• Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles starting center, is looking to bring back the beloved Backyard Football series, showing his passion for sports video games and nostalgia for the franchise.
  • Backyard Football, along with other Backyard Sports games, was a popular collection of sports games featuring big-headed cartoon children competing in little-league style events, and still has a dedicated fanbase.
  • Kelce is actively searching for the owner of the Backyard Sports franchise and has reached out to fans for information, hinting at his seriousness and ambition to revive the series in the future.

Jason Kelce, the starting center for the Philadelphia Eagles and brother of tight end Travis Kelce, is currently looking into reviving Backyard Football and other parts of the Backyard Sports series. The charming football game may not be the most successful sports video game franchise of all time, but it still has plenty of fans out there. It seems that even real-world sports stars remember the series fondly.

Players who came of age in the late ’90s and early 2000s likely recall the collection of sports games that featured big-headed, cartoon children competing in little league-style events. Beginning with Backyard Baseball in 1997, the franchise later expanded to include soccer, basketball, hockey, and football variations. At its height, the series even featured child versions of professional players. Few critics rank Backyard Football among the best non-NFL football games of all time, but it still has a loyal following among gamers who grew up with the series.


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On the most recent episode of the New Heights podcast, the show hosted by brothers Jason and Travis Kelce, Jason revealed that he’s been looking into bringing back the Backyard Football series. The topic arose during a discussion of Travis Kelce’s recent performance in the playoffs. Travis, a superstar who is in the Madden NFL 24 99 club, brought up memories of the old games. In response, Jason explained that he still loves the Backyard games and that he’d love to see Backyard Football and Backyard Baseball, in particular, brought back. To this end, he stated that he’s been trying to find out who owns the rights to the series, apparently so he could potentially acquire them in the future.

Kelce appears to be serious about this ambition as the podcast’s Twitter account later posted a message with the clip and a request that anyone with knowledge of the ownership rights get in touch. Fans were quick to respond to this message with information about how the IP has changed hands over the years as well as with suggestions about how Kelce should proceed.

backyard football

Travis and Jason Kelce appear to have a passion for sports video games, which would explain Jason’s current ambition. Later in the same podcast episode, they had an extended discussion of the NFL Blitz series and their nostalgia for it. It seems that both the console game and the NFL Blitz arcade machine featured prominently in their collective childhoods.

This news will surely please fans of the classic football series and those who are eager to relive a piece of their youth. Of course, Kelce is only talking about the possibility at the moment, and it would still be a long way off if a new game were to come from these plans. Still, Kelce’s apparent passion is cause for optimism. Given the humor of the Kelce brothers and the old goofiness of the franchise, a new Backyard Football game could become one of the strangest American football games ever.


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