Crafting new items is one of the main features of Enshrouded. Throughout the gameplay, players collect various resources that are used to upgrade weapons and craft essential items. Among these resources, Shroud Core is one of the valuable items because it can be used to upgrade Flame Altar, which, in turn, expands the player’s base area.

In addition to the Flame Altar upgrade, Shroud Core is also used to craft a number of items, such as Magical Chests. Nevertheless, obtaining a Shroud Core poses a challenge for beginners, requiring them to level up their character. If you are looking to get Shroud Core in Enshrouded, this guide could prove to be helpful.


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Strengthen your armor and shields in Enshrouded with the help of Metal Sheets. This guide explains how players can craft Metal Sheets in the game.

How to Get Shroud Core

Shroud Core is a rare, valuable resource, which, unlike other resources, is difficult to obtain. Luckily, there are still a few through which players can collect it.

  • Loot From the Bosses
  • Crafting

Loot From the Boss

Enshrouded How to Clear the Elixir Well & Beat the Fell Thunderbrute

Getting resources from defeated enemies remains is one of the most reliable methods. However, every enemy drops different items, and in order to get the desired item, players must kill specific ones. In the case of Shroud Core, players will need to look for Fell Thunderbrute.

Players can locate the boss in Elixir Wells. This boss is superior in terms of power to normal enemies, so do not take him lightly. Defeating him will drop the Shroud Core as a loot.


An alternate and safe method to obtain Shroud Core is crafting. Before crafting it, players will need to set up the crafting station by bringing the Alchemist from its Ancient Vault. After the setup, players need to look for these resources.

  • Shroud Spore 10x
  • Shroud Liquid 10x

Players can collect Shroud Spores easily by defeating those enemies that are present in the Shroud. Shroud is a poisonous gas cloud that infects both the players and enemies, and players must quickly leave the area after collecting it. Shroud Liquid, on the other hand, can be collected by harvesting any plant, such as Mushrooms, present in the Shrouded area.

Once the required amount of resources is obtained, players can craft it by selecting Shroud Core in the crafting menu.

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January 24, 2024

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