Once Pals fall into the Palworld player’s hands, their life can hardly be called happy, but you can bring a little harsh dictatorship into your pet’s daily life by creating a Monitoring Stand. Thanks to this unique structure, players can stand above all others by issuing orders and pushing their Pals to their limits. However, you can also be a more lenient manager to preserve the sanity and health of your employees.

It’s worth noting that the Monitoring Stand is not the most integral structure in your base. However, this structure can help you speed up or slow down your production processes depending on your needs.


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How to Unlock Monitoring Stand in Palworld

Monitoring Stand in Palworld

To unlock Monitoring Stand in Palworld, players must reach level 15 and spend 2 Technology Points in the Technology tab. This shouldn’t take too long, so once you’ve met the requirement, you can craft a Monitoring Stand using the following materials:

How to Use Monitoring Stand

Monitoring Stand in Palworld

Once you have created a Monitoring Stand, place it anywhere in your base and climb onto it as a podium. Interacting with this structure will open a simple window with three configuration options:

  • Normal: Pals’ normal working mode and speed perfectly balance productivity and worker needs.
  • Hard Working: The speed and productivity of all Pals on the base are high, which is fraught with a rapid loss of sanity and accelerated calorie consumption.
  • Super Hard Working: The limit of your pets’ abilities guarantees maximum productivity of workers but almost inevitably leads to injury, hunger, and loss of sanity.

Choosing any of these options will directly affect all Pals in your base. By giving orders while standing on this platform, considering all the risks, you can force your Pals to work beyond their normal limits. Of course, if you have large reserves of spare workers, tons of food, and Strange Juice, you can choose the second or third speed option. These settings are the best choice for short distances when you need to speed up specific processes at the moment.


All Night Exclusive Pals in Palworld

Some Pals only spawn at night. Here’s a list of all the night-exclusive Pals in Palworld, including their spawning locations and more.

However, regardless of the level of your base and the number of Pals, we strongly do not recommend using Hard Working and Super Hard Working modes for a long period. Normal mode is the most comfortable for long-term use if you do not need to accelerate the production process at a specific moment.


January 19, 2024

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Pocket Pair, Inc.


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