Here’s everything you’ll need to do to unlock Bebe’s Social Link (Temperance) in Persona 3 Reload.

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You will want to unlock and complete as many Social Links as possible in Persona 3 Reload to gain access to various gameplay perks. Persona 3 Reload hints at when Social Links become available, but some of them require several steps before they can be initiated. One example is the Temperance Social Link, represented by foreign exchange student, Bebe. You’ll need to start the Hierophant Social Link and reach a specific Rank before you can formally meet Bebe. After this, you’ll want to start working on building the protagonist’s Academics Social Skill, which is the final lock in getting Rank 1 of the Temperance Social Link.


Persona 3 Reload: How to Start The Hanged Man Social Link (Maiko Social Link)

Unlocking Maiko’s Social Link in Persona 3: Reload requires a few extra steps and knowledge of where to buy certain food and drink items.

persona 3 reload requirements for unlocking temperance social link

On 4/25 in-game, you’ll overhear Gekkoukan students talking about the reopening of the bookstore in Iwatodai Strip Mall. You can find the bookstore on the first floor of the Strip Mall near the left stairs. Drop in to meet Bunchiki Kitamura and Mitsuko Kitamura, who represent the Hierophant Social Link in Persona 3 Reload.

  1. Bunchiki will mention a persimmon tree at Gekkoukan High School, so you’ll want to go to the Corridor in Gekkoukan and inspect the tree. The Corridor is located at the north end of the 1F’s right wing.
  2. Inspecting the tree will net you Persimmon Leaf key item.
  3. Take the leaf back to the bookstore to formally start the Hierophant Social Link.

Bunchiki and Mitsuko will be available every day except Monday in the afternoons. You will need to reach Rank 3 of the Hierophant Social Link to meet Bebe. You will also need to have Average Academics, which is level 2 Academics.

The dialogue choices during your first meeting with Bebe in Hierophant Rank 2 won’t impact your Social Link.

You can increase your Academics Social Stat by:

  • Listening to class lectures.
  • Eating at Wakatsu Kitchen in Iwatodai Strip Mall.
  • Studying in your room or at the library.

Where to Find Bebe at Gekkoukan

persona 3 reload bebe social link rank 1

Once you reach Hierophant Rank 3 and have Level 2 Academics (Average), Bebe can be found in the Home Economics room at Gekkoukan High, which is located on 1F in the opposite wing of the Faculty Office. He will only be available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday after school. Like other school Social Links, you can’t advance the Social Link during holidays.

Bebe’s Social Link start date is influenced by your Academics Social Stat and how far you’re in the Hierophant Social Link. You can potentially start it as early as 5/6. However, since there’s the Level 2 Academics requirement, chances are you’ll start Bebe’s Social Link a bit later down the line.

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