A recent teaser erroneously uploaded by Pokemon GO potentially accidentally reveals the featured Pokemon for April 2024’s Community Day.


  • An accidental upload to Pokemon GO’s Brazilian Twitter account may have just confirmed Bellsprout as April 2024’s Community Day Pokemon.
  • The video heavily teases Bellsprout as the featured Pokemon, both showing the Grass Pokemon’s leaf sticking out of a patch of tall grass and playing its cry.
  • The Pokemon Company has already confirmed Bagon as the spotlight Pokemon for April’s Community Day Classic, with several other limited-time events set to run during the month.

An accidental upload from Pokemon GO‘s official Brazilian Twitter account may have just revealed Bellsprout as the featured Pokemon for April 2024’s Community Day. The massively popular monster-catching mobile game from Niantic offers plenty of ways for players to catch their favorite Pokemon within the game, often running exclusive events. Events like Pokemon GO‘s Community Days provide the chance to capture tons of a specific Pokemon, offering increased rates for fans to find Shiny Pokemon as well. Now, April’s Community Day might have just been leaked.

Pokemon GO‘s Community Day events serve as one of the most popular recurring festivities within the mobile game. The game typically features two of the special events each month, both with its Community Days making more Pokemon available and “Community Day Classic” re-running past featured Pokemon. Niantic has already confirmed beloved Hoenn Dragon Pokemon Bagon as the featured creature for April’s Community Day Classic. Now, Bellsprout may have been accidentally confirmed as the star of this month’s main Community Day event.


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As reported by Dexerto, a short video seemingly erroneously uploaded to Pokemon GO‘s Brazilian account has potentially confirmed Bellsprout as April’s featured Pokemon. The 6-second-long teaser features a viewpoint looking down a dirt path, with a Bellsprout’s leaf sticking out from the tall grass before fading into the Community Day logo. The video was quickly removed from Pokemon GO‘s official account, but fans were able to save the video before it could be scrubbed. The short teaser also plays Bellsprout’s cry when zooming in on the leaf, seemingly confirming the Grass Pokemon as April’s Community Day Pokemon.

Bellsprout’s appearance in April 2024’s Community Day would not be the first time a creature from the franchise’s original region has featured this year. February’s Community Day previously featured the Normal type Chansey as its spotlight Pokemon, with Porygon also appearing in January’s Community Day Classic event. The ongoing World of Wonders season also featured one of the Kanto region’s most iconic Legendary Pokemon, with players able to capture Shadow Mewtwo. The April 2024 Community Day event for Pokemon GO is currently expected to be held on April 20.

The teaser for the newest Community Day comes as Pokemon GO‘s schedule for April looks to be jam-packed with events. Alongside the previously mentioned Community Day events, Pokemon GO‘s “Bug Out” event is set to begin on April 12, featuring increased spawns for Bug Pokemon and a Mega Heracross Raid Hour. Pokemon GO will also hold its “Sustainability Week” event near the end of the month, celebrating the Earth Day holiday. Pokemon GO looks to have a full schedule filled with plenty of events for players to pick up their favorite Pokemon.

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