• Upgrade Kratos with the best Leviathan Axe attachments in
    God of War: Ragnarok
    for powerful combat advantages.
  • Find unique perks like Permafrost Lifesteal and Slayer’s Strength to enhance gameplay and tackle foes effectively.
  • Explore locations and epic battles to acquire legendary pommels for the Leviathan Axe and dominate in the realms.

As Kratos emerged triumphantly in a new mythology, and on a new generation of consoles, he brought forth a brand-new weapon. Players said goodbye to the Blades of Chaos, and readied for war with the Leviathan Axe, a weapon that returns with the best Leviathan Axe attachments in God of War: Ragnarok.



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The Leviathan Axe is beautifully made, in its physical design and combat abilities. It plays much like Thor’s hammer, as it can be thrown and recalled instantly, with a satisfying hold each time. However, the Leviathan Axe needs style and power, which is something God of War: Ragnarok achieves with the many Leviathan Axe attachments.

Updated on April 3, 2024, by Jake Fillery: The best Leviathan Axe attachments in God of War Ragnarok provide players with plenty of unique advantages to both stat boosts and perks, allowing Kratos to defend himself and his son, Atreus, against the terrible war that will befall the realms. God of War Ragnarok’s best Leviathan Axe pommels are a necessity, and this update provides the locations of every Leviathan Axe attachment, along with their unique perks to rank them as the worst to best.

12 Grip Of The Nine Realms

Location: Defeat Hjalti The Stolid In Alfheim

hjalti the stolid location in god of war ragnarok

  • ​​Momentous Shift Perk: Activating Glacial Permafrost while Permafrost is full triggers a Realm Shift.

Combine this with the best Leviathan Axe runic attacks, and players will have a truly powerful attachment that can conquer all. The Grip of the Nine Realms is perfect for players who either need a breather during a fight or want to maximize their damage, as the fact that they can activate a Realm Shift by using a Glacial Permafrost makes for a violent addition to Kratos’ arsenal.

Realm Shifts can be rather overpowered when crafting a great build, so this grip is worth grabbing for players who enjoy freezing time and wailing on their enemies with furious attacks before they can even react to the damage being provided.

11 Banahogg Knob

Location: Find The Legendary Chest In The Applecore, Svartalfheim


  • Bare Force Perk: Successful precision throws increase Bare-Handed attack damage for a duration.

Whilst Kratos is usually known for his intense rage, and his savage beatings with his bare hands, these bare-handed attacks don’t usually provide great advantages against a sharp weapon unless Kratos is using Spartan Rage, so Banahogg Knob can be a tad useless in the grand scheme of best axe pommels.

The fact that players need to combine precision throws with the axe and then run in with some bare-handed attacks for extended damage, adds a somewhat unnecessary combo style, as the axe just feels better and stronger than the fast strikes of Kratos’ knuckles.

10 Grip Of Radiant Reflection

Location: Complete “Unlocking The Mask”


  • Precision Momentum Perk: Successful Axe Ranged Attacks now generate charge of the permafrost skill, with successful precision throws generating even more.

Send enemies to Valhalla with the Grip of Radiant Reflection, a Leviathan Axe attachment that provides permafrost to ranged axe attacks. Even better still, a precision throw means even more permafrost. Permafrost is a great addition to Kratos’ arsenal, and activating it will see him dish out deadly swings with the axe, creating more damage and even swinging frost to enemies.


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Those who like gaining Permafrost should definitely have this one on their list, as it’s a perfect gauge to fill, but being hit will lose progress on the gauge, which is why keeping distance and throwing the axe to build the charge grants safety and damage.

9 Runic Hailstone Knob

Location: Throw Crystalline Shards Into The Wishing Well, Vanaheim


  • Prey Upon Frost Perk: Moderate LUCK chance on hitting a Frosted enemy to gain a Blessing of RUNIC.

There’s nothing too great about the Runic Hailstone Knob that makes it worthwhile, but it’s still worth adding to the inventory. With this attachment, players are focusing solely on luck and the addition of runic and strength skills per upgrades. Yet, the main desire comes from the perk, which can provide luck on each hit to a frosted enemy.

Firstly, players will need to freeze enemies to get them the affliction needed, which can be a burden when there are hordes of enemies, stopping players from embracing the effects that can bless them, so it’s sometimes not the best attachment to wield.

8 Wooden Knob

Location: Default Leviathan Axe Attachment From Starting The Game

Kratos holds the Leviathan Axe in God of War Ragnarok

  • “The original Leviathan Axe knob. Sturdy and reliable.”

The original handle to the Leviathan Axe is unlocked at the beginning of God of War: Ragnarok. As the original knob to the Leviathan Axe, it does not have its perk, other than the fact that it is sturdy and reliable, as described in the official adventure game.

Advancing the levels for the Wooden Knob grants 17 in Runic, Vitality, Cooldown, and Luck, with 29 in Strength. It’s wise to just ignore the Wooden Knob, as there are plenty of other handles for the Leviathan Axe that grant better stats and perks.

7 Fortified Frost Knob

Location: Found In A Legendary Chest In The Applecore, Svartalfheim


  • Frost Resolve: Holding Triangle to Frost Awaken the Axe increases DEFENCE and Stagger Resistance.

