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In the final block of Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload, the Adamah Block, you’ll find the most challenging foes you’ll encounter in the game. These bosses can range in level from 60 to 80, and they can be a tough fight if you aren’t aware of their weaknesses and resistances.

Within some of the Monad Doors of the Adamah Block, you’ll come across the powerful Fanatic Tower. This one is quite difficult to finish, especially due to its small number of weaknesses. If you’re wondering how to beat this boss, here are all the tips and tricks you can use.


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Where to Find Fanatic Tower in Persona 3 Reload

The Fanatic Tower boss can only be found within Monad Doors in the Adamah Block of Tartarus. This ranges from Floors 227 to 256. Monad Doors will appear randomly, but we were able to find one on Floor 237 that had the Fanatic Tower as the boss.

The Fanatic Tower will be a boss that comes alone, so you’ll only need to focus your attacks on just one foe. This will make it easier to hit the enemy’s weakness and strike them down for an All-Out Attack, thereby finishing the battle more quickly.


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Fanatic Tower Weakness in Persona 3 Reload

Image of the weaknesses and resistances of Fanatic Tower in Persona 3 Reload

Once you’ve started the battle with Fanatic Tower, here are all of its weaknesses and resistances to take note of:

  • Weak: Pierce
  • Drain: Electric
  • Null: Wind

It is best to focus on using Physical attacks on Fanatic Tower since it has no resistance to any of these. However, Pierce attacks will do the most damage, so you’ll want to ensure you bring along some party members who use Pierce Skills. A few examples include Aigis and Junpei. Yukari also uses Pierce damage for her Normal Attack, so you can utilize her for a bit of extra damage, as well as to heal the team.

Fanatic Tower will buff itself in the middle of the battle, increasing its Attack Damage. To combat this, you can either choose to buff your team’s Attack or debuff Fanatic Tower’s stats. You can utilize Akihiko’s Matarunda ability to lower Fanatic Tower’s Attack or use Aigis’ Matarukaja ability to raise your team’s Attack. Some Personas, such as Raphael, also have the Dekaja skill, which nullifies all stat buffs for your foes.

As long as you keep consistently using Pierce skills on the Fanatic Tower, you should have no problem knocking it down for an All-Out Attack. You can also use any Theurgy abilities that pop up for your team to finish the boss off.

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