Revamped Aurora in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is far more prominent in crowd control compared to her previous version, so here’s how to counter her.

Heroes like revamped Aurora can be a pain to deal with during Mobile Legends: Bang Bang matches. The reason is her ability to CC someone twice while dealing tons of damage. Not only that, she allows her team to reach the opponent’s position and help defeat the enemy’s hero.

Luckily, during Rank matches, you get to ban or see your opponents’ picks. So, if Maiden of the Glacier isn’t banned and the other team picks her, you must know how to counter revamped Aurora in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


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Heroes To Counter Revamped Aurora In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

heroes to counter revamped aurora in mobile legends bang bang

To counter revamped Aurora in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you must find heroes that can instantly reach her position or run around her to avoid her CC. Additionally, heroes with strong CC can deal with Aurora if they control first.


tanks to counter revamped aurora in mobile legends bang bang

  • Franco: If an opponent has Aurora, Franco should pull her in sight and stop her from starting her combo.
  • Gatotkaca: Save his Ultimate and only jumps when Aurora makes it onto the scene.
  • Johnson: Johnson is one of the heroes that can completely ruin the game for any hero, especially if they don’t have mobility like Aurora.


fighters to counter revamped aurora in mobile legends bang bang

  • Martis: He can nullify Aurora’s CC with his second Skill and chase her.
  • Cici: Cici can run circles around Aurora and makes it really hard for the Maiden of the Glacier to catch her.
  • Guinevere: Ms. Violet can jump around Aurora and confuse her or catch her into a strong CC.


assassins to counter revamped aurora in mobile legends bang bang

  • Fanny: If you know how to swing around, there’s no way Aurora can catch you.
  • Hayabusa: Must have fast hands. Reach Aurora quickly and end her career.
  • Gusion: Since Gusion is now immune to CC when he jumps, he can swiftly deal with Aurora.
  • Hanzo: Can reach Aurora without having his real body compromised.
  • Joy: She’s fast, can reach backlines easily, and is immune to CC when she Ults.
  • Selena: Keep stunning Aurora and dive deep to beat her.
  • Ling: Can come out of nowhere and quickly Ult to counter her strong CC.


mages to counter revamped aurora in mobile legends bang bang

  • Nana: Fight CC with CC and bully back Aurora.
  • Kagura: She can break free from Aurora’s CC and punish her with some insane damage.
  • Odette: Get close enough to cast her Ult and Aurora can’t do anything anymore.
  • Harith: He’s strong against CC and can chase Aurora with ease.
  • Cecilion: Can keep hitting Aurora from a safe distance.
  • Valentina: Nothing better than stealing Aurora’s Ultimate and bullying her with her own Skill.
  • Kadita: She can easily escape Aurora’s CC while catching her with her second Skill, then Ult.


support to counter revamped aurora in mobile legends bang bang

  • Mathilda: It’s hard to freeze the team when Mathilda can carry them anywhere, especially to Aurora.
  • Angela: Once Aurora catches someone with her combo, Angela is a strong Support that can save their lives.
  • Diggie: It’s one of the most important heroes to counter Aurora since she becomes useless once Diggie activates their Ult.

Equipment To Counter Revamped Aurora In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

equipment to counter revamped aurora in mobile legends bang bang

In case you find yourself against Aurora in one of your Mobile Legends matches and your main can’t counter her, some Equipment and Battle Spells can do that for you.

Defense Items

  • Tough Boots: Gain a head start on Magic Defense alongside a 30% Control Reduction.
  • Brute Force Breastplate: While it’s a Physical Defense item, Brute Force grants your character a 15% Control Reduction, which can be crucial against Aurora.
  • Athena’s Shield: The counter for all Burst Mages. Use Athena to not worry about Aurora’s damage anymore.

Magic Items

  • Flask of the Oasis: A Support holding Flask can be a great help during team fights since it allows the team to absorb more damage.
  • Winter Truncheon: Ironically, you can counter Aurora’s freeze by freezing yourself with Winter Truncheon.

Physical Items

  • Rose Gold Meteor: If Aurora catches your hero, Rose Gold provides a shield and extra Magic Defense.
  • Blade of the Heptaseas: Can slow Aurora down, which makes it hard for her to escape your hero.


  • Aegis: Provides a huge shield that can absorb Aurora’s Burst damage.
  • Purify: Nullify Aurora’s CC, allowing you to run or chase her down.
  • Flicker: Get away from Aurora or get close instantly.


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