The knob for this Leviathan Axe can be found in a Legendary Chest in Svartalfheim. It’s entirely cold to the touch, even in the warmest of climates. This knob has the Frost Resolve perk, which allows players to activate Frost Awaken by holding Triangle. In doing so, they will have increased defense stats, and stagger resistance, perfect for defending Atreus.

It’s always rather effective to use Frost Awaken, as it does not take long to activate and enables a better strike. By having such with the Fortified Frost Knob, they will tolerate more damage, but holding Triangle may not be a top priority in combat. A moderate stat bonus in Strength and Cooldown is also great.

6 Grip Of The Fallen Alchemist

Location: Legendary Chest In Pilgrim’s Landing, Vanaheim


  • Serpent’s Health Burst Perk: High LUCK chance to grant a Health Burst on any successful hit with the Serpent’s Snare skill.

​​​​​​​If players want the Grip of the Fallen Alchemist perk to be effective, they will need to also use the Serpent’s Snare skill. The perk itself is the Serpent’s Health Burst, which is a fairly decent perk that allows a high Luck chance to give players a Health Burst on a successful hit with the Serpent’s Snare skill. Health is important, considering the combat in this game can be fairly challenging.

The knob itself is found in a Legendary Chest in one of the realms, Vanaheim, and is a grip that was forged by an alchemist with an experimentation side in runic magic to increase their life span. This grip increases Strength, Vitality, and Luck with each upgraded level.

5 Grip Of Weighted Recovery

Location: Crafted From The Huldra Brothers’ Workshop After “The Reckoning”


  • Seized Refresh Perk: Stun Grabbing an enemy provides a blessing of COOLDOWN.

​​​​​​​This handle is crafted at the Huldra Brother’s workshop after the return to Freyr’s Camp at the end of The Reckoning quest. This handle has a lightweight grip and is perfect for the battle ahead. Its perk is Seized Refresh, which allows a blessing of Cooldown after using a stunning grab on an enemy with R3.

Stun grabbing is effective on its own, but the powerful blessing of Cooldown means that players can use their light and heavy runic attacks quicker with less of a cooldown. There’s also a bonus for Strength and Runic, but cooldowns aren’t necessary to overcome if there aren’t enemies to stun grab.

4 Stonecutter’s Knob

Location: Crafted At The Huldra Brothers’ Workshop After “The Reckoning”

Sindri in God of War Ragnarok

  • Slicing Finish: Adds a concussive wave to the end of the Axe R1 combo.

​​​​​​​Towards the end of The Reckoning questline, players will be able to craft the Stonecutter’s Knob for their Leviathan Axe in God of War: Ragnarok. This knob has an interesting piece of lore, as it was crafted by a legendary Light Elf, who used it for deadly slices. This carries over to Kratos, as the knob features heavily in a good amount of Strength and Defense.

Not only does this axe have good stats, but it also has the Slicing Finish perk, which adds a concussive wave to the end of an R1 axe combo. This means that players can add stun, and prevent fierce damage from opponents.

3 Haur’s Lucky Knob

Location: Purchased From The Huldra Brothers’ Workshop During “The Reckoning”

tyr, kratos, mimir, atreus, brok and sindri eating dinner at sindri's house

  • Marksman’s Stun Perk: Moderate LUCK chance for any successful precision throw to cause a bonus Stun Blast.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Kratos may not have the patience or the anger management to lose a game of Liar’s Dice, but that didn’t stop the original owner from the same fate. Haur’s Lucky Knob is exactly that and focuses on Luck. With Marksman’s Stun, players will have a moderate Luck chance for a successful precision throw to create a Stun Blast.


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A Stun Blast is beneficial to the player because it allows for a quicker build-up of an R3 attack. Not only does this knob grant a moderate bonus to Strength and Luck, but it can be created from the beginning of The Reckoning quest at the Huldra Brother’s workshop.

2 Grip Of Healing Harmony

Location: Complete The Hel-Tear In Helheim’s “Reunion” Mission

  • Permafrost Lifesteal Perk: When the Permafrost skill gauge is fully charged, Axe hits restore Health, but incoming damage is increased.

​​​​​​​This grip for the Leviathan Axe is unlocked during the mandatory mission in Helheim, Reunion. This grip is perfect for those who are confident in their combat ability, as it will heal the user but lower their defense, meaning they need to be careful with their shields and evades, much like Blades of Chaos users.

The Permafrost Lifesteal perk grants restoration in health if players hit enemies with a filled Permafrost skill gauge. However, the increase in incoming damage means that they should use this knob if they are skilled in God of War: Ragnarok’s combat. It will also give players a decent bonus to Strength and Defense in the stats.

1 The Furious Maul

Location: Unlocked During “Surviving Fimbulwinter”

  • Slayer’s Strength Perk: High LUCK chance to grant a Gift of STRENGTh on any Axe kill.

This attachment, the Furious Maul, craves battle like the Draupnir Spear, and as such, presents players with Slayer’s Strength. What this perk does is allow players to have a High Luck chance in granting a Gift of Strength when it comes to killing an enemy with the Leviathan axe.

The Gift of Strength allows for higher damage for a certain amount of time. Players that prioritize hard-hitting swings should use the Furious Maul, as at Level 9, it will have 63 Strength, lacking versatility, but being a professional in strength.


God of War: Ragnarok
November 9, 2022


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