• Domain Expansions are powerful sorcery abilities in JJK, but only a select few sorcerers possess them and not all are overpowered.
  • Idle Death Gamble allows Hakari to become immortal and gain infinite cursed energy by hitting the jackpot in his pachinko-themed domain.
  • The Deadly Sentencing domain uses a courtroom setting to put targets on trial and punish them accordingly, even resulting in death sentences.

Domain Expansions are known to be the epitome of Jujutsu sorcery and, as a result, not everyone can gain this ability. Only the most talented and strongest sorcerers are known to have the power of Domain Expansion and even among those who gain this ability, not everyone has a Domain that can be considered to be overpowered.


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Unlimited Void, which is the Domain Expansion of Gojo, is considered to be one of the mightiest to exist in JJK. Essentially, it sees Gojo imbue his innate technique into his domain, and bombard his enemies with unending information, paralyzing them and dealing tremendous mental damage to them in the process. This Domain Expansion is incredibly overpowered, however, there are those that are close to it in terms of strength. While not many can equally match it, quite a few can be considered to be close to it in terms of power.

5 Idle Death Gamble

User: Kinji Hakari

idle death gamble cursed tecnique

Idle Death Gamble is a Domain Expansion that works very differently when compared to Unlimited Void, however, it is one that can be considered to be incredible in many ways. Essentially, Hakari, the user of this technique, is able to create a pachinko-themed game on a train station using his Domain Expansion. The goal here is to luck out using Jackpot. If Hakari hits the jackpot, then he gains infinite cursed energy for 4 minutes and 11 seconds.

Furthermore, any injury that he receives during this time is automatically healed, no matter how severe it is. Essentially, he becomes immortal during this time. The fun part is that Hakari can hit the jackpot again and again and he gets a bonus every time he hits it, making it easier to hit it again later on. The longer he does this, the longer his immortality will last. This can even make him rank among the strongest characters in the entire series.

4 Self Embodiment Of Perfection

User: Mahito

Self-Embodiment Of Perfection

Self Embodiment of Perfection was the Domain Expansion of Mahito and certainly one that fans never got to see the full potential of. Regardless, fans already know that this Domain Expansion was incredibly deadly. It saw Mahito imbue his technique into his domain and, with that, he could manipulate souls as he wished for everyone who was trapped inside.

Mahito usually needed contact to manipulate the souls of his enemies. However, with this Domain Expansion, contact was no longer necessary. Anyone trapped inside could essentially be killed in one shot if Mahito wished, which makes it one of the most deadly Domain Expansions in JJK.

3 Deadly Sentencing

User: Hiromi Higuruma

higuruma awakens his domain amplification jujutsu kaisen jjk 248

Deadly Sentencing is a non-lethal domain and one that is considered to be one of the most interesting ones in JJK. Essentially, this Domain Expansion sees Higuruma utilize his shikigami, Judgeman, through the Domain Expansion. Inside it, using force is prohibited and anyone who is inside is forced to comply with the rules that it set. A courtroom is manifested and the target is put on trial.


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Higuruma then has to try to prove them guilty and if he succeeds in doing that, depending on the severity of their crimes, they are punished. A person can even lose their lives using a death sentence which is then carried out by the Executioner’s Sword. Even a mere scratch from the sword is enough to kill the person. Lighter sentences include having one’s cursed technique confiscated entirely and making them powerless, or even having their cursed tools confiscated. While this Domain Expansion doesn’t hold the same amount of firepower as Unlimited Void, it works wonders in other ways and its biggest advantage is the fact that even super-strong opponents that Hakari cannot beat normally can be taken down by it effortlessly.

2 Chimera Shadow Garden

User: Megumi Fushiguro

Megumi Fushiguro summons an incomplete version of his Domain Expansion, Chimera Shadow Garden.

Chimera Shadow Garden is an incredible Domain Expansion that belongs to Megumi Fushiguro. Unfortunately, this Domain Expansion is half-baked at the moment. It sees Megumi summon a pitch black fluid-like substance which then allows him to create many shikigami that attack his enemies relentlessly.

The full power of this Domain Expansion has not been seen. However, what fans do now is that the 10 Shadows Technique is considered to be as strong as the Limitless and the Six Eyes as was hinted at by Gojo himself. As such, the Domain Expansion, which is the pinnacle of the 10 Shadows Technique, should be close to the Unlimited Void in terms of power.

1 Malevolent Shrine

User: Ryomen Sukuna

Sukuna activating his Domain Expansion, Malevolant Shrine, against Mahoraga

Of course, Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine is one domain that can easily rival Unlimited Void. In fact, it is the only domain that can match Unlimited Void to quite a degree. Sukuna’s domain sees him construct a giant shrine and then relentlessly attack his enemies with slash-based attacks that deal tremendous damage to them.

This Domain Expansion can wipe out anything in Sukuna’s path and it is certainly the pinnacle of destruction in the story.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen
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Jujutsu Kaisen


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