Helldivers 2 is full of deadly enemies for players to find and defeat. Occasionally, the game tasks players with specific challenges to earn rewards. These are known as Personal Orders, which should not be confused with Major Orders in Helldivers 2. One popular Personal Order in Helldivers 2 is to find and destroy two Annihilator Tanks.


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Since Helldivers 2 lacks any kind of bestiary, knowing what Annihilator Tanks are and where to find them can be challenging. In addition, Annihilator Tanks are some of the most difficult enemies to defeat. This guide covers everything you need to know about Annihilator Tanks to help you complete your Personal Order.

What Are Annihilator Tanks in Helldivers 2?

helldivers 2 annihilator tank

Annihilator Tanks in Helldivers 2 are foes belonging to the Automation faction. They resemble real-life armored fighting tanks used as offensive weapons in front-line ground combat. There are two kinds of tanks in Helldivers 2, and only one of them is an Annihilator Tank. The Annihilator Tank is flat and has a long gun barrel, unlike the Shredder Tank, which is tall and has a machine gun in place of a main cannon.

If you want to complete your Personal Order, you must destroy 2 Annihilator Tanks. If you destroy a Shredder Tank or one Annihilator Tank, the objective will be incomplete.

Where To Find Annihilator Tanks in Helldivers 2

automaton tanks helldivers 2

Annihilator Tanks only appear in Automation/Bot missions, meaning you won’t find one in a Terminids mission. You can find Bot missions on the Western Region of the Galactic Map. Note that you must deploy into a Bot mission with a difficulty level of 5 or higher for Annihilator Tanks to appear. So, if you play easy missions, you won’t find any tanks to destroy.

The easiest way to find Annihilator Tanks is to deploy into an Extreme mission. They’re more likely to spawn here, so try completing one of the Eradication missions to encounter one or two Annihilator Tanks.

To destroy Annihilator Tanks in Helldivers 2, target the glowing vents on its back, which is the tank’s weak spot. It is recommended to use heavy-duty explosive stratagems like Railcannon Strikes, Orbital Lasers, and 500kg bombs. Regular weapons like the Liberator Penetrator won’t cause any damage, so don’t waste your firepower.

Be sure to seek cover when attacking an Annihilator Tank, as a single blast can take you down. A great tip is to get on top of the tank, as it can’t shoot you when you’re that close. While on top, aim at the vents until the Annihilator Tank is down.


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