Pokemon GO players can follow this guide to get Shiny Celesteela by winning Celesteela 5-star raids.

Pokemon GO players can catch a Shiny Celesteela through 5-star raids starting from the 2024 Sizeable Surprises event. The Ultra Beast is a 5-star raid boss, and winning against it might allow players to encounter Shiny Celesteela. One must have proper meta-knowledge and powerful counters to win against Celesteela in raids.

Pokemon GO raids offer an excellent opportunity to get Shiny encounters of powerful monsters, and the same is true with Shiny Celesteela. But, one must note that defeating such a powerful Ultra Beast is highly challenging, and as a raid boss, its power level increases even more. One must avoid attempting the raid solo and team up with other trainers to win against such a powerhouse. Every Pokemon has a set of move types they are weak against or can resist, which helps create a raid counter roster. That said, this guide details the best way to get Shiny Celesteela in the game.


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How To Get Shiny Celesteela In Pokemon GO

Get Shiny Celesteela in Pokemon GO

The Steel and Flying-type Ultra Beast Celesteela has a maximum Combat Power of 3507 in Pokemon GO. The maximum CP of this monster increases even more as a 5-star raid boss, making it an extremely powerful existence to defeat. Its stat spread consists of 207 ATK, 199 DEF, and 219 STA, making it an all-rounder during battles. One can win Celesteela raids to get a chance of a Shiny Celesteela encounter. But remember that the Shiny encounter isn’t guaranteed; players might just encounter a Standard variant even after winning the raid.

The key to getting a Shiny Celesteela encounter is to participate and win multiple Celesteela raids. Doing so can help players spawn numerous Celesteela, which may result in catching up to its Shiny odds. While that is the case, winning consecutively against such a powerful raid boss is exceptionally challenging. One must have proper meta-knowledge and powerful counters to win Celesteela raids in Pokemon GO.

Carefully examine Celesteela’s weaknesses and resistances to select counters to defeat the monster. It would be highly beneficial if the counters possessed the Same Type of Attack Bonus (STAB) potential Pokemon GO moves that align with the monster’s weaknesses.

Celesteela’s Weaknesses And Resistances In Pokemon GO



Electric-type moves

Bug-type moves

Fire-type moves

Grass-type moves

Poison-type moves

Dragon-type moves

Fairy-type moves

Flying-type moves

Ground-type moves

Normal-type moves

Psychic-type moves

Steel-type moves

Best Pokemon GO Counters Against Celesteela 5-Star Raids

Celesteela Raid Counters

Fast Move

Charged Move

Mega Blaziken

Fire Spin (Fire-type)

Blast Burn (Fire-type)

Mega Y Charizard

Fire Spin (Fire-type)

Blast Burn (Fire-type)


Fire Fang (Fire-type)

Fusion Flare (Fire-type)

Shadow Raikou

Thunder Shock (Electric-type)

Wild Charge (Electric-type)

Standard Mode Shadow Darmanitan

Fire Fang (Fire-type)

Overheat (Fire-type)


Thunder Shock (Electric-type)

Discharge (Electric-type)

Shadow Electivire

Thunder Shock (Electric-type)

Wild Charge (Electric-type)

Mega X Charizard

Fire Spin (Fire-type)

Blast Burn (Fire-type)

Shadow Zapdos

Thunder Shock (Electric-type)

Thunderbolt (Electric-type)

Shadow Chandelure

Fire Spin (Fire-type)

Overheat (Fire-type)

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