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With Palworld now released for early access, there is a huge open world for players to explore, filled with over one hundred different Pals to discover and collect along the way. Unlike many other monster-catching games, Pals are unique in that they can be used not only as a member of your team for battling purposes but also for transportation and performing tasks around your base to help level up facilities and generate resources in your absence.

Among the Pals available in Palworld, Robinquill is extremely valuable. Not only does this Grass-type creature make a great addition to your team for combat, but it is also among the most versatile workers in the game, due to having skills in Planting, Handiwork, Gathering, Transporting, Lumbering, and Medicine Production. This means Robinquill can take on multiple tasks around your base while you’re out and about exploring the world, generating useful materials to build new objects, items, and facilities.


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Where to Find & Catch Robinquill in Palworld

robinquill in Palworld
Robinquill in Palworld.

In Palworld, Robinquill is a Pal that is highly sought after due to the immense value it can bring to your game. Robinquill has very decent stats, which make him a brilliant addition to your active team for exploration and taking down enemies. This Pal also has several different skills, which make him a very valuable and versatile worker when added as a worker at your base. This makes it a priority target to find and catch in your Palworld journey, as obtaining it as soon as possible will give you an upper hand in more than one situation.

Robinquill has one location in which it can be found in Palworld. However, this location is quite large, meaning that there are plenty of chances to encounter this Grass-type Pal when searching this area. Robinquill’s habitat is located just above the middle section of the world map. The exact location is marked in orange on the image below.

Robinquill habitat in Palworld
Robinquill habitat in Palworld.

Robinquill’s habitat will remain the same during both nighttime and daytime in Palworld, which gives you the freedom to decide when you want to set out on your search. Additionally, if you’re struggling to find Robinquill for any reason, you may be able to use alternate methods to obtain one, such as purchasing this Pal from a Black Market Vendor.


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Robinquill Skills & Work Suitability

robinquill paldeck in Palworld
Robinquill in Palworld.

Robinquill is one of the best Pals you can have working at your Base. This is due to the versatility Robinquill brings to the table through their various work skills. The more work skills a Pal has, the more tasks they can participate in at your base, generating resources, building objects and facilities, and even cooking meals to feed themselves and others.

In addition to this, the higher a Pal’s level in a certain skill, the more efficient they will be at performing particular tasks, increasing the speed at which it is completed or the amount of resources generated within a certain time. Robinquill’s skills are immensely useful for these reasons.

Robinquill Stats

  • Planting Level 1
  • Handiwork Level 2
  • Transporting Level 2
  • Gathering Level 2
  • Lumbering Level 1
  • Medicine Production Level 1

Aside from being a brilliant base worker, Robinquill is great for farming resources in the wild and also makes a fine addition to one’s team. When defeated, Robinquill has a chance of dropping Arrows, giving you some free ammunition, and Wheat Seeds, which can be used to create a Wheat Plantation and generate important meals, such as Cake.

Lastly, when used as an active member of your adventuring and battling team, Robinquill brings value due to carrying quite a solid attack power, especially at a higher level. However, where Robinquill shines is through its unique Partner Skill, Hawk Eye, making it even more of a reliable addition to your team.

When actively fighting side by side with Robinquill, the Hawk Eye Partner Skill enables you to deal increased damage to weak points of your opponents, which increases the perks of aiming consistently and identifying such areas on wild Pals. This is useful in particular for battling the likes of Tower Bosses, where hitting headshots and other weak points can make all of the difference in chipping away at their health at a solid pace and defeating them within the required time limit.


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