• Deku’s breakthrough with Shigaraki is a game-changer in MHA chapter 419, setting the stage for a possible team-up against All For One.
  • Shigaraki’s faltering path and humanization make for an intriguing story development in the battle, pointing towards a potential shift in alliances.
  • The end of the battle between Deku and Shigaraki might be near if they can join forces against All For One, as teased in MHA chapter 419.

My Hero Academia chapter 419 is set to be one of the most important chapters in the entire series, as the battle between Deku and Shigaraki edges closer to its conclusion. The clash has marked significant developments in this battle, as Deku was finally able to get through to shigaraki, and most importantly, save his child self from imploding.


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This was extremely essential for the plot moving forward, as, this way, Deku was finally able to make Shigaraki understand that he was there to save him, even though the childhood version of him felt abandoned and was eventually consumed by hatred. Now, the duo is going to be up against All For One, and things are going to be even more interesting in the story, especially in MHA chapter 419.

Shigaraki Falters In His Path

Deku Has Touched Shigaraki’s Heart

deku unwavering faith shigaraki my hero academia mha 419

My Hero Academia chapter 419 is going to be absolutely essential for Shigaraki moving forward. Fans already know that this is an individual who has suffered quite a lot over the years. Of course, he is a villain, however, he’s still a traumatized person with a lot of unhealed trauma inside of him. Deku is the only one who wants to save him, and it looks like he’s making great progress in that regard. In the previous chapter of the story, Deku was finally able to witness Shigaraki’s pain as well as the deep cracks that he had inside of him. Deku located his weakest of spots and finally, gave him a helping hand when no one did. This was an incredibly essential development in the story, and it is something that eventually managed to touch Shigaraki, making him falter in his path.

My Hero Academia chapter 419 will certainly continue on that note and showcase how Shigaraki has now started to falter. It goes without saying that Shigaraki has not yet been defeated. However, what fans can be sure about is that he has started to understand what Deku wants from him and that his concern for him is genuine. Despite being a hateful villain right now, Deku still looks at him the same. He knows that he has a lot of pain inside of him, and even when he proclaims himself to be a monster, Deku only sees a human.

This is a level of humanization that has moved Shigaraki, and this was evident in the previous chapter as well. MHA chapter 419 is going to showcase more of Shigaraki turning towards Deku, and being more accepting of the fact that from here onwards, he will have to mend his ways.

Shigaraki and Deku Team Up Vs All For One

Shigaraki And Deku Need To Fight The Ultimate Villain Together

deku helping hand shigaraki my hero academia mha 419

Perhaps, the most interesting part of My Hero Academia chapter 419 is going to be the fact that Deku and Shigaraki are most likely going to team up. Towards the end of the last chapter, something extraordinary happened in My Hero Academia. As soon as Deku and Shigaraki started to understand each other, and Shigaraki took Deku’s hand, All For One emerged out of nowhere. As fans know, All For One is inside of Shigaraki, and, up until now, the kid has shown tremendous willpower, greater than that of even All For One. However, now, Shigaraki is wavering. He doesn’t know what to do anymore and that has given All For One the opportunity to sprout.


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This was seen in the previous chapter, and it will most likely be seen in My Hero Academia chapter 419 once again. This is going to be incredibly essential for the story mode and forward, as not only is it important for All For One, but also for Shigaraki.

It is evident to the fans that Shigaraki is going to struggle to come to a decision in MHA chapter 419. However, eventually, if he does mean to accept Deku, then he will most likely join forces with him, and together, these two will then face off against All For One inside the memory world. Of course, this battle is likely not going to be a drawn-out one. It will most likely end when Shigaraki stops wavering and accepts the fact that he has now changed as a person, and above all, that he has received salvation in the form of Deku. When that happens, these two will most likely mark the end of All For One, and that is certainly going to be a beautiful sight for the To see.

This is going to be doubly special for Shigaraki, as he has only ever been abused by All For One. Even though All For One was there for him when he was a child, it was all for his own gain, and, to him, Shigaraki was nothing more than a tool and a vessel. As such, with Deku at his side, Shigaraki will finally feel that he is his own person, and that he has someone who truly cares about him. This will mean that Shigaraki will truly fight his first battle with someone holding his back with good intentions and that is certainly going to be an exciting site for the fans to see.

It would only make sense for Shigaraki to land the killing blow on All For One, and when that happens, the series is most likely going to change for good. With the fall of All For One, My Hero Academia will edge one step closer to its end, and fans already know that it’s not going to last for too long now.

The End Of The Battle?

The War Could End In MHA Chapter 419

It is entirely possible that My Hero Academia chapter 419 will mark the end of the battle between Shigaraki and Deku. These two have been fighting for quite a while now, however, there have been significant developments in the story as of late. As was seen previously, Shigaraki has managed to accept Deku’s helping hand. That in itself is a major development in the story moving forward. If that wasn’t enough, then fans also know the fact that All For One has now shown up. If these two combine to beat him, then that essentially means that they have accepted each other as they are and that Shigaraki is willing to change. When that happens, the battle will essentially be over. It all depends on whether the fight against All For One will be solved in the next chapter or not.

If Deku and Shigaraki combine in the next chapter and All For One falls, the fight between these two individuals will also conclude. Thus, My Hero Academia chapter 419 could end up being significant for the story, as the entirety of the final War could end here and fans could finally breathe a sigh of relief, and, at the same time, start getting excited for the post-war greatness to follow.

My Hero Academia is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of My Hero Academia, My Hero Academia chapter 419, is set to be April 7, 2024.


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