• A new mod titled Astrogate for Starfield offers autopilot, revolutionizing space gameplay with seamless interplanetary travel.
  • Astrogate allows players to explore their ship during space travel, removing the loading screens previously in the game.
  • The recently released Creation Kit empowers modders to enhance Starfield, elevating the gaming experience.

An awesome new mod for Starfield has been released, offering autopilot to completely overhaul space travel as it currently exists in the game. Starfield has received a lot of love from the modding community of late, thanks to the release of the Creation Kit.

When Starfield was first released in September 2023, the community had its fair share of complaints about Bethesda’s latest RPG. One of the biggest issues stemmed from the constant loading screens between planets, which interrupted the flow of space travel. In essence, it felt like every other Bethesda game, but with extra steps. When many of the other best sci-fi games, such as No Man’s Sky, already solved this issue years ago with various solutions, it’s understandable that players would be frustrated that it isn’t the same here.


Starfield Mod Adds Big Feature for Xbox Series S Players

Gamers who play Starfield on the Xbox Series S can gain access to a big feature by using a collection of mods made with the new Creation Kit.

The mod is titled Astrogate on Nexus Mods from user RealityIDR, although footage of it in action was posted to Reddit by user JarusinTheStars. It shows seamless interplanetary travel, with their ship on total autopilot. They’re able to explore their spaceship while it flies to the intended location, and it’s even possible to see the destination planet come closer as they arrive. It seems to be huge for creating immersion in Starfield, and according to JarusinTheStars, the planet is loaded when players arrive. There are even different speed levels, ranging from 5 minutes to 10 seconds depending on player preference. While the mod only works between a planet and its moons right now, RealityIDR is working on expanding this further.

Starfield Mod Overhauls Space Travel

Starfield‘s modding community is on the brink of exploding. Bethesda recently released the Creation Kit for Starfield, which gives talented modders the tools to extensively change the game in ways not possible before. Although it will likely be a little while before modders fully get to grips with the full potential of the tools, players definitely should see the average quality of Starfield mods increasing over the next few months. Seeing what modders have done to titles like Skyrim and Fallout 4, it’ll be exciting to see what can be produced in Starfield​​​​​​.

With the Shattered Space DLC set for release later this year, Bethesda seems to be far from done with Starfield yet. While it’s great to see modders embracing the game like this, the biggest changes will come from Bethesda itself. Based on the trailer, Starfield Shattered Space looks like a horror game in the best way possible, representing a total change in atmosphere for the title. Hopefully, it can stick the landing, but for now, it’s showing plenty of promise.


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