor: Genshin Impact Leak Reveals New Character Related to Cyno

Concept art of a new playable Genshin Impact character is making the rounds, as he is set to make his appearance during Cyno’s second Story Quest.

Genshin Impact Teases New Character Sethos’ Element

A post shared to the Genshin Impact leaks subreddit by Reddit user ukrisreng reveals Sethos’ element within Genshin Impact. The post showcases an in-development model for Sethos, set alongside his appearance within the Version 4.6 trailer, with fans able to catch a glimpse of his Vision obscured by his hand. The teaser seemingly reveals that Sethos will debut within Genshin Impact‘s roster as an Electro character, placed in the same element as Cyno. Sethos is currently expected to join Genshin Impact‘s roster as a four-star character in Version 4.7.

Genshin Impact‘s newest Weekly Boss and Story Quest are expected to be joined by a plethora of new content for players to explore throughout Version 4.6. The update will welcome the return of a pair of popular mini-games, with Genshin Impact‘s rhythm game and Windtrace both featuring new spins on the classic events. Version 4.6 will also introduce the final map expansion of the game’s Fontaine cycle, as well as a pair of new Artifact Sets added to Genshin Impact. The Version 4.6 update is expected to launch on April 24.

While Genshin Impact‘s newest trailer teased Sethos, he isn’t the only new playable character teased to be joining in Version 4.7. Recent leaks have heavily suggested the long-awaited Clorinde will finally debut in Genshin Impact‘s Version 4.7 update as a DPS character focused around the Overload reaction. Clorinde would be the final major character featured in Fontaine’s Archon Quest to join the roster, first appearing in the main story of Version 4.0. The release of Clorinde and Sethos should give fans plenty to look forward to in Version 4.7, with Version 4.6’s launch just around the corner.

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