• Mega Evolutions started in Pokemon Y and X, giving temporary transformations to creatures and boosting their power and design.
  • A fan known as Mindrawz created unique Mega Evolutions for Volcarona, Kleavor, Excadrill, and Sirfetch’d.
  • Other fans also reimagine Mega Evolutions, like turning Forretress into a fortress or making Milotic more beautiful.

A Pokemon fan has recently designed Mega Evolutions for Volcarona, Kleavor, Excadrill, and Sirfetch’d. The Pokemon community has been devising high-quality fan art since the 90s, and these four designs show just how creative these fans can be.

Mega Evolutions were first introduced in the sixth generation of Pokemon games, with Pokemon Y and X. These evolutions were temporary transformations that gave unique forms and more power to a few creatures. Even bland Pokemon were redeemed with Mega Evolutions, so they quickly became very popular with fan art.


Pokemon Fan Designs Suicune and Milotic Fusion

A talented Pokemon fan artist creates a new design by fusing two classic Water-type creatures, the legendary Suicune and Milotic.

Now, a Pokemon fan called Mindrawz designed four unique Mega Evolutions for monsters that never gained one in the games. Overall, these new designs represent mightier, more developed versions of the original creatures. For instance, Mega Excadrill has bigger drills on its body than its original counterpart, while Mega Sirfetch’d looks much bigger than its normal form, and carries a heavy sword with it. One of the highlights of the gallery shared by the player was Mega Volcarona, whose form was partly inspired by Slither Wings, the official past Paradox version of Volcarona. Mega Kleavor also had an excellent design, and it was drawn with a bigger rock carapace, as well as double axes as its claws.

Volcarona, Kleavor, Excadrill, and Sirfetch’d Mega Evolutions

Galleries with several original Mega Evolutions can be quite interesting, and Pokemon fans often tend to share them with the community. For instance, a Pokemon fan shared seven new Mega Evolutions designs back in March, giving new forms to Delphox, Flygon, Chandelure, Jynx, Shedinja, Goodra, and Mimikyu.

While some fans depict Mega Evolutions as stronger forms of the original creatures, others often decide for a creative approach, changing the concept of the Pokemon represented in the fan art. An example of that happened recently when a Pokemon fan designed a Mega Evolution for Forretress. In this case, the artist decided to focus even more on the concept of Forretress being a fortress by making the shell of the creature become an actual castle inspired by the real-world Spanish fortress of Castillo Nuevo de Manzanares el Real.

In another fan art, a Pokemon fan gave Milotic a Mega Evolution. Instead of going for the more obvious route of making Milotic look bigger and more ferocious, the fan decided to depict it as more beautiful. This made sense in the creature’s case, as Milotic is the evolution of Feebas, a somewhat ugly fish that becomes a beautiful sea serpent when it evolves.



Pokemon is a franchise that needs no introduction. One of the most successful media empires in history, Pokemon spans games, television, films, manga, merchandise, music, and more.

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