• GTA 6 brings back Vice City, a highly anticipated move that excites fans and adds ambition to the game.
  • The old movie studio and Washington Beach Police Station from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City could potentially return, offering fun and nostalgic gameplay elements.
  • The iconic Club Malibu and Diaz’s Mansion are memorable locations that players would love to see make a comeback in GTA 6.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most highly anticipated video games of all time. The developers at Rockstar have already revealed that the next game in the series will return to the open-world as seen in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and the first trailer has showcased a few things that fans can expect to see in this iconic location.


GTA 6 Vice City Wish List

Anticipation for Grand Theft Auto 6 was going to be sky-high regardless of its setting, but bringing back Vice City is very exciting and ambitious.

The Vice City in this franchise is based on Miami, but the original version of this setting was set in the 80s. With GTA 6 being set in modern times, a lot of things in this location are expected to change from what was seen on the PS2 release. That said, it would be great to see a few locations from the old game return, much like how Grove Street still exists in Grand Theft Auto 5.

5 The Movie Studios

A Small Part Of Tommy Vercetti’s Empire

GTA Vice City Movie Studios

A big part of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is seeing the protagonist, Tommy Vercetti, building his business empire in the region. This involves the player having to buy up a lot of the properties in Vice City, and one of these properties is an old movie studio. The studio is mostly out of use at this time, but Tommy does his fair share of work to get it up and running again.


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It is only a small part of the map in Vice City, but it would be nice to see the old studio up and still working. The movie studio could even provide the developers with a great opportunity to poke some fun at the modern superhero blockbuster or other topical genres that are easy to laugh at.

4 The Washington Beach Police Station

A Fun Building Interior Filled With Deadly Threats

GTA Vice City washington beach station

Since Grand Theft Auto is an open-world crime series, the franchise has featured plenty of police stations in its time. However, few are as memorable as the police station that is located in Washington Beach in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

For starters, this police station has an interior that is used in one of the story missions later in the game. However, the player can still enter the station during the open-world segments, but if they do so, the police force will open fire on those who stray too far inside. This isn’t the case if players find the police disguise hidden inside. There is also a raunchy, unique weapon that players can find in the shower room of this building, but it is unlikely that this item will return to the more mature world that GTA developers are likely aiming to create. Even so, the ability to change outfits in order to go unseen is a great feature, and if the Washington Beach Police Station returns in GTA 6, so too could this fun gameplay mechanic.

3 Club Malibu

GTA Vice City Club Malibu

The trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 has already shown that the modern version of the city is still enjoying a rather vibrant club scene. However, there was only one nightclub that was popular in Vice City in the 1980s. That was Club Malibu.


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This small nightclub was another building with an explorable interior, and it was located in Washington Beach. The club was featured in a lot of cut scenes during the main story in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and it becomes a business that can be bought by the player later in the game. The missions that are unlocked when buying this nightclub involve arranging and pulling off a very lucrative bank heist. As a result, many players have fond memories of this nightclub, and most would likely be happy to see it return, especially if its presence leads to a couple of new large-scale robberies and heists.

2 Diaz’s Mansion

The Heart Of Tommy Vercetti’s Empire

GTA Vice City Diaz's Mansion

During the opening part of the story in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, players will begin to work for Ricardo Diaz, a local crime boss. Later on, though, Tommy Vercetti decides it is best to kill Diaz and take his mansion in a bid to begin his own criminal business empire in Vice City. The boss fight in the mansion marks a big shift in the game’s story, and the building and its henchmen are given to the player once they beat Diaz.

This mission unlocks a completely different part of the map in the game, and the mansion acts as a new base for Tommy Vercetti to carry out his business dealings. The mansion is even the stage for the final mission in the game, where it is revealed that Lance is a traitor who wants to take the empire for himself. While it is unlikely that Tommy Vercetti would still be using this mansion as a base of operations in the modern day, it would be nice to see it return in Grand Theft Auto 6. Even if it is just an empty and collapsing shell, a reference to such an iconic Grand Theft Auto location is definitely still deserved.

1 The North Point Mall

One Of The Biggest Parts Of The Original Map

GTA Vice City North Point Mall

At the very top of the first island in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, players will find the North Point Mall. This building features a sprawling interior and is home to a large assortment of stores to rob and gangs to fight. It even has a car in the middle of the shop floor, which allows for a great deal of extra chaos in an already hectic place. In the PS2 era, this shopping mall was considered to be one of the most fun and expansive places to explore in an open-world game. Plus, it was fun to start a police chase within these walls and attempt to escape. As such, it would be great to see such a memorable place return to life in Grand Theft Auto 6.

It may not be much to look at, but there are lots of opportunities for open-world chaos if this iconic location from Vice City makes a return in the future, especially since it would likely feature many NPCs and stores for gamers to encounter.


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