Grinding out bond levels with party members in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth can be rewarding thanks to the backstory lore dump and the powerful tag team skills that players can acquire. However, the steps taken to raise bond levels may take quite a while, especially if the players hold off on gifts.

While some of the gifts might cost a bit, they are one of the fastest ways to raise bond levels significantly. Offering gifts tailored to the specific interests of the party members will grant the highest gains to bond level, so knowing the location of these special gift items will come in very handy.


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How Gifts Work?

Coffee Assortment in Infinite Wealth

Players can increase bond levels with party members in a variety of ways. Partaking in mini-games like karaoke, darts and cabaret clubs or triggering special meal conversations called Table Talk are just a few ways. Then there is a new mechanic, Bond Bingo, that lets players get to know more about the interests of their party members. This new system allows Ichiban to quickly rack up points towards bond level for interacting with Walk and Talk speech bubbles throughout the map to complete a bingo for the new party members.

One of the more reliable ways to earn party members’ loyalty and trust is by gifting them special items that align closely with their interests and hobbies. Gifts can be offered in two different ways: Gift-Giving opportunities, where a gift prompt appears when strolling through certain stores, or finding time at the Survive or Revolve bars to offer custom gifts to the party members.

In both cases, players will increase the bond level meter most when catering to the party members’ personalities and offering them a fitting gift. While some party members’ personalities are easy to decipher, others may not be so transparent about their interests. Also, noteworthy is the fact that some of these special gifts will be requested by other non-party NPCs as well, so it’s always good to know the locations where these items can be purchased.


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Where To Find The Best Gifts?

Seaworthy Treasures in Infinite Wealth

A good way to find out where Ichiban can acquire certain gifts is by opening up the map and pressing the Details button over the stores’ icons. This will open up a small window showing a few items under the Recommended heading, that may serve as potential gifts for the party members. Items like Assorted Cigarettes are required by Elizabeth and Machiko, so acquiring them early on can help Ichiban increase friendship with them as well. As for purchasing gifts tailored for specific party members, the table below gives a good rundown.




ABC Store Gift Set

ABC Store, Waikiki St.

Joongi Han Nanba

Assorted Cigarettes (Tobacco Assortment)

Cigars in Heaven, Night St.

Kazuma Kiryu Koichi Adachi

Alohabeer Gift Set

Loco Fiesta Liquor, Night St.

Kazuma Kiryu Koichi Adachi Tianyou Zhao

Coffee Beans (Coffee Assortment)

Café Trip, Anaconda Shopping Center

Eric Tomizawa, Joongi Han

Dim-Sum Assortment

Liang’s Bakery, Lantern St.

Nanba Seonhee Tianyou Zhao

Hawaiian Cosmetics

Seaworthy Treasures, Waikiki St.

Chitose Fujinomiya

Hibiscus Bouquet

Melia’s Leis and Flowers, Downtown St.

Chitose Fujinomiya

Matsumoto Shave Ice Gift Set

Matsumoto Shave Ice, Tsubaki St.

Eric Tomizawa

Plumeria Bouquet

Melia’s Leis and Flowers, Downtown St.

Saeko Mukoda

Postcard Assortment

Bluebird Gallery, Art Walls

Saeko Mukoda Seonhee

Those are all the specific gifts that will award huge gains towards the bond levels of the party members.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
January 26, 2024


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