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Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree brings back a mechanic from the first Dark Souls that allows players to change their form. One option is related to transforming into an Omen, while the other option lets players transform into two different kinds of dragons.

The items needed for this mechanic are found in an early region of the DLC that is full of some of the hardest enemies and bosses. The two dragon forms not only look awesome but give various gameplay bonuses to various play styles. Here’s how to transform into a dragon in Elden Ring.


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How To Become A Dragon In Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree

The first step in acquiring your dragon form will require players to travel to the eastern mountain in the Shadow Lands. To get here, players will need to find and traverse the Dragon Pit. On the other side of the Pit, players will reach a fork in the road and should take the southern path to reach the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion, where the Dragon Communion Priestess is found.

Talk to the Priestess and select the option to, “Devour draconic essence” when asked. After this, players will need to ascend to the top of the Jagged Peak and face Bayle The Dread. On the way up, players will also face Ancient Dragon Senessax, another formidable foe. At the top of the mountain will be Bayle who is arguably one of the hardest bosses in the DLC. It’s best to begin Igon’s questline as it will result in him being a summon for this fight, who will definitely pull his weight.

After defeating Bayle, return to the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion to find an item where the Priestess once stood. This item is the Priestess Heart, which players can use to take on the Priestess Dragon form. To use this item, players will need to unequip all armor to transform. Once transformed, players will stay as a dragon until death.


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Dragon Form Effects & Rock Heart Location

The Priestess Dragon form is one option, with players also able to take on the Original Dragon form. To transform into the other form, players will need the Rock Heart item, which is found by completing the Domain Of Dragons painting puzzle. Both of these items can be used as often as players want, and will both last until death. Being in either dragon form will give the players a decent bit of damage absorption, and won’t leave them with the same defenses as being unarmored. Players can use a heart item again while transformed and will give temporary bonuses to that form for a short time.

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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

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