Millennia is a 4X strategy game where players can build up their own nation until it hopefully becomes a driving force in the balance of the world. Unlike other games of its kind, factions in Millennia begin with pretty much the same bonuses and only start feeling like different groups as the game progresses. But even though most things are different, one is the same for everyone: the era.

Unlike other 4X games in the vein of Civilization, eras in Millennia define which technologies every faction can research at a certain point during the game and always apply to every faction at the same time. Some eras are fairly normal, such as the Age of Iron or the Age of Kings. Some are crisis ages, like the Age of Blood, while some are what is known as variant ages. These include the Age of Heroes.


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How To Reach The Age Of Heroes

Discovering a landmark in Millennia

The Age of Heroes is perhaps the hardest age to reach in Millennia, if nothing else, because many of its conditions lie outside the control of the player. To unlock the Age of Heroes, players need to unlock three technologies from the previous era, the Age of Bronze. This is the case for any era at this point in the game.

The Age of Heroes also requires the discovery of three separate landmarks by using the scout’s discovery ability, but whether a scout finds a landmark ultimately comes down to luck. Reaching the Age of Heroes relies much on exploration and less on doing typical heroic acts, like fighting barbarians and so on. Even then, a civilization focused entirely on fast exploration could still spawn in a poor location and lose any chance of reaching this age.

What To Do In The Age Of Heroes

The Age of Heroes is a variant of the Age of Iron, and as such, it has many of the technologies of that traditional era. But the Age of Heroes also allows players to research technologies like Storytelling and Oracles, which allow players to build setting-appropriate improvements like poet houses and offering shrines. Those improvements allow for significant advancements in various domains, particularly culture, and can even unlock the arts domain.

Perhaps the biggest addition in the Age of Heroes is the heroes themselves, promoted explorers or beings created by the Prophecy culture that are quite powerful in combat but can also go on special quests all across the world. Hunting for quests plays out similarly to the hunt for landmarks that spearheads the start of this age, with some differences. For one, the quests solved by the heroes give out significantly better results. On the other hand, quests can only be cleared by heroes and only if they have the required experience points to do so.


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