Honkai: Star Rail’s new world Penacony just released and there are over a dozen Treasure Chests players can claim.

Penacony is the third area in Honkai: Star Rail for Trailblazers to explore, and it is filled to the brim with many puzzles and treasures to claim. The area is known as the Planet of Festivities and has the largest number of chests to claim so far in comparison to previous patches. Trailblazers should keep in mind though, that a majority of the Penacony map is locked behind quests and missions, so to unlock all five areas, remember to play through the story.

The difference between the Penacony chests and the previous worlds you have visited lies with the Clock Credits you can obtain. These Clock Credits can be used to level up the Clockie Statue at the centre of the Golden Hour map and award you additional Stellar Jades and collectible items. There are a lot of new puzzle types, but this guide will only be listing the Treasure Chests you can find in The Reverie (Reality) Map as there are only 16 chests here.


Honkai: Star Rail – Seclusion Zone All Treasure and Warp Trotter Locations

Seclusion Zone in Honkai: Star Rail is the newest addition to Herta Space Station, filled with new treasures to obtain.

The Reverie (Reality) Floor 1

The first floor of The Reverie has only 4 chests, and they are fairly easy to find. All of them are within the vicinity of each other, so just follow the above guide to obtain them.

The Reverie (Reality) Floor 2

The second floor can be split between two areas; the VIP Lounge and the Lobby. The VIP lounge has 2 chests at opposite ends of the room and the Lobby has four. These 6 chests are also fairly easy to find, except the ones in the VIP Lounge are slightly obstructed from view. You can find one behind a couch and one under the staircase.

The Reverie (Reality) Floor 3

To reach the third floor, teleport back into the VIP Lounge and head up the stairs across the room. There will be 4 immediate chests available to claim around the hallways and near some coffee tables. Unfortunately, there are 2 chests which are locked behind 2 quests inside the rooms on the third floor. The two rooms below are marked out and the quests needed are:

  • Cosmic Star
  • The Trees as Peace

You’ll have to complete the Trailblaze Mission first, and unlock the entire Penacony map to receive this Adventure Mission.



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