Many of Elizabeth’s requests will require you to complete normal human activities for her in Persona 3 Reload. She might even ask you to pick up some food items at the local Aohige Pharmacy, or she might just ask you to compete in a food-eating challenge at the nearby Wilduck Burger.

This challenge might sound simple enough, but there are a few strategies you’ll need to use to actually successfully consume all the required burgers. If you’re wondering how you can begin this request and how you can easily complete it and get your rewards, this guide will answer all your questions.


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How to Start the Big Eater Challenge in Persona 3 Reload

Where’s Wilduck?

To start the Big Eater Challenge at Wilduck Burger, there are a few prerequisites you’ll need to meet first.

  • To start, you’ll need to make sure you have completed Request #9 from Elizabeth, ‘I’d like to try all kinds of drinks.’
  • For this, all you will need to do is gather 12 different drinks from vending machines.
  • You can find these on the second and third floors of the dorms, near the Iwatodai Station, on the third floor of the Iwatodai Strip Mall, and within Port Island Station.

When you’ve completed this, return to Elizabeth and get your rewards. Just after,
Request #11 will unlock, ‘Please prevail in the Big Eater Challenge.’
To make it easier to complete the challenge at Wilduck Burger, make sure your
Courage stat is at a decent level

How to Complete the Big Eater Challenge in Persona 3 Reload

Correct Answers for the Challenge

To find Wilduck Burger, head to the Iwatodai Station Strip Mall, just to the right of the Student Dormitory. You’ll want to ensure that it is Evening. Otherwise, the challenge will not be available to you. You can head over after completing some activities with friends and improving your Social Links or visiting the arcade or karaoke.

Wilduck Burger will be on the first floor right in front of you when you arrive. When you approach the restaurant, choose the second option for the Big Eater Challenge, which will cost a large amount of 1,800 Yen. When you arrive inside, the main character will begin eating, and you will need to answer three different questions. Here’s how you’ll want to answer to successfully complete the challenge:

Big Eater Challenge Answers

Look away from the burgers

Eat without stopping

Imagine something sour

After you’ve answered everything, you’ll have successfully completed the challenge, and you can return to Elizabeth for your rewards.


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Rewards for Big Eater Challenge in Persona 3 Reload

Here’s What You Get

Image of the main character receiving Twilight Fragments for the Big Eater Challenge in Persona 3 Reload

There are quite a few different benefits you will get from completing the Big Eater Challenge at Wilduck Burger. This includes:

  • +2 Points to Intelligence
  • +2 Points to Charm
  • +2 Points to Courage
  • Limited Weekend Wilduck Set is now available to order at Wilduck Burger
  • 3x Twilight Fragments

If you’re still low on your Social Stats, this challenge will surely raise them for you. You’ll also have a bigger menu to choose from at Wilduck Burger, and you can utilize the Twilight Fragments you get from Elizabeth within Tartarus.

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