• An unreleased piece of music, seemingly from GTA 5’s scrapped single-player expansion, has been discovered by a fan.
  • The unused music hints at an action-packed experience, serving as a disappointing reminder for fans about the death of the Agent Trevor DLC.
  • Rockstar cited lack of resources due to GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 development as the reason for axing single-player DLC in 2017.

An unreleased soundtrack from a canceled single-player expansion for Grand Theft Auto 5 has reportedly been uncovered by a fan. While developer Rockstar Games has extensively supported Grand Theft Auto 5‘s online mode for several years, the single-player mode did not receive any meaningful add-on content to expand upon the game’s narrative, even though it was planned at one point.

Rockstar justified the lack of GTA 5‘s missing single-player DLCs back in 2017, stating that GTA Online support and development of Red Dead Redemption 2 left very little resources for the studio to utilize for post-launch story content in GTA 5. Curiously, dataminers discovered in 2019 that GTA Online‘s Diamond Casino DLC was part of a canceled single-player expansion. Previous multiplayer DLCs like the Doomsday Heist were also repurposed from assets for the story DLCs, of which there were at least three planned – a zombie apocalypse, a Trevor-focused story dubbed Agent Trevor, and an Ocean’s Eleven-esque casino heist.


Red Dead Redemption 2 to Blame for Lack of GTA 5 Story DLC

Rockstar Games reveals why Grand Theft Auto 5 story DLC has never been released, pointing to the development of Red Dead Redemption 2 as a key factor.

More recently, a November 2023 GTA 5 leak seemingly referenced story DLC again, particularly the Trevor-centric expansion that would’ve seen the character in an espionage role and involve jetpacks. Now, an unused soundtrack from one of the planned GTA 5 single-player DLCs has apparently been uncovered by Twitter user GTAFocal, and is widely speculated to be from the Agent Trevor expansion. The name of the track, Clifford, is the primary clue supporting the notion, as it’s also the name of the antagonistic Artificial Intelligence model that was featured in GTA Online‘s Doomsday Heist DLC.

The Unreleased GTA 5 Soundtrack Might Be From The Canceled Agent Trevor DLC

Since the assets from the 2023 database leak line up with the in-game items the Doomsday Heist DLC introduced (jetpacks), it’s possible that Rockstar may have initially intended for Trevor to face off against Clifford, but had to cancel the Agent Trevor DLC and repurpose it into a GTA Online expansion. The nearly three-and-a-half minute track also hints at an action-packed experience for fans, and could possibly be from a set piece sequence or the final mission of the DLC.

With compelling elements like this unreleased music, many fans are disappointed at the axing of the Agent Trevor DLC and all other planned post-launch expansions for GTA 5‘s story mode. Conversely, it’s also understandable that Rockstar could’ve been spread too thin to work on story mode DLC at the time, as both GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 would no doubt be very resource-intensive. And now, as the studio progresses toward GTA 6‘s confirmed fall 2025 launch, it remains highly doubtful that any of GTA 5‘s planned single-player expansions will see the light of day.


